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The official website of NFL | Winston: Evans said to touchdowns, I will send him | Rugby jemis Winston (Jameis Winston) helped the Tampa Bay pirates win the Atlanta falcons in the Tampa Bay in Sunday's match. and Mike - Evans (Mike Evens) have a small story to win the winning catches. Winston said in an interview after the game, when Evans was on the pitch, he hoped that you would calm down and ask yourself to finish the next tactic. was 1 minutes and 39 seconds left, and Winston helped Evans finish the ball in the 3 - gear 4 yards. this game Evans 5 times the ball to push 61 yards, as well as the ball. We have to say that sometimes a strong desire to attack can also help to perform superior performance on the court.NFL official website, Geoff - Fisher - Tim, Kenath Castro insisted on using football nest After in the Losangeles rams lost cheap nfl jerseys free shipping to the New York giants before long, rams coach Geoff - Fisher (Jeff Fisher) at the press conference to answer about the team's quarterback Castro Zener (Case Keenum) problem. , the old quarterback, had been copied 4 times, one of which was completed by his opponent. When a reporter asked about the team may change with the quarterback candidate, Fisher did not give any gove (Jared Goff) - Gerald related information, he said: we insist on using Cass. We will adjust the position of the outside, and then the quarterback. The fact of is that at least two passes in the four intercepting should be caught. The last copy is obviously the tactical communication between the quarterback and the foreign player. is now hoping that Goff's starting call is very high, but the show's performance in the pre - season and the training camp is not really qualified for him to play. So for now, ram it should think of ways to help their running back Todd Karli (Todd Gurley). The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Thomas believes will play football | Wilkie The Seattle Seahawks quarterback Earl Tour - Thomas (Earl Thomas) for Weiss Wilk (Wes Welker) the ability of no doubt. He has even predicted Sunday with the Denver Broncos game, Wilkie will flex its muscles. Wilkie will be in local time on Wednesday to return to the wild horses in training, because previously he doping problem has been suspended for 2 games. Originally, Wilkie will be suspended for 4 games, but because of the upcoming new drug alliance, can be reduced the number of games. The 2 game in the absence of Wilkie, double proximal front formation is the frequent use of the mustang. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) and defensive coordinator Dan Quin (Dan Quinn) said that the team will be on the horse two possible formations ready: Double tight end or three receivers. At the same time, Thomas said that he believed that the Mustang will most of the time to appear in the array in wilkie. Thomas said: do not waste the resources of the Mustang wilkie. I don't care about his absence in a few games. He's very important for the wild horse. You know, when you face an excellent defensive team like us, you have to go all out and send out all of your excellent players.The official website of NFL | Luo Rivera to Newton in 2016 set new goals | football 2015 season for the Carolina Panthers of outstanding performance, largely due to their MVP quarterback cam - Newton (Cam Newton), but for the Panthers they have no time to rest. this week the Black Panther opened its own volunteer training camp. Coach Ron Rivera told reporters that he would make Newton make more progress in the 2016 season. Rivera said: "all progress has been made. Last year, we talked about passing the ball. When he finished, he could get stronger and stronger, and the technology could continue to improve. I know everyone is working hard to train, I'm not boasting, I just give Newton a challenge and make him a better player. in fact Newton's passing success rate remains high, last season, his success rate only ranked twenty-seventh in the league, the other team league next season will further restrict the Panthers to run the ball, Newton needs to improve his game of judgment, and his passing accuracy need to improve.

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