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this season San Diego lightning continued excellent performance on the second half of the season, with a run of four consecutive wins temporarily boarded the top of the American league. But this season is different than the maximum lightning last year to improve the defense team last season, lightning pass to cover the total score only dismal -47.6 points, the highest score of the team pass cover Johnny Patrick (Johnny Patrick) only ranked ninety-fifth in the league. But came to pass this year, lightning performance covering progress. Now the team pass coverage total score of fourth in the NBA, and the score was significantly increased, largely thanks to the signing of the season star Hugh slot cornerback Brandon Adams (Brandon Flowers) - flowers, he is currently in the total score of +10.1 all of the top cornerback. Another important factor is the rookie cornerback Jason verret (Jason Verrett) of the first game to play well, occupation career had the excellent performance of +3.5, let people sit up and take notice. But after a few games due to a hamstring injury plagued performance is not rosy, but it looks cheap nfl jerseys free shipping like he is on the way back on track. of course we can't forget the biggest lightning defense player Eric wedell (Eric Weddle), the American League first tour Wei field total score ranked equal to anything, all safety sixth. The other two grade student and Jahleel Addae (Jahleel Addae) were also good, and the first game of the season contributed to the performance of +1.1. is just because of the excellent performance of these players, and the lightning is so strong. With the stunning improvement of the defense team and the increasingly robust attack team led by Philip - Rivers, this year, lightning is really expected to make a big splash in the league.in March, Zahn - Peters signed a $30 million free agent contract with Jaguar to return to his alma mater. Peters has promised to spend $750 thousand on Monday's American football organization in Utah, which is the biggest gift from a former school player for the school. according to his request, including $500 thousand for the sports medicine center, another $250 thousand as a scholarship in his name. Peters said, "since I entered the league, I decided that once I had the ability, I would do it. Now I have arrived at a time when I have this ability. " Peters was the Denver Broncos in the second round draft selection in 2010, now after $13 million of the Jacksonville Jaguars guarantee contract, he left the American League broncos.New York giant's outside hand to Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham Jr.) entered the League for second years, but on Sunday he had a chance to break the League record. if Beckham can finish 90 yards or more catching numbers in the match against Dallas cowboys, he will break the record of 90 consecutive yards in 9 consecutive games held by celebrity hall player Michael Erwin (Michael Irvin). if everything comes true, it's the record of breaking the former cowboy's hand at the cowboy's stadium. from the Beckham 2014 season of data to see that his field has completed 108.5 yards of the ball, so 90 yards is obviously not a big problem. Maybe one more one hand catcher can be contributed.Beijing time on Friday September 16th at 8:30 in the morning, second weeks of the regular season officially kicks off. Faced with injuries of buffalo Bill 's home court, the New York jets against the Cincinnati tigers team lost last week. The two teams failed to win a victory in the first week, so the game was crucial to both sides. Because this is a Thursday night match, Bill will wear a red Color Rush Jersey, while the jet fleet will only wear a white jersey instead of a green jersey to care for the color blindness fans. The two deadly rivals in the same area fought two times last season. The two time of the jet team was defeated by the 22:17 score of Bill, who was led by Rex Rex Ryan. In the past 5 times, the Bill team won all. the game started, Bill decided to first put the defense team sent court. The jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick (Ryan Fitzpatrick) cross found wide receiver Quincy Yiniuwa (Quincy Enunwa), the Bill team Yiniuwa cornerback Stephen Gil Moore (Stephon Gilmore) on the head the ball 34 yards off. Bill came to the half court, and Fitzpatrick was killed and dropped by the Lorenzo Alexander, Lorenzo, Alexander. Fortunately, the Kellen Davis of the jet team picked up the ball. The final kicker Nick Falk (Nick Folk) hit a 28 yard free kick in Bill '10 yard line, the jets leading 3:0. Bill team took 1 minutes and 25 seconds ahead score, Goodwin took over the Maquis (Marquise Goodwin) on the sidelines with speed advantage behind "daozhu" Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis), four quarterback ty Rhodes - Taylor (Tyrod Taylor) a 84 yard touchdown pass. The score became 7:3. It was the longest passing attack by Bill in 7 years. The jets to get the ball, Bill team cornerback Ronald Darby (Ronald Darby) took over foreign Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) (Defensive Pass Interference ball defensive interference) jets foul, 26 yards. Falk with a 29 yard free kick to chase the score 7:6, then the end of the first quarter. at the beginning of the second quarter, the Bill team quickly out of gear. The jets to Bill '23 yard line, Brandon Marshall, Fitzpatrick received the ball by cornerback Gilmore La mask foul, was injured when landing, the Bill team has therefore been fined 15 yards. The jets left guard James - Carpenter (James Carpenter) also was injured. Run guard Matt - Ford (Matt Forte) flush the ball 1 yards, the jet fleet 13:7 will score against the score.

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