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The NFL Alliance announced on Friday local time that Saint Louis Watts Trey Watts will be banned for 4 games because of its violation of the relevant drug regulations. At the age of 24, Watts, the 24 - year-old as a substitute running guard, had only 14 stalls in the last season and 30 yards out of 7 times. Before the start of the new season, with Zach - Stacy (Zac Stacy). In addition, rookie Todd (Todd Gurley) - Karli has not recovered, the team had to consider increasing the Watts playing time at the beginning of the season. lost the last chance to get into the runner's rotation after being banned from the competition. If the ram still keeps him in the battle, he will be a full time special service player. The 2 year run Wei will be back in October, when the rams against the Arizona cardinals.jeans look for an experienced player to replace kicker Dan baylet (Dan Bailey). ????NFL Network????????-????????¨ĒMike Garafolo???????????????????????????????????-??????Mike Nugent???? Nugent was in the offseason giants preseason to stay, but failed to compete for rookie aldric Rosas (Aldrick Rosas) -. The 35 year old kicker lost 6 a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping dditional points last season and was cut off by the tiger in December last year. belly is expected a groin problem for several weeks.The official website of NFL | Cowboys cornerback relegated to the bench, stop training to anger | football Dallas Cowboys cornerback Maurice clayborn (Morris Claiborn) had a difficult 72 hours. Last week with the Saint Louis rams in the game, the rams catchers have match will have to dig at claiborne. The worse happened on Tuesday local time. In the morning, Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones), the boss of the team, had a conversation with him. In the afternoon, he was told that he could only play as a substitute in the next game. NFL official website revealed that the cowboy wanted to use the Orlando Orlando (Orlando Scandrick) instead of Clayborne, which made him very unhappy and finally chose to stop training. In order to get the original cowboy clyburn spent a lot of effort in the draft, the final with a No. 6. After joining the team, as the first clyburn has not satisfactory. Jones told reporters that we had given up a two round to get him, but he did not reach the level we wanted. But he's still a good player. 's official website believes that his move will not change the fact that he is about to replace it. At the same time, because he does not have the value of the transaction, and the cowboys in dealing with players personal problems has been active and efficient, not surprisingly, clyburn will appear in the local time Wednesday's training.the contention between variable scoring game saints beat the Cardinals Defense League ranked first in the Arizona Cardinals offensive against the League ranked first for the New Orleans saints. The first to start the attack on the offensive to the Cardinals after the first half, running back, Wayne Williams (Kerwynn Williams) gained 49 yards rushing touchdowns. The saints then scored with a free kick to narrow the score gap. The Cardinals after the attack, Larry Fitzgerald took over the outside (Kerwynn Williams) grabbed the ball and your saints right to get the ball back in the Cardinals 30 yard line. In the face of a strong offensive group this time the saints did not waste the opportunity, the final four point guard Drew - Bracey (Larry Fitzgerald) to find the short running back Cadete Wallis Delaware (Travaris Cadet) for a 10 yard touchdown. But the second day after the start of the saints had surrendered the ball turnovers, Bracey dropped the ball in the first half and kill the Cardinals captured, the Cardinals linebacker Campbell (Calais Campbell, Calais) to get the ball back and right back into the 53 yard touchdown. But the saints immediately make a comeback, Alan Bracey found wide receiver Blanding Cousteau (Brandin Cooks) for a 65 yard touchdown. The Cardinals attack after the saints continue to take over Kukes Bracey's pass, the latter rush scored 45 yard touchdown. But before the end of the first half linnet launched a wave of successful offensive quarterback Carson Palmer (Carson Palmer) completed several large yards passing forward, he eventually found outside the pass over J.J. Nielsen (J.J.Nelson) for a 10 yard touchdown. The beginning of the second half saints rely on a free kick shot lead, but the Cardinals by Palmer pass smoothly, and eventually ran Wei David - Johnson (David Johnson) gained 2 yards rushing touchdowns, cardinals equaliser. The third section at the end of the saints again smoothly, they had blocked the Cardinals 7 yard line, but in the saints' play foul gave the saints the opportunity to go on the offensive, and the saints running back Tim Heltava (Tim Hightower) immediately rushed the ball 3 yards made a touchdown. But the Cardinals immediately followed the saints scoring pace to punch the ball ball of Palmer and Johnson to obtain a continuous number of advance, final Johnson scored a 7 yard touchdown. But then the saints again won the lead in advance to the Cardinals 4 yard line, Bracey short passes to wide receiver Michael Thomas (Michael Thomas) made a touchdown. The Cardinals chase points by their own pace of mistakes stop them again in the 30 yard line off the ball and the ball is to regain the saints. The saints take the opportunity to reach the end of the ball by 2 yards. Three minutes left in the game the Cardinals began continuous passing attack and they finally succeeded by Palmer cross found wide receiver John Brown (John Brown) for a 30 yard touchdown. The use of gambling play to regain the ball but failed, the time after the success of the saints. Final saints 48-41 war 〉

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