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The official website of NFL | Ron - Rivera: the Black Panther do not get enough respect | football Rivera Rivera, the head coach of the Carolina panther, recently said his team has not received enough respect from the outside world this season. Rivera believes that most people don't think the Panther is a candidate for the super bowl, in addition to 14 - 1. He said, "I am not satisfied with this. Although it is a joke, you have already won 14 victories. Why do people still question you? When you lose a game, people question more. People think we should have been 8 to 8, and it seems that people need to pay more attention to us. Rivera Gerrard - Mccoy for the previous (Gerald McCoy) speech - Newton (Cam Newton) emphasized MVP deserved, because he can do little more rely on record to receive this honor. I think this is the comment of the apology, and I don't think we deserve to be criticized. We will do the best, we will show our strength and look forward to it. news: Coach: Jonathan Stewart will return to 17 weeksThe Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Iraq cheap nfl jerseys free shipping and Denver Broncos quarterback Payton Manning (Peyton Manning) will always be together, but in the pony to play in the match against Cincinnati tigers, Iraq for prospect may become an epic war showdown is not interested in the quarterback. "this is not a quarterback match against the quarterback," he said after the game. "We're not going to play at the same time. I have a great respect for him, what he does, what he can still do is amazing. He is a good player. I'm going to worry about the defensive team of the wild horse. That's what I need to worry about. " The record of LAK's career against wild horse is 1 wins and 1 defeats, but his record will always be regarded as facing Manning and facing the quarterback's performance that he was replaced by the pony after 14 seasons. Although may be of no value to the two people, the comparison of the data is almost impossible to be ignored when it comes to the two. If it did, it could be the best performance in a short career. Lak avoided some of the new rookie mistakes that had been made in the past two years and had a 70% success rate in the game against the tigers. if the punching attack of the pony can be improved and the defensive team can resist the opponent's attack, such data is the goal that he needs to achieve, so that we can defeat Manning or the wild horse defense team in the playoffs.The official website of NFL | bears defensive problems under the sign before 49 people end | football bears up defensive coordinator Vic van Kyrgyzstan Austria (Vic Fangio) 49 people in the office when jioubu, previously due to domestic violence was defensive end Mike Donald ray termination (Ray McDonald). team chairman George Mike Kasich (George McCaskey) after the interview, approved the general manager, Ryan parks (Ryan Pace) signed the former player in a year contract. Pais said: we not only signed a 3-4 defensive front, but also a 3-4 defense front known for Fangio's defense system. Mike Donald has been playing for 49 people since he entered the league in 07 years. It has made 210 escapement, 19.5 capture and 4 ball loss. Since the 11 season, he has played more than 3000 games in Fangio's defense system, and believes the bear has signed a contract that will help the team to finish the defensive system as soon as possible.[summary] for you to check the correct way to open the basketball, baseball and hockey jersey that is demonstrated by Beyonce, Rihanna and Miley. Come and look at the comfortable and stylish way to wear it. if you're Beyonce and your shirt is a Tom Ford full of sequins, I think you don't have to wear pants or anything else. Leather pants and high heels and fit to enhance the cutting force in the shape of jersey. Xi Mengyao was in the T's standard shirt LOOK, with mid - length shorts and sneakers. The key to keeping chic is all black. put a coat outside the shirt, and it was daily, no more out of place. inventory of the world's sexiest 20 sweaters on the top of top1 long: 3'3'' playback: 119189 source: Tencent video inventory the 20 sexiest sports shirts in the world, the body painting, the top of the Top1, the closing of the auto play, the video recommendation of the related Album: the video is collected. is playing as you can see, this shirt is the size of boyfriend, but it does not affect the degree of sex. shirt and pencil skirt? It sounds like an unexpected combination, which is successful, harmonious and fashionable, with a little OL, and a little street sense. besides bee, which one can hold stay without pants and just wear a Jersey? Of course, day and day. There is no suspense. The shape of shows the charm of color matching. Her bright, shades of blue, and rainbow colored bracelets and sandals make the whole shape more attractive. When seems to love the setting up of a basketball shirt in the whole fashion circle, there is an excellent model for the baseball jersey. , of course, has a Hockey Shirt, and white shoes make the whole LOOK more complete. , another "Riri exclusive LOOK" was born. Our little girl boldly wore zebra striped shirts and drawstring shorts for her Jersey. The other is the success of sports theme completely: Baseball Jersey, pull to the knees in striped Baseball Socks, some luxury details such as the fur coat, the incident exposed furry Fendi accessories and a Chanel bag to break the sense of movement.

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