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The official website of NFL | Eagles linebacker Alonso again missed the entire season or | football Philadelphia hawks in the offseason spent a lot of effort to deal chick Alonso (Kiko Alonso) defense group they hope the 2013 season's defensive rookie can help the team further. , but in the past 2 weeks, everything seems to be waiting. According to the news, the test on Monday showed that Alonso might be absent from the injury season. The famous news Mike Gelafuna (Mike Garafolo) said: after today's test, Alonso could miss the rest of the game because of a knee injury. Alonso was injured in the first half of the match against the Dallas cowboys on Sunday and has never returned to the stadium since then. The team claimed h cheap nfl jerseys free shipping is left knee was injured, and that was why he was absent from the 2014 season. the hawk is 0 - 2 at the moment, and everything will be worse if the defensive end has to be adopted.The official website of NFL | pirates from the injured reserve list to activate rookie running back | football ESPN reporter Adam Kaplan (Adam Caplan) reported that the Tampa Bay pirates are activating their rookie runner Charles Simmons, who will put the 53 people's list from the short-term injury reserve list before 4 p.m. on Saturday afternoon. clearly, the pirates in May this year in the third round of the running back is expected to debut debut on Sunday against Clif browns in the game, but he is as a starter or substitute and play the proportion is not clear. The pirate coaching team is not yet able to fully decide, because Dough Martin, Doug Dough, is still absent from training although she has taken off her protective boots. Conservative prediction No. two running back Bobby Rainey (Bobby Rainey) will start, Simmons as a substitute. Simmons's Tenth - week match against the Atlanta falcons will bring out the skills of the outboard and the catching skills he is good at with the Atlanta falcons. Simmons university three years ago at University of Houston, fourth years to go to West Virginia university. In four years a total of 592 times and scored 3465 rushing yards and 40 touchdowns, catching 203 times and scored 2108 yards and 11 touchdowns.this year Tampa Bay pirates is one of the 8 league teams that may be chosen by HBO as the hard man training camp. Recently, team officials think the team will be the last choice for HBO. 's pirate management team said that the team has indicated to the alliance that if selected, the team would cooperate very well, but they are still waiting for the final answer. HBO's latest choice of objects needs to meet many requirements. First, it needs not to enter the playoffs for the last 2 seasons. No new coach has appeared in the series in the past few years, and it is clear that all the pirates are in line. in addition to the Chicago bears, Cleveland pirates, Brown, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Baltimore crow Eagle pony, New Orleans saints and the Tennessee titans are likely to be the final choice.San Francisco 49 quarterback Colin Colin Nick (Colin Kaepernick) reminds us of us on Sunday. He is a professional bowl player and he can continue to play. in the first half of the game against the New Orleans saints Capet Nick came 284 yards for 2 touchdowns and 1 interceptions, a complete performance of the 49 people that can be traced back to the 1997 quarterback Stephen young (Steve Young) 287 yard half pass, but the team eventually lost to the saints. Capet Nick had 3 games this season, and it was not worth mentioning in addition to the first half of the game. may be back in the eyes of the unstoppable Capet Nick in 2012 after their injuries were completely restored. ?

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