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After 's first season for the first choice, Antonio - Brown (Antonio Brown) is obviously one of the top league players in the league. The Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver now want this level of salary. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that Brown will not attend the team voluntary offseason training, because he wants a new contract. Fawkes sports also reported that Brown was considering the absence of mini training camps and training camps to get a new contract. Brown signed a 6 - year contract worth $43 million in 2012. Since then, he is one of the best contacts in the league. The 26 year old player has completed at least 50 yards of the ball at least 5 times in each game since the 2012 season. Since the signing of the contract, Brown has completed 239 catches for 3197 yards and 21 touchdowns. Brown, who is 5 feet, 10 inches (1 meters and 78 meters) tall, doesn't have the typical figure of the ruling class. But his catching line running and kick-off speed enable him to break through numerous defenses. He is very important for the success of the offensive team and the Steelers quarterback B cheap nfl jerseys free shipping en Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) the safest passing target. now Brown wants to get the reward for his own importance. The NFL team won't give the players a contract because of the past achievements, but is based on whether they are useful in the future. Although the Steelers would not easily yield team, but Brown is one of the few non essential operation for the offensive team quarterback -- especially in the Steelers running back ray viand - Baer (Le'veon Bell) the next season in the first three games were suspended and the case. how long will the development of such a situation deserve attention when we are slowly approaching and as well as compulsory training arrangements., on the one hand, Brown succeeded in converting his quarterback into 77 times a season and got 1007 yards and 4 catches. On the other hand, the receiver Terrell Pryor wants to stay at Brown, rather than to other more competitive team to display their talent. Pryor told the media that he wanted to participate in the reconstruction of the team. , "I know this is a difficult time," Pryor said. "But I really like the feeling of staying with Brown. As I said before, I will not run to join them because of another team. This is not the focus of things, I like the reconstruction process here, my career is never the leader, and it is not bad to support the team in the back. " According to , Brown will soon join the "new" star to negotiate a contract. Brown for 4 years before the $50 million contract to keep Jamie Collins, according to the network estimates, Pryor's contract will be about $36 million for 4 years, may be between 2015 - Michael Crabbe vertical contract with the last offseason Doug Baldwin and the Seahawks signed a contract between the amount of. it's not surprising that Pryor's offensive skills and potential popularity are indeed necessary for Brown's reconstruction. In the past 10 years, Joe Thomas was no doubt the best in his position, but the attacking player was still not enough. plus last year trading income, the 13 draft Brown holding alarming sign, but they still need to dig up treasure in the offseason free agent. Of course, Pryor would have to be kept.Coach NFL's official website | jet: the boss should not bear the responsibility for the failure of | football although New York jet owner Woody Johnson (Woody Johnson) is very likely to solve employer coach Rex Ryan (Rex Ryan) after 3 months, Ryan still chooses to speak for his boss after another defeat. The jet was 24-30 negative to the Minnesota Vikings this week, and they also had a 2 - 11 record in the season. After the game, Ryan said: I have to be responsible for the loss. I will tell Woody and tell every jet fan: it's my duty. In an interview, said, "I know I should be criticized from all aspects," he said in an interview. I have to be responsible for the team's bad results. There is no doubt that I am a sinner, but Woody is not. As a boss, the jet was working well under his hands. He did a great job, and it shouldn't be blamed for the performance. no matter what Ryan says, there are two things to be sure: first, the jet has once again experienced a failed season. Second, both the coaching team and the management will be reorganized after the season. There has been a rumor that Ryan hopes to dismiss the team's offensive coordinator. But more questions directly refer to Lane himself, who knows that boss Johnson plans to dismiss the entire coaching team and the current team manager after the season.The official website of NFL | Iraq needs more practice improve the third conversion success rate of | football Mentioned radio Indiana, Colts quarterback Andrew Clark (Andrew Luck) third conversion success rate ranked twenty-eighth in the league. The Colts offense ranked 15 in the league, this is relatively better, but still very bad. The fifteenth, lower than the jet and the Titan. these statistical results are also justified. First of all, Reggie Wayne (Reggie Wayne) cruciate ligament tear, running back Trent Richardson (Trent Richardson) was traded to the two key points, the team is difficult to have a key breakthrough in the third, and statistics will make the fourth file conversion rate. The rankings were shocking because he was the best man for the pony and he could lead the team to victory. Therefore, it is difficult to say he is no good, but when he could not complete the ranking third conversion, which has become a problem is not a problem, although Iraq or can find a way of winning. The comforting thing is that the LAK is still young and has a lot of room to grow. He was aware of their weaknesses, will be in the preseason to improve the success rate of third conversion.

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