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Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) led the Seattle Seahawks victory over the Miami dolphins. This is the scene we have seen many times in Wilson's career, but this time Wilson's victory is more difficult. in the game, the dolphin defense section Damm hole Su (Ndamukong Suh) unintentionally stepped on Wilson's foot. Wilson's subsequent mobility was obviously affected by the injury, unable to escape the impact of his opponent or move in the quarterback protection network. did not care about the injury after the game, and he said, "I'm going to be good." he said, "I'm going to be good." Wilson didn't care about the injury after the game. I'll be ready (in the next game). " , but NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported Wilson's ankle sprain is very serious enough to make him unable to decide whether to play the next battle against Losangeles rams. No matter whether Wilson will play in the unsuccessful rookie Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin) is the only quarterback in the rest of the team under the condition that the Seahawks can look forward to signing a veteran quarterback. the Seahawks in this game was that Wilson can not continue the game. Coach Pete Carol (Pete Carroll) said: "we are ready to play Russell Boykin, but support down." it is difficult to predict whether Wilson will play in the next game for. If he is still breathing very difficult for you to let the wor cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ld have the ambition of one out. But in the face of the ruling goats defense front, the sea eagle coaching team will consider letting Wilson Monday has not arrived, and NFL has the first explosion of personnel changes. The Philadelphia hawks announced that the dismissal of coach Kelly. At the beginning of the end of this amazing contrast , it is a bit cop-out occupation team coaching career, especially considering the high level of the former University of Oregon coach many in the "honeymoon period" commitment. After the charge of Eagle pointer, Kelly led the 10 game of the eagle has win in two seasons, to improve the attack rhythm to NFL hitherto unknown degree, making his average quarterback frequently brush out the amazing data. But this season the hawk's attack did not have enough update, the opponent clearly see through the tactical intention, so this season the eagle won only 6 to 9 negative results. hawk CEO Geoffrey Luri said in a statement: "we thank Kelly for his contribution to the team and wish him all the best in the future." The also announced that Kelly personally selected players affairs director ed Malinuoweici to be fired. The personnel changes from kipper Kelly in the last offseason control personnel almost a year. At that time, former general manager Hovey - Rosman had been drastically reduced in the competence of the team. Rosman, who is now the executive vice president, will be involved in the next hawk's coach's choice. Kelly in the offseason deals including the transaction be busy at putting up installations, the main defender Sean Mccoy ran to Bill, change back to the base G - Alonso; with Nick Fowles and Saint Louis rams traded Sam - Bradford; signing DeMarco Murray; Mclean letting Jeremy leave, offensive guard Ivan Mathis surrender. These transactions may not be completely in line with his philosophy, but it really accelerates his class. Bill, former general manager Tom Donahoe, senior football consultant since 2012 as an eagle, he was considered a likely will be the new Eagle players affairs senior director. "The decision to make an agreement with Kelly tonight is the result of my three season assessment," Ruri said. In the three season, I evaluated the factors from the point of view of the team's performance. Some of the problems have become obvious this season, and I think it's time to make some changes, "The Kelly contract has two years to expire, and the settlement is not in a hurry to find his home. But Kelly is not like a man who can explain the game indoors for a long time. The timing of announced termination is very subtle, not only to the new coach Eagle top choice time, Kelly also gave enough time to look for the next job. Deep-Fried Chicken with Chili Pepper Marcus during the Mario tower was Kelly's university student, where he Tennessee titans are likely to look for new coach just recently in the near future. NFL other teams are not not interested in Kelly. Cleveland Brown wanted to hire Kelly three years ago, and recently they have the intention of looking for a new coach. Kelly, a college coach, even asked the team for food and nutrition. The hawk was very strong at the beginning of the defensive season, but did not keep the season for the playoff tickets at the end of the season.Oakland Raiders have finally been able to break the awkward history of their failure to enter the playoffs in 14 years. not only as far as 10 wins and 2 losses, they may also be the first partition. This achievement is not only due to their excellent performance of their young quarterback Derek Carr (Derek Carr), but also to the excellent performance of the foreign players and running guards, as well as the elite defensive team of the team. although the Raiders did not have very talented players in the defense group, they had a card Lille Mike (Khail Mack), and his comprehensiveness made his opponents helpless. speaking of last season's Denver Mustang, we will have problems. Can wild horses still perform well without their Von Von Miller? Obviously the answer is yes, so can they have no Mike for the Raiders? Maybe the raider's defense at that time would be bad. this season Mike was considered likely to impact the best defensive player in the regular season, against the buffalo Bill in the race he completed 7 grab 1 sacks, 1 quarterback scrambled 1 interceptions by passing 1 times forced off the ball 1 times to pick up off the ball, helping the team win, apparently his play greatly affected the game process. now many people start comparing Mike and New York giant's Lawrence Taylor Taylor. Taylor won MVP in 1986 as a non offensive player. now Mike is on the way to the best defensive player of the year, and if he continues to keep this momentum, it's not too bad to put him in the MVP season. ? The official website of NFL | New York jets signed tackle Ryan creditOn | Rugby a few days ago the New York jets left Jiefeng de Braque Shaw Ferguson (D Brickashaw Ferguson) suddenly retired from making jet management group be startled at. But the jets are ready for the next few days. according to NFL media news, jet has signed Denver Ryan's Clady Ryan, also includes a 7 round of draft, and the jet has given a fifth round draft. The deal was also seen as a wild horse to make pay space for the trade in Colin Kaepernick. Credi is 29 years old. He has had a history of injuries. In the 2014 season, he only attended 2 games because of tarsal tarsal joint injuries. Last season, cruciate ligament laceration was absent. in his 6 season of health, Credi was the top left off in the league. He had been selected for the first team of the professional bowl 2 times.

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