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The official website of NFL | safetys money Eisner end strike return | Seahawks football cam - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) the strike ended on Wednesday morning. Whether or not get access to new contracts, the Seahawks safetys choice return the Seahawks, the standoff lasted nearly two months. , at a press conference on Wednesday afternoon, was asked if he was going to play in the next game, and chylor answered that I knew I could play. But the manager of Pete Carroll (Pete) did not give a clear answer. The two did not explain why chakle ended the training at this time. Carol said that he would never discuss money Eisner, encountered during the training period the amount of fines, he also said it would not disclose the Seahawks finally to make money Eisner back agree with his contract requirements. And chakler himself gave a similar answer, and he said he had t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping o deal with the problems at the end of the season. The only benefit of for money Eisner's strike is he proved his value in the Seahawks start during the two game losing streak. Although Earl - Thomas (Earl Thomas) is considered to be the Seahawks defensive second detonation corps to build those money Eisner is the real backbone. Thomas himself also admitted that jensler decided his defensive position before each defense. Now, the Seahawks ranked seventeenth in total defense number, ranking twenty-first in passing defense. if this Wednesday finally proved to be a turning point for the Seahawks season and not surprising. Money Eisner is one of the leaders of the team in the 2014 season the number of battle. In addition, he took on the responsibility of correcting the discipline of the players.The official website of NFL | James and Manzel | football business interruption ?????????????????????????-?????LeBron James????????????????????NFL?????????????????????????-???????Johnny Manziel??????????????????????????????????????????????? Since being chosen by Brown in 2014, Manzel has been having troubles in the field. James, Maverick Carter, told the local media that the company no longer acted as an agent for Manzel. , as a friend, I will continue to support him and give him advice. Carter said, however, Jonny is now concentrating on personal progress, and the company needs to expand its territory. Therefore, we have reached an agreement. Now it's the best way to terminate our business cooperation. Manzel in 2014 when he left Dezhou and signed a contract with the company, James was regarded as a mentor in general in the 2014 season of Manzel, he (James) has been caring for me, I am very grateful to him, Manzel James said in October 2014, I have been to his house several times, each time to relax.NBA star private car once a year NBA all star in addition to enjoy the wonderful game, all the stars of the car is certainly worth a visit. Kobe, who has the highest annual NBA salary in the 2014-2015 season, can get $23 million 500 thousand. It's perfect for these professional players to buy any luxury cars. Its ?The official website of NFL | Mike's season will be a heavy blow to Brown | football last week Cleveland Brown and Pittsburgh Steelers game, Brown - Mike star center Alex (Alex Mack) unfortunately injured in the leg block, immediately out of the race. And on Saturday, Brown announced that he would put Mike in the list of injuries, which also meant Mike had been reimbursed for the season. can be said that Mike is Brown in Joe - Thomas (Joe Thomas) outside the most important offensive players, as the league's top center, since 2009 in the League since Mike never missed an attack, as he was, Mike has been playing a staggering 5592 offensive. His injury can be said to be a heavy blow to Brown. Mike scored high scores on +17.3 and +19.3 in the 2012 and 2013 seasons. This year his state is still excellent. The total score of the first six games is +6.9, which is the third highest in all centers. And he only gave the other side a successful pressure on the quarterback, passing efficiency is the first in the league. as Mike claims, right guard John Greco (John Greco) will be moved to the first center position, starting right guard position is by Paul - Mike Quinn Stan (Paul McQuistan) on the top. Last year Mike Kunsitan in Seahawks effect, total score of only -25.3, he is a person to let each other to get 8 sacks, 6 quarterback and 23 quarterback impact force quickly shot.

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