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???????????? ???????????????????????????????????110?????????????????????110?????????????????????????? Belgrano 110th anniversary special edition published by using the traditional Jersey Club supplemented with blue color sky blue. can be in 110th anniversary to commemorate the Belgrano Stadium on the badge to see.The official website of NFL | saints 4 years running back Ingram | football contracts Mark - Ingram (Mark Ingram) will continue in the backcourt team for the New Orleans saints charge into the enemy ranks in the next few years. NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported on Saturday, according to people familiar with the matter, the saints had been renewed for 4 years with the tough style running guard, and the value of the contract was 16 million dollars. saints coach Sean Payton (Sean Payton) emphasized this week that Ingram is the player we want to leave, especially when he has cut off his teammates Pierre Pierre Thomas (ierre Thomas) to vacate the salary cap space. After refusing to g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping et Ingram into the free agent market, the saints have left one of their most attractive young players. After a slow start in his career, Ingram last season every aspect looks like a first round show appearance, his team in the region run open in a rare display of strength and explosive force tactics. This simple system is very suitable for Ingram: he showed better patience to punch the ball 964 yards and 9 touchdowns, each rushed the ball 4.3 yards. Three days before the opening of the free agent market on Tuesday, the new contract for Ingram gave Ingram the name of a big runner in the market. The saints know that the 25 year old runner will attract a large number of opponents, including the Philadelphia eagles. Compared to other players in the free market, such as Ryan Mathews (Ryan Mathews), C.J. C.J. Peeler (C.J. Spiller), or the older Frank Gore (Gore Gore), Ingram looks more suitable for the first time. The last offseason intend to carry out his fifth year contract option, but everything we see in the 2014 season shows a peak stage running back is entering the occupation career. the contract is fair. No one can get a contract that is close to the 2 - year contract extension of the Marshawn Lynch (Marshawn Lynch). Lynch from the Seattle Seahawks contract will make him the next 3 seasons to earn $31 million. However, Ingram's contract is still roughly close to the level of contract that this group of running guards can get into the free agent market this year. in addition to the amount of the contract, the saints in the pay cap space should be praised for locking one of their most talented players.The official website of NFL | Earl Thomas will undergo surgery sidelined for 6 to 8 months | football Seattle Seahawks safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) in the super bowl is still out of the league's top defensive performance, but his injury is still to a certain extent affected his play. According to the official website of NFL reporters, Thomas's injury is aggravated with the depth of the game, Thomas had played with the injury after the detected shoulder ligaments and muscles have a certain degree of tear. related sources revealed that Thomas would choose to undergo surgery recently. Surgery will lead him to a truce for 6 to 8 months. If recovered well, he will be expected to catch up with next season's opener. If recovery time is longer than expected, he will probably miss some of the Games in the beginning of next season. Seahawk proud second is experiencing an unprecedented crisis of big, after Richard - Sherman (Richard Sherman) said he is considering whether to accept the surgery to cure the injured elbow ligament, another security guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) for knee collateral ligament tear may also choose surgery. The 3 people had more serious injuries than expected, and the recovery time needed was difficult to answer at the present stage. The Seahawks need to prepare for the worst.when the next race is Chicago bear's challenge to the Carolina Panthers, the Black Panther near end Greg Greg will seek to win the first battle of the old club in the face of Greg. Although bears themselves now have a bowl of proximal level occupation matru front Lawrence Bennet (Martellus Bennett), a former team general manager Jerry - Angelo (Jerry Angelo) said this week had traded Olsen "was a mistake". "I understand he is not very suitable for (offensive coordinator Mike Matz (Mike Martz)) of the offense, but we let go of our best catcher." Angelo explained in an interview. "Obviously he was the Jay Cutler's favorite catcher at the time... It was all my fault," Cutler said. I understand the coaches, but you can't let one of the best players leave the team. Angelo believes that Olsen is in the offensive "player" and has become the Panthers quarterback Newton cam (Cam Newton) the most love passing target. bear more benefit in this transaction, they have received from the hands of the Panther third round picks to the Miami dolphins, for is the greatest international team history took Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall). Although Angelo regrets the deal, it is actually a win-win for the two teams.

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