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The official website of NFL | second half four teams have a relatively easy | football schedule Green Bay Packers: difficult game will be in the home court, but in the final 8 games, packing the Union has 5 home court, 3 game match for the Minnesota Vikings, Atlanta falcons and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season, poor performance, winning a great opportunity. They have been to the same area rivals Detroit lions and Chicago bears. If the next match is excellent, they can get the rest of the main players in a match in December. Washington: Robert Griffin III (Robert Griffin) to be back in the team against the league's two struggling Minnesota Vikings and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, although the team after the race is not easy, but the Redskins should grasp the season ending 3 with the battle area (including 2 home court), and their home court the game against the Saint Louis rams are very optimistic. Carolina Panthers: in fact, every team in the Southern League of England has hopes to qualify for the playoffs, because they may only need 8 victories, and there will be direct dialogue between teams. For Panthers, they will face the Atlanta falcons two times and h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ave a chance to win the home game of Cleveland Brown and Tampa Bay pirates. : Indianapolis pony Colts so far the schedule is quite difficult, but tough schedule will continue for two weeks: away to the New York giants and home court against the new England patriots. Since then, the pony will become the most relaxed team in the United States team, some of which seem to win effortlessly.The official website of NFL | "offset" clause in contract negotiations with Mario Kobita | hinder the Titans Rugby this week a rumour pointed out that this year the draft second quarterback Marcus Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) contract negotiations and the Tennessee Titans because one can not surf stalled terms. but a person who was directly involved in the contract negotiations told ESPN that it was not a fact. In fact, the problem that hinders both sides to reach consensus is more boring. , as expected, Mario Kobita's contract from 2015 to 2018 will be the key to his full protection income, including the cancellation clause. If Mario Kobita was cut off at any time in his first four seasons, Titan hoped that Mario Kobita's income in the new team would offset the amount guaranteed by the Titans. And Mario Kobita wants to keep full guaranteed income and any salary he earned from other teams. the two sides to each other, waiting for the other party to make concessions. Think / suppose / hope Mario Kobita Titan can miss a training camp or perhaps many times before training to make concessions, but Mario Kobita think / suppose / hope to Titan concessions, because they need the potential to become the ACE ACE quarterback as soon as possible really. is very strange that both sides will be stalemate. But the two sides deadlocked because of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected champion Winston Jay (Jameis Winston) "in the contract terms including offset by the Jacksonville Jaguars selected small third dantay Fowler (Dante Fowler Jr) did not include a clause in the contract. In addition, it is worth noting that since the new labor agreement was implemented in 2011, all four Titan first rookies included the offsetting clause in the new show contract. , if Mario Kobita's performance is bad, he will get rid of it before he fulfills the contract. Titan will face more problems than it can offset the amount of guarantee. so why is it deadlocked? Maybe Titan just wanted to be tough. Both sides are thought to want to take advantage of this meaningless thing as an embodiment of honor, and even think that a few days of training does not matter. Perhaps Titan thinks the league wants the team to include the offsetting clause in the rookie contract. (if that's the case, jaguars and Saint Louis rams are not doing this.) anyway, if the two sides will not give in before the training camp starts or at the latest training camp, a small problem will be a risk of big trouble.Handball | Korean sports delegation arrived in Beijing Olympic Games | target more than 10 medals | hand Association Luca in August 2nd, more than 40 members of the North Korean delegation first line, by the Korean Airlines flight from Pyongyang to BeiJing Capital Airport, the North Korean delegation face reporters to low-key, but everybody smiling. The first batch of Korean athletes who arrived at the capital airport in were mainly archers, weightlifters and gymnasts. The chairman of the Korean Olympic Committee Pu Xuexian also arrived. The delegation of North Korean delegation will send 140 people to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, the athletes have more than 60 employees, they will participate in football, Judo, table tennis, weightlifting, wrestling, boxing, gymnastics, athletics, shooting, archery and swimming diving and synchronized swimming events eleven, the goal is won more than 10 medals. (Paul)The official website of NFL | Packers' backup quarterback | XYRON football support contract according to Milwaukee media reported on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers for their backup quarterback Scott Tozern (Scott Tolzien) signed a 1 million 350 thousand year contract. although Tozern lost to Matt Flynn in last year's quarterback quarterback competition, but in order to meet the requirements of the number stipulated by the alliance, the packers gave Tozern a chance for another year, in. And Flynn's contract expires this year. Now we can basically confirm that he will enter the free agent market, and whether he can return to the packers is a huge question mark. has previously heard that Ted Thompson, the general manager of the packers, is very likely to have a young quarterback in the last round of the draft. So, have a chance to sit up XYRON packers next year's No. two quarterback bench.

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