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The little emperor James wears a NFL shirtSina sports news James rugby football has long been no secret, last year shut down period had exposed the Emperor may be fought in the NFL (micro-blog) rumors, despite the fact that this is just a farce, but also confirms the inalienable "fate between James and rugby". Just two days ago, the opening of the NFL season opened and Lebron became obsessed again. He was pushing Terry to show a picture of the Dallas cowboy robe, holding the home team. in the league, many players are football fans, and James is one of the representatives, as early as in high school, the emperor has already been a football master, although now in the basketball campaign, but he's a little love for football has cut. At last the lockout, NFL the Seattle Seahawks then gave James a shirt, and sent the invitation to the trial. In order to have enough olive addiction, Lebron and Durant (micro-blog) were Yuezhan, two people set up a team, eventually launched a competition. NFL earlier, the new season once again opened the curtain, the Super Bowl Champio cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ns New York giants and the Dallas Cowboys launched a fierce battle, for such a blockbuster contest, James also will not be missed, although he could not go to the scene of the match, but the professional degree is not inferior to any of a football fans, as the Dallas Cowboys loyal fans, Lebron also set on a Jason Witten number 82 shirt, sitting in front of the TV to cheer the home team. this battle is indeed eye-catching, the 80000 seat stadium in Kylie - Maria All seats are occupied., and love back, eventually the cowboys with tenacious struggle against the giants, the impact of 24-17 upset win games on the road, to win the opener. James was delighted to see his beloved team win a key victory. He also praised the performance of Dallas cowboys on twitter. "For the cowboys, this is a great victory, especially in such a difficult environment to win the competition, especially for this season. This game has made a good start for the season." however, cheer for Dallas's victory at the same time, James also should be from the defending champion giants defeated the insight into the cruelty of competitive sports, no team can do Ever-victorious general, for last season's championship Miami (micro-blog), Ji Ye in the new season they also facing serious challenges, with the Lakers (micro-blog) reinforcement team, Miami's challenge is also more and more big, the James new season also need to lead the heat step by step, to attack the highest stage. share: micro-blog recommendsnow we can rest assured that the Jacksonville Jaguar defender Kalvy J Campbell (Calais Campbell) has a good start. has completed 3.5 kills during the half match against Houston, Dezhou, which is not only a half record of Jaguar's capture, but also a capture record for a team's single match. Campbell is the second round of the Arizona Cardinals show in 2008, the 2008-2016 season in the Cardinals spent. , the 31 year old Campbell, has completed 507 grappling and 60.5 escapement in his career, and was selected for the career bowl in the 2014 and 2015 seasons. Campbell completed a 4 - year total of $60 million - worth contract with Jaguars in March this year.tiger news July 25th Atlanta falcons will slowly give first round pick Mckinley Lister Taka in the beginning of training camp (Takkarist McKinley) to increase the amount of training. general manager Thomas Dimitrov (Thomas Dimitroff) said to the media on Monday, Mckinley will be restricted in the training camp opening stage training. Dimiteluofu also said the goal is to let Mckinley in pre-season training third weeks before full recovery. Mckinley underwent shoulder surgery in March. From the University of California at Los Angeles last season he suffered shoulder labrum tear after combat injuries. He takes about 4 to 6 months to recover. 's biggest unknowns in the young and rising falcons defense team are the punching hands. The falcons regard Mckinley as a perfect complement to Vic Beasley. The timetable provided by Dimitrov means that Mckinley will be ready to take part in the first week of the regular season.the new England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady (Tom Brady) after the fifty-first Super Bowl lost his game Jersey, the latest news that is not stolen jersey. Recently, Hall of fame quarterback Bret faffe (Brett Favre) said that Brady is not the only one to lose the super bowl after the team suffered. He lost his shirt in the thirty-first Super Bowl. faffe told reporters: "nobody cares, but that we beat the Patriots lost my shirt at the end of the game, I don't know where it goes, but it seems that after no one to discuss this matter." may not be discussed but no one since 1997 this is the first time we heard about this kind of event, interestingly, the year of the Green Bay Packers Favre led to more than 35 to 21 victory over the new England patriots. In fact, was asked in an interview with Favre Jersey also lost if you do you want to declare this event, faffe pointed out, because after the team celebrated in the locker room is too chaotic, you won't remember you where to put them. can imagine how chaotic the patriot's locker room was after the defeat of the Atlanta falcons. But recent news that may appear in the Brady Jersey locker room recovery truck, the car will return to the Gillette Stadium on Thursday.

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