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According to the NFL Network reporter Ian he reported that the Carolina Panthers kicker Graham will probably rate of - ganor (Graham Gano) using the franchise tag, and guard Andrew Schmidt (Andrew Norwell). Janot has spent six seasons in the Panthers, the current period of four years contract is coming to an end. In 2017, the tag value of the kicker was about $4 million 800 thousand, and this figure has been rising since 2012. Ganor before the contract is $3 million 100 thousand. There are few examples of 's use of privileged tags for a kicker. Recently, a player who got the label of the team was the Baltimore Raven's star. The two degree All-Pro player was Justin Tucker (Justin Tucker). After that, he quickly completed the 4 year contract with the team. At the age of 30 GANAL although not to the All-Pro level, but last season scored occupation bowl, kick the completion rate of 96.7%, first in the league. Nowell is the most popular free market one of the high-profile players, but the line member price tag is too high (at least $14 mil cheap nfl jerseys free shipping lion), only reluctantly part of panther. Nowell accounted for 2 million 700 thousand dollars in 2017. The highest annual salary in the league is Cleveland Brown Kevin's Kevin Zeitler. He signed a contract with Brown for five years and 60 million dollars last year.Beijing Ming Feng bowling the first week of July week. Zhang Zijun won | Bowling Ming Feng bowling twenty-fourth week race ranking table: champion by a power to send players Zhang Zijun with 870 points to win; second by the power to send players disciples of Zhang Zijun Cheng Hangde with 839 points to win; third by the national team player Wang Le curve with 835 points to win; fourth by Li Shuhua 830 points to win the fifth; the arc of players with 816 points to win; (special thanks: this week the match by the top three original for the top five, special thanks to Wang Qinxue Wang Shu sponsored 1000 yuan) congratulations above the top five winners. This is the last game of the ball hall. Everybody together! The new pavilion will be completed as soon as possible!The official website of NFL | Saunders: no poly business feel good | football offensive in the game Thursday local time in the Denver Broncos at the last moment, the use of the shotgun formation, to gather the business attack to promote efficient 80 yards, made the final touchdown to tie the game. The quarterback Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) was very comfortable in this system, and he led the passing of the ball more smoothly than the rest of the game. In an interview with , Immanuel Sanders Emmanuel also mentioned this change: to be honest, the last two minutes of the attack let us see Payton Manning familiar again. This is the attack we are familiar with, the non - gathering business, the ball passing the ball to different people, and it's very happy to get back to this feeling. The quotient attack is wonderful, and I like it. I know, Payton likes this way too. We will continue to use this way of attack and continue to progress. game of the first half, coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) attack arrangement has been questioned, Manning's condition also affected the team's offensive efficiency. However, the last moment, the horse let fans gather the business attack again saw the firepower, Shirupozhu mustang. For Manning, he needs to use more of his favorite offensive way, and the non - quotient attack may be more frequent in the future of the wild horse.The official website of NFL |: not particularly concerned about the new season, the Patriots football game | face in the past two seasons, the Indianapolis Colts are to defeat in the playoffs in the new England patriots finished the season, also in the 2014 regular season game against the Patriots they also suffered defeat, it gives people hope to win the Super Bowl if the pony champion would have to find a way to beat the Patriots cannot shake impression. after the 2014 season, Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck) thought his team had a realistic chance to defeat the patriot, but that doesn't mean he thought that the sixth week of the new season's competition can be used to test how realistic this opportunity is. The pony will match the Patriots at home in the Sunday night match, but LAK said it was only one of the 16 regular games. , the patriot is obviously the Super Bowl champion and the defending champion of our league. So we respect their team and their performance very much. They are the kings of the alliance now. Everyone wants to pull them down from the throne. We want to get them out of the throne, but you have to regard the season as the 16 match. Some fans and media will stir up some games and pay special attention to them. However, as a player, if you enter this mode, you will not notice what is important. people are paying special attention to the game not only because patriots are defending champions. The pony is deflated door the other side of the event and if the quarterback Brady Tom (Tom Brady) to ban appeal did not succeed, sixth weeks he will be back after the first battle. , even though the result of this match is the same as that of other matches, the result of the past three matches against the Patriots is not only one of the 16 regular season games.

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