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Even though 〈br football="" equipment="" network="" last="" summer="" has="" signed="" a="" contract="" with="" barcelona,="" but="" any="" have="" waited="" patiently="" for="" long="" time="" before="" finally="" wearing="" barcelona="" jersey="" on="" the="" pitch.="" to="" celebrate="" his="" formal="" join,="" club="" and="" nike="" launched="" short="" film="" announce="" shirt="" number.="" ="" tulane="" harvest="" no.="" 7,="" which="" also="" confirmed="" he="" will="" position="" in="" team.="" this="" video="" related="" works="" of="" art="" is="" full="" creativity,="" they="" show="" from="" turkey="" turan="" course="" --="" really="" dream="" come="" true. Barcelona just yesterday in the 4 to 1 victory over the Spanish, a victory that is worth remembering, and for any, this is only cheap nfl jerseys free shipping his personal legend new beginning. He was given number 7 - the number was printed on his Barcelona shirt, and it was a good look.The official website of NFL | chiefs linebacker Houston accepted surgical treatment of knee ligament | football Justin Houston (Justin Houston) can be ready for the start of the regular season play? Kansas City Chiefs training division g Barker (Rick Buckholder) de Hou told reporters on Tuesday that Houston in February to accept surgical repair of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee. The anterior cruciate ligament of the knee was not torn, but it was not functioning properly. Bark Hou also said Houston needed 6 to 12 months of recovery time. The NFL official at - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Houston was recovering well and was no longer on crutches. The earliest time for optimistic recovery was the first time for Houston to return in mid August. He might have spent the whole training camp on the list of injuries that could not be on the field. is now too early to come to a conclusion, and chief chief Andy Reid (Andy Reid) talks about whether Houston is ready for the next season. We hope he will be able to fight for the next season. Houston may start a new season on a list of injuries that can't be on the field, which will leave him out of the first six games. He missed the last five games of the regular season in the last season with a knee ligament injury. In his two playoffs returning to the war, he looked completely out of shape. chief in this offseason they retained a strong majority of men in the defense group. But the most important member is Houston. If the star has missed a lot of games, the chief may have a big impact on the top of the United States."In view of Puma will provide our official uniforms and training services through this agreement, we will provide a lot of high quality official merchandise for the fans, it also let us both inside and outside the stadium. I'm especially happy that our products can meet many women's needs: · · · · · · for this, I have received quite a lot of emails. "Paul Gutierrez ESPN Staff Writer Marquette King, who signed with the division rival Broncos six days after the Raiders released him, said he never met Jon Gruden or was told why he was cut. "I just saw him on car commercials and stuff," the former Raiders punter laughed on a conference call with Denver media. "I get to see him two times a year (now)." King also said he did not see the cut coming. "The last few days were definitely different. It felt like??you know how you play those UFC games and you get punched and you're in a daze until you get knocked out? That's what it kind of felt like. It all happened so fast." King was also asked if he thought he was cut because of his on-field celebrations. "Not at all," King said. "The cool thing about the Broncos is the people that work at the Broncos encourage you to be yourself. That is real cool. Players play a lot better when they can let their hair down and be themselves. It's cool. They encourage it. But no, I don't think that's what the reason was. Everybody has their own way of doing things. Maybe that is how they felt they wanted to do things. More power to them.??

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