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Seattle Seahawks will face new problems of several key players at the end of the season, including cornerback Byron Maxwell (Byron Maxwell). Although the Seahawks had repeatedly stressed that Maxwell will renew as the number one goal, but he seems to have a different idea. When asked whether he was interested in testing the free market to win a higher contract, Maxwell said, "I am the most dazzling girl in the dance now." I am looking forward to test the free market, anyway, I love the Seahawks, hope to be here. But I was ready to leave. experts believe that the Seahawks Marx Maxwell extension to speak about, is probably not the team's true thoughts. Now it is difficult for Maxwell to provide the Seahawks a big contract can make the latter satisfactory. From the point of view of the players, the Seahawks are very optimistic about the Saro de Simon (Tharold Simon) have the ability to fill the void left after Marx Maxwell left vacant. If Maxwell flows into the free market, we believe that the corner guard, which is both defensive and capable of the slot, will attract the attention of many teams.little Carle hit a record breaking record of the Raiders' time to be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping at the pirate The Oakland Raiders, led by the two young quarterback of the young quarterback, and the Pirates of Tampa Bay, were in a confrontation with the two young quarterback. At first, the main advantage was pirates. They first scored 3 points through free kick, and then killed the Carr Derek Carr. They use this opportunity from the Raiders began to attack the final four points the first half, Wei Jie, Winston (Jameis Winston) at long pass found wide receiver Russell Shepard (Russell Shepard) for a 19 yard touchdown. The raider's side of the attack did not go well until the middle of the second section only got 3 points by shooting. The first half of the pirates took the lead in 10-3. But in the second half Raiders offensive team began to force, they start from the 25 yard line in the first wave of attack, the pirates can not withstand their passing attack, Carle eventually found it offensive tackle Donald as the ball player Payne (Donald Penn) made a touchdown Raiders equaliser. In the subsequent pirate attack failed after the Raiders touchdowns and counter ultra score, this is Carle Cooper to pass over Ammari (Amari Cooper) outside the top team completed a 34 yard touchdown. But the pirates in the third quarter by Winston at the end of a long pass from midcourt to Raiders 5 yard line, and finally by Winston short passes to tight end Cameron - Bret (Cameron Brate) made a touchdown. In the middle of the fourth quarter Winston completed their 1 yards touchdown, but the attack before the end of the game the offensive again unstoppable, Carle passes to tight end from Rivera (Mychal Rivera) completed a 7 yard touchdown equaliser. The two sides entered the overtime race. After the two sides were sawing the most half of the time, the Raiders were less than 2 minutes left to the pirate 41 yards to face the four gear 3 yards, and they were bold in choosing a strong attack. Carle took over the pass found outside the Seth Roberts (Seth Roberts), the latter two pirates defensive player holds collision together for a 43 yard touchdown run errors. The Raiders killed the pirates by 30-24. This game the Vikings quarterback Winston 32 passes 16 successful 180 yards and 2 touchdowns. Raiders quarterback Carle 59 passes 40 times success a staggering 513 yards and 4 touchdowns. Cooper took 12 catches and 173 yards and 1 touchdowns. ???????????? ?????????????? last season National League final opponent reunion, the two teams last season, the League of nations the strongest current situation is not good, the Carolina Panthers had just suffered four successive defeats and the Arizona Cardinals only ranked third in the district. At the beginning of the game the Cardinals suffered a blow and a shout, quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) was to kill the ball, the Panthers linebacker Thomas Davies (Thomas Davis) get back off the ball and 46 Return yards made a touchdown. After the Cardinals have been.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The difficult unveiling of Green Bay Packers in Seattle is not only on the final score. The injuries of two important players have made them worse. Offensive tackle Blaine Braga (Bryan Bulaga) their departure due to a sprained knee in the first half, running back Addie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) in the fourth quarter to leave and confirmed after the game for a concussion. He had also been out of 1 Games in the last season because of concussion. Rey was one of the best players in the Packers' attack team for most of the game. Despite the fact that the data did not shine (45 yards for the 15 shot), reixi could continue to run farther away than his teammates. The problem is: the attack front of the packers can't make a way out. will be out for a long time if Braga, his injury will become a hidden danger. He was injured in the second quarter after a collision with his teammates, Richard Rodgers (Richard Rodgers). Braga go off, then his left knee to accept the inspection. Braga last year the same knee after anterior cruciate ligament tear in his entire season. Braga's injury has a substantial impact on the outcome of the game quickly and. His replacement Drake Xie Rhodes (Derek Sherrod) by the Seahawks defensive team beat, made 2 sacks. One of the attacks failed to successfully complete the 4 shift, and the other led to the security points. In years the packers offensive lines has been a problem after the opener against the Seahawks looks like deja vu.

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