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, if I told you before the competition between Houston and Dezhou Oakland Raiders, J.J. J.J. Watt will win more matches in the competition, do you believe it? The ruling defensive frontline player, the near - end in the game, went on the field when the team had 1 yards from the array. Subsequently, he completed the occupation career first touchdown catch. But on the defensive end, Watt had a flat performance until the fourth quarter finished the only quarterback. despite the 0 data in the capture and capture of Ben Watt, his performance at the offensive end is exciting. He is also very likely to get more opportunities when the team is attacking. Team manager Bill - Obrien (Bill O "Brien) told reporters that he would use Watt more frequently after attacking the red area. He said: "we have some injuries at the position of the near end. The team has a 6 - foot, 7 - inch, 295 - pound big guy and has a good bouncing ability. He played the near - end at high school and college, so he knew how to catch the ball. His figure also ensured that he could do a good job of attacking the front. We can use him as a near end in different circumstances, which is great. although many times, Watt is only used as a bait, he still can get a lot of opportunities. Interestingly, the Dezhou coach Mike Faubert (Mike Vrabel) has been the 12 pass goal in his career and completed 10 catches. Watt should ask him to ask for will Hill (Will Hill) occu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping pation career fourth chance to begin. Baltimore crow said on Saturday they had put Hill into the active list of 53 people, let him be eligible to play Sunday against the Atlanta falcons game. Hill was banned for 6 games at the start of the season because of the drug abuse against the league. This is the third time Hill has been suspended in 3 years, and a year after the 2012 season in the draft, he has been signed off as a free player by the New York giants. Hill was banned 4 games in the season because he was found to have been used to improve the performance of the drug. He was then banned in the first 4 games of the 2013 season because of drug abuse. The giant cut him out a few days after he was banned. crow general manager Ozzie Newsome (Ozzie Newsome) are not afraid to give Hill a chance, his offseason signing the safety in this year, this is a low risk and high return signings. Hill did a good job for the giants last season, and he would highlight the crow's second line defense. The 24 year old talented players should be able to swim first and Lee Stewart (Darian Stewart Vida) share time. The Baltimore Sun reported that the crows planned to give Hill only a limited time on Sunday, mainly in the secret service group, and to give him some defensive teams playing time to face the dangerous Falcon catcher combination. to make room for Hill space, the defense team striker Christopher - Lu (Christo Bilukidi) in keadue injured reserve list.The official website of NFL and Kirk - cousins willing to stay in the red, football nest Jay Gruden has said he expects Cousins to continue to serve as the red quarterback. Bruce, Alan, once said that Cousins is our quarterback. It seems that koxin is very likely to remain in red leather in 2017. but Cousins's attitude looks a bit different. On Wednesday, Cousins said he was not in his own hands in the future of the red skin. I'd like to have a chemical reaction with Washington and see what the decision-makers think. As Cousins said. whether to use the privilege tag again is a red skin thing, but Cousins can also strive to sign a long-term contract with the team before that, though the news before it is more than that he will not come up in the matter of talking about the amount of money. Of course, koxins can also hope to sign him with other teams. will be very important for red skin and Cousins for the next few weeks, and their sincerity and the desire to continue to work together will affect Cousins's future together. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.NFL American Federation final - a strong defense to ensure victory! The wild horse goes into the Super Bowl wild horse won the Patriot highly anticipated American League finals, thrilling final two minutes of paranoia, seventeenth direct confrontation and old rival Brady Manning in the final of the victorious return. Denver Mustang 20-18 defeated the new England patriots and entered the super bowl, waiting for the National Union champion. first began, the Patriots first strike. The first round of offensive attack patriots did not give Brady enough reaction time, the Denver Broncos quarterback is in place to suppress. After the transition, the Patriots on the road of offensive defense beyond all expectations excellent, but Manning to use a short steady advance step by step. The final near end front Erwin - Daniels middle road throw off the defensive player 21 yards to succeed the first record, the wild horse 6-0 lead. Aigo has always wanted to make a kousky of Gelon, using his vast body of single opponent defender. However on the one hand, the Mustang continued high pressure forced rushed pass to Brady not easily out of the ball, on the other hand for G Ron Kowski to take the "Mustang backcourt defense", Jean G Ron Kowski has not been able to get the ball. However, Manning and Wei ran a careless mistake by coach Billy Cheik capture, challenge the ball right, take take by taking advantage of the Patriot array. In spite of the additional division, the situation of the two sides seems not so great. At the end of the first festival, the wild horse is 7-6. second, linebacker von Miller in the Patriot half about 20 yards steals the Brady pass. In the end it is Daniels, Manning received the ball on the right side of the bottom line with the ball firmly ordered array of additional points is very stable. Looking back, the line is still unable to protect the Patriots quarterback from other raids, Brady simply have to punch the ball accidentally out of the longest number one punch the ball for 46 yards shot was Guest Kowski firmly hit. The middle section of the Brady second interceptions, Mustang safety. Darion Stewart finished ball. The Mustang kicker Macmanus scored the last half of the first half, helping the team to take the lead in 17-9. at the beginning of the second half, Brady Gelon 'connection resolutely to find paid, the ball 31 yards to attract defensive attention, indirectly helping other players get the chance to meet. Although not able to reach the array, Guest Kowski still took 3 points. In this section, two and a half years left, the Mustang completed a textbook kicking and restricted the Patriots back to the red area. Although the attack did not much progress, but the defense adrenaline outbreak killed Brady a helpless. At the end of the third, the wild horse is 17-12, but everything is possible. last day, Mustang in the red zone several times in passing a shot for 3 points, only reluctantly. The key moment of the five patriot or resorted to housekeeping catcher shotgun formation, was also achieved good results. The key four - gear attack, however, stood up for a whole field defence team.

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