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Pittsburgh Steelers and run Weile viand - Baer (Le Veon Bell) is that they can in the franchise tag deadline (3.6) before the completion of the new contract. However, the plan is not always what people want. According to the NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that the Steelers are expected to use the franchise tag on Baer at the end of the day before. The privilege label contract is worth $14 million 544 thousand, the question is whether Baer is willing to sign the contract. Last year he stopped training all the rest of the season and then decided to sign it. both had the opportunity to finish the long contract at 7.16. After that date, Baer would continue to play a short contract for a year. Baer wants to be able to get the price of the number one running guard. He hit the ball 321 times last season, propelling 1291 yards (League third) and getting 9. Also completed the 85 ball (Steelers team second), 655 yards, 2 touchdowns. according to sources, the contract is the key to guarantee gold, Baer hope this value not less than $30 million, but the Steelers did not think the price is reasonable.The official website of NFL | [attack] series T Formation| football in American football, the T formation can be regarded as the o cheap nfl jerseys free shipping riginator of modern attack formation. The quarterback is close to the center, and three guards are standing at a row of 5 yards behind the quarterback, forming a T shape. formation history in the eyes of early football coaches, the T formation was just a complex trick for the attack. But in support of the Chicago bears coach and then all George Halas is the T system, and his opinion also includes the University of Chicago team coach Clark Shaughnessy, coach Dana X. Bible of University of Texas and the University of Notre Dame team coach Frank Leahy. in 1933, the T formation was becoming more and more common in the field because of the rules that were allowed to pass anywhere after the battle line. George Halas was recruited to often use T formation at the University of Chicago quarterback Solly Sherman period to come off the bench, another important task is to teach his time bears quarterback Sid Luckman how to use the T system to attack, and the Sid Luckman in 1940s to help the bears won 4 trophies. The last one started with the T formation in the NFL league team is the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1953, after that, the T formation became the American football offensive formation among the most mainstream choice of. Chicago bear team is undoubtedly the most original team with T formation. In their team song Bear Down, Chicago Bears, there is such a lyric: we will never forget the way you shake the whole nation, depending on your T formation. formation evolution bear's T formation attack largely exerts the power of mobile warfare. Because the guard plays a role of Catcher in running, so the T formation, originally designed to be the main punching ball attack, has become a weapon to pass the ball. By 1972, the position of code mark was tightened, which made the concept of strong and weak side no longer important, and the team's attitude towards passing attack was more open. formation decline, according to multiple sources, Houston Dezhou will be because of high wages instead of injuries cut back their star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster). but on the Thursday of the United States on Thursday, when the manager of the Dezhou people interviewed, if they said they were going to quit, it wasn't because of the wage reason: "we haven't told you our decision, but I can tell you that wages will not be the reason for him." actually Forster's basic salary for the 2016 season will be $6 million 500 thousand, and the total salary will be $9 million. General manager Ricky Smith (Rick Smith) said: "I think none of our players in this position is determined to be left behind. We only need to sign contracts to decide whether to remove some players." , obviously, the future of Forster and Dezhou is still uncertain. Smith said, "I talked with Forster a few weeks ago. He replied well, he was ready for everything, at least I believe he is." coach Bill Obrien (Bill O'Brien) said: "everyone in the team has been tested in the 2015 season, which is all in the plan, and Forster is no exception."The official website of NFL | Cardinals defensive coordinator Bowers | Rugby contract Todd - Bowers (Todd Bowles) is the best of all the assistant coaches of NFL during this season's coaching. I know that you know that. Of course, the Arizona Cardinals also know. now, Bowers knows the team is how to ensure the value of his talents. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources and the Cardinals have defensive coordinator until the 2017 season. The renewal did not stop Bowers from pursuing a job as a coach. We think Bowers will be the hottest off-season market next year on the coach of one of the candidates. But this renewal will allow him to have more options for his future destinations. In addition, if the Cardinals can go far in the playoffs while the other teams did not want to wait until February and then as a coach for making a decision you can give him a guarantee contract as we saw last season the Seattle Seahawks as candidate was their assistant coach is the coach of the other ball. According to him this message, it will be made Bowers a league assistant coach, one of the highest salary. Before, his salary is not with his performance in the job in the match, although he may have other teams invited as coach of the intention, the Cardinals want to try and give him a want to stay in this season after the reason. What the team is doing is a preemption, so if Bowers wants to get a fair salary, the job hopping is no longer the only choice. The group should suffer more defensive casualties than any team, including free players leave, the main Daryl Washington (Daryl Washington) for a season and injuries. But Bowers's defensive team continued to kill the quarterback ferociously and to stop his opponent from punching the ball. in June this year, coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) told the media that the coach should make up for the loss of losing players. Bowers has done that and does more. So give him return to the cardinals.

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