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The official website of NFL |49 general manager Capet | firmly supports Nick football will the 49 people in San Francisco trade out their quarterback, Colin Capet (Colin Kaepernick)? No matter how recent reports, general manager of the team to Trent Bahrke (Trent Baalke) is a strong supporter of Capet. recently interviewed Bahrke in a radio interview that it was impossible to talk about Capet Nick with other teams. We didn't call to ask other teams and no teams called to ask us, so the news was false, 100% fake. The proposition is this: Capet Nick is Jim's man, but he is our man! I believe you asked Jim that he would say that, too. He is a very talented player who can influence the game by his arms and footsteps. We have won a lot of playoffs through him, we need him to win more victories, he is our quarterback. looks like 49 people will continue to use Capet Nick to lead the team to win the battle. Capet Nick's third first season season has completed the total score 25, 15 defeats, and has helped the team enter the super bowl.The official website of NFL | Vikings General Manager: Paterson | obvious progress in football Minnesota Vikings took over Cordarrelle Patterson for 2 years and has always been unable to satisfy the fans. There have be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping en rumors that the Vikings will try to deal with Paterson. The coach Mike Zimmer (Mike Zimmer) still supports the talented young outside hand. Zimmer had previously said that Paterson's talent was his greatest advantage and that he could be a good player if he worked harder in the basic part. The is less than a week, and many experts believe that the Vikings should continue to use the first round to pick out an external relay. In a recent interview, general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) still has a strong support for him: no doubt he can be a good player. Both his speed and his ability to exercise are unique. For the players, the setbacks in the growth are inevitable. To survive in the alliance, he needs to understand that physical quality is not enough. for Paterson's future, Spielman also gave an affirmative answer: I think he has grown a lot, his progress is obvious to all. He knows what he should do and I look forward to his future performance. Related people said that no matter whether the Vikings chose to pick up the pick in the draft, Paterson will continue to compete in the next season as a Viking player.in two days, the Chicago bear completed two powerful moves to strengthen the attack front. bears the signing of former Green Bay Packers left guard Josh Heaton (Josh Sitton), the contract for a period of 3 years, the total value of $21 million 750 thousand, including $10 million in guaranteed income. packers in the final days before the layoffs to cut off Sidon, after the team had tried to trade him. The packers decided to surprise, because of Sidon in the new season of the $6 million 500 thousand salary for salary cap does not occupy a large space. was the packers selected in 2008 fourth round draft after Sidon since 2009 for the packers played in 112 games, of which the first 110 games. for the bear team, Sidon has made them have a valuable starting front for the attack front. Three selected the best lineup of Sidon since 2011 has not missed the game, he consolidated bears the line road and should be able to punch the ball bears great help. in Sidon before signing day, the bears offensive tackle Kell long (Kyle Long) contract with the team for 4 years. In the case of Cody Whitehair, who is expected to play the lead with veteran Whitehair Ted Larsen, the bears' attacking frontline will look quite different from that of last season. It remains to be seen whether it will revive the flat attack team in the last season.Beijing time on Friday September 22nd at 8:30 in the morning, the two National League West team on Thursday night race pedestria: currently 1 wins and 1 losses Losangeles rams guest area, challenge 0 - 2 San Francisco 49 team. Last season, the goats, who had just returned to Losangeles, were both inks against 49 men and two, and that was the 49 victory that had been won last season. Because of this, the goats that have improved significantly this season are sure to be vengeful. more ahead of the game, please click here The 49 man team attack group home court battle first appearance, while the first tranche of their attack suffered a huge blow - quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) on the right side of the pass by the rams cornerback Nicole Lope Coleman (Nickell Robey-Coleman) steals, and return to the 3 yard line. The transition so quickly and let the 49 defence group some rams running back Todd be taken by surprise, Karli (Todd Gurley) - easily road 3 yards rushing touchdowns, rams and also in 12 seconds on the establishment of a 7:0 lead. The 49 attacking team after 's re - entry was obviously a lot of caution. They gave the ball to Carlos Hyde, the Carlos, which flush the ball on the left side and propelling 20 yards at one stroke. At the midfield line, the 49 people got the first attack with the help of a defensive offside foul of the ram. 49 people to promote the way through red ball attack, the final quarterback Blaine Hoyer - out of pocket, 9 yards rushing touchdown. 49 people use a wave length of 6 minutes and 31 seconds of attack to draw the score to 7:7 level. On the side of the ram attack team, the quarterback Jared Jared (Jared Goff) passes the ball to find the right side line's outer hand Robert Woods (Robert Woods), advancing 31 yards. In the 49 half, GF run fake pass, easily find near end Derek card (Derek Carrier) - Lille 17 yards. The ram was finally scored by Vague Jilly 7 yards, and 14:7, the goats were 7 points ahead again. as the starting running back Carlos head injury in the body, 49 people who repeatedly used their backup running back, but it soon had a bad effect on the outside receiver Pierre pine (Pierre Garcon) after completing a 30 yard ball, Sergio Moss, Seelem backup running (Raheem Mostert) at hand when the ball hit the ball, cornerback Nicole Lope Coleman will drop the ball up. Using the ball, the quarterback GF found Robert - Woods on the left side, pushing 21 yards. game in the second quarter, the rams kicker Greg Zuerlaien (Greg Zuerlein) hit a 48 yard free kick, RAM 17:7 lead 49 people. 49 people.

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