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this season (especially in recent weeks) the Minnesota Vikings' rookie Anthony Barr has entered the field of vision with excellent performance. This season, his +8.7 score is ranked the fifth in all 4-3 formation's exterior line guards. Barr's performance on impact passes is rated as the league's first class level. The score of +7.3 score and the rushing efficiency of 13.8% are ranked second and seventh of the external defense, and he also performs well in anti runing, which contributes +3.0's runaway score. But now Baltimore has two major weaknesses need to be improved, the first is his ability to grab 22 times this season, Baltimore missed grapple is the largest League all defensive player, another point is covered defensive ability, Baltimore every 5.5 stalls covered defense can make each other successfully catch one, in his defense area in a total of 59 quarterback 54 passes successfully, he is also the team this season, the Vikings attacked the maximum number of players. this offseason, the team star defensive end Jared - Allen (Jared Allen) to Chicago Vikings college choice in the draft during the main 3-4 outside linebacker Anthony Barr to fill Allen's position, but from the actual situation of the season to see, Baltimore is more traditional 4-3 outside linebacker occasionally, involved in the raid. Barr performed satisfactorily in his best way, but as a 4-3 outside guard, only Chong Chuan is not enough. Barr needs cheap nfl jerseys free shipping more time to adapt to his new position.Saint Louis goats coach Geoff Fisher (Jeff Fisher) is still full of confidence in the team quarterback Austen Davies (Austin Davis). The original team's 3 quarterback was a surprise in the first few games, but in the near future he was in trouble. He has been copied 5 times in the last 3 games, and the rams have lost 2 of them. In spite of the performance, Davies was still supported by the team. When asked whether he would use Sean - Hill (Shaun Hill) to replace Davies, said Fisher firmly: "no!" Fisher's decision is right. In addition to several turnovers in the last few weeks, Davies's performance has gone beyond the expectations of almost all the goats fans. Think of the ram to win, 49 people in San Francisco and the Seattle Seahawks, then think of the rams almost won the game, the Dallas cowboys and Philadelphia eagles. Despite the limited experience, but Davies in the face of enemy is always calm and confident of their own. We have reason to give him more opportunities and believe he can continue to bring surprises for the rest of the season.New Orleans saints earlier this week will have just completed a thumb surgery rookie wide receiver Blanding Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) in the injured reserve list, and Wednesday vacated a lineup of vacancy. and Jielun Saunders (Jalen Saunders) are the latest saints to join the players. Agent Roach - asino Adams (Rocky Arceneaux) announced that his client has reached an agreement with the saints, means that in his rookie season to fourth teams. Saunders is the fourth round of this year the jets took off, but in September against the Chicago bears game as a punt returner was immediately cut off the ball. The latter in the Arizona Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks training squad for a period of time. Saunders should have a chance to replace Kukes's punt returner role, and veteran Robert Mitcham - (Robert Meachem) there may be a few weeks after the absence of team competition. saints has not officially announced the signing of Saunders, but the ESPN (Field Yates) - Yates feld reported the saints running back Blaine Leonard (Brian Leonard) was laid off to make room for Saunders. Meanwhile, the saints also cut off Edwin Beck (Edwin Baker) earlier this week, which means that Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas (Pierre Thomas) can recover from injury.In the base of |2011 Kunshan international Slow Pitch Softball Tournament team won the championship | Kunshan Taiwan Association vice mayor of Kunshan, Han Wei, November 12th -13, 2011 Kunshan international Slow Pitch Softball Tournament in Kunshan wisdom Thean Hou Temple side of the new three slow pitch softball field was successfully held home court operations in Kunshan Taiwan Association team won the championship, and won four awards in one fell swoop, be worthy of the name big win home! , sponsored by Kunshan Taiwan compatriots investment enterprise association, the Kunshan Municipal People's government, Kunshan municipal Taiwan Affairs Office and Kunshan Sports Bureau strongly support this event. The event is held to enable Taiwanese businessmen and foreign friends from all over the world to know Kunshan, experience Kunshan, feel Kunshan, and feel the culture and spirit of softball, enhance their friendship and work together to promote the slow throw softball game. The competition consists of 15 teams participating in the Taiwan area, the elite team based in Southeast Asia and the representatives of China, Japan and Korea. Teams are the Kunshan Taiwan Association team, Kunshan softball league team - the blue team, Kunshan softball league team - the white team, Beijing Taiwan - friendship caravan touchdown team, Nanjing University of Technology softball team, Guangzhou Taiwan - China Caravan - Elephant team and Xiamen team, Shanghai Taiwan Taiwan, Dongguan United -TWAIWAN NO.1, Chengdu Taiwan Taiwan caravan team, Shenzhen Taiwan team - a yuan, Taiwan - South Vietnamese lion caravan team, friends happy Dragon Team - Taiwan, the Japanese team and American team -Blackouts team. after two days of competition, the Kunshan Taiwan cooperation team won the tournament champion. The Kunshan slow team alliance white team was runner up. The Shanghai Taiwan business team won the third place and the Dongguan team -TAIWAN NO.1 got the fourth place. The event also gave five awards: in addition to the Kunshan Softball League - white team Zhang Xingfeng won the home run award, the remaining four individual awards are won a championship team, Chen Zhikun harvest award and the best player awards, against Wei Ruofan won the MVP award, Xia Jinfarong used the best coach award. vice mayor of Kunshan city Han Wei, Kunshan Municipal People's Government Affairs Office Director He Cuiying, deputy director of the Kunshan Municipal Sports Bureau, Sports Bureau Zou Cainan, President of the Kunshan Taiwan compatriots Investment Enterprises Association Sun Decong, executive vice president Jiang Yulan, China Sports Federation, Chinese Softball Association chief consultant consultant, National Baseball & Softball League Li Minkuan, Chinese Softball Association Secretary long Yang Xu, Jiangsu Province Athletics Sports Bureau deputy director Yan Xiaoping, Chinese University Sports Association vice chairman, honorary branch of China Baseball Softball Association slow pitch softball won the organizing committee executive vice director of health, the national best softball league executive director, deputy director of the Beijing Association of Taiwan funded enterprises in Taipei City, long Yu que, (fast) slow Softball Association the Secretary General Chen Bingfu and the Taipei city (fast) slow Softball Association director general Cai Zhongren, attended the opening ceremony. (Liu Xiangqian)

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