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Tom Brady (Tom Brady) occupation career achievement and a few unfinished. Brady will become EA Madden NFL latest cover, above has the G.O.A.T. Edition (the greatest player version of the text). a year ago, Madden curse invasion of the tight end rob Gelon Patriot (Rob Gronkowski), 'let him play 8 games will be declared only reimbursement, on the sidelines watching the Super Bowl 51. The nightmare of new England, however, seems not to be over yet. But doesn't care about the Brady curse, he simply sighed a few words. Brady said: "I grew up in the bay area next to the headquarters of the EA, after joining the football field. Get on the Madden NFL cover is high honor for me. I don't believe what curses, I'm ready to accept the challenge! Madden beat me down!!!" 2016 won fifth gold super bowl ring, Brady is almost accepted G.O.A.T. quarterback. He is a two degree NFL MVP winner, and the num cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ber of pass codes (61582) and the number of arrays (456) are all ranked in the history of fourth.obviously Mike Evans (Mike Evens) is the true love of Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel). two is a friend in the university period. After graduation, Manzel became a backup quarterback in Cleveland, and Evans took over as a pirate in Tampa Bay, Brown. The separation of does not mean that two people are no longer connected. Recently Evans watched the match with Manzel's shirt at the alma mater's court. And this dress is Manzel Brown's shirt. estimated the pirate fans to have an opinion.'s contract for the new England patriot trump Darrel Weiss Darrelle will expire at the end of this season. Although the team has 1 years' team option for the contract, it will cost a lot to execute the option. This season, the Patriots paid 12 million dollars to ray Weiss, and if the team wants to leave ray Weiss, they need to pay 20 million dollars for the next season. The team needs to make a choice before April 1st, if ray Weiss still stay in the team, he will get 12 million of the bonus list. NFL official website reporter said the Patriot would try to sign a long contract with Lives, but the insider revealed that if the negotiations failed, the team would not rule out the possibility of Lives's contract execution team option. That's the case, but 20 million is really a price that is unacceptable to the team. If you want to keep the number one, the Patriot still needs to find a way to provide Lives with a longer, more stable contract. expert analysis, if patriots can not agree with Lives on the issue of contract renewal, they will not cut it down ahead of time, they will wait until the last minute. At that time, the free market has tended to be flat, and the team that will still have enough pay space to sign Weiss in April will be the number one. This will also provide the Patriots with the opportunity to press the price. At the moment, the team has 2 months to negotiate with ray Weiss. No matter whether or not this season will win, both sides are looking forward to continuing to work in the next season.The official website of NFL | Raiders running back Murray is expected to get more | rugby ball Oakland Raiders running back, Weiyousi - Murray young (Latavius Murray). In the twelfth week home court against the Kansas City Chiefs in the game, only 4 red ball scored 112 yards and two rushing touchdowns, but then in a back attack hits received after concussion problems exit the game and missed thirteenth weeks of the game. But by this Wednesday, Murray has begun to resume training for a match against San Francisco's 49 people this week. Raiders coach Toni sparano (Tony Sparano) said in an interview "Bay Area News": Murray's run performance makes me very satisfied, I also know that this season he made only 14 balls, so I will try to let him get the ball, to tell the truth I good Chimu thunder how to play, I believe the fans are looking forward to. Murray in the 14 red ball in the performance is quite good, he had a 90 yard rushing touchdowns in the ball game against the chiefs, remove this run, the remaining 13 red ball size is as high as 5.85 yards, compared with the other two teams running back Darren Mcfadden (Darren McFadden) and Maurice - Jones - Drew (Maurice Jones-Drew) code is less than half of Murray. , at present, the Raiders are only 1 wins and 11 defeats. I believe that in the remaining four games, the Raiders will let Murray take lots of balls to add some highlights to her and save some faces. After all, Mcfadden and Jones Drew are really unacceptable.

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