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Our football equipment network is the largest and most complete and the most authoritative football shoes, football equipment website, to provide learning and knowledge search platform for the football fans of football equipment.The official website of NFL | Sanchez only in the Broncos starting quarterback competition in a slim majority | football when the Denver Broncos quarterback Mark Sanchez Trading (Mark Sanchez) and did not introduce any other quarterback this offseason, he will become the first team to look. But this is not That's final.. Mustang coach Gary Kubiak (Gary Kubiak) has repeatedly said that Sanchez must be in the seven round last year and show Trevor (Trevor Siemian) and Simi Ann Paxton Lynch - the first round of this year's show (Paxton Lynch) won the first round position in the competition. , according to Denver media, Sanchez has only a slight advantage for simian when he enters training camp. Sanchez must win over Simeon to win the first place. This position is not Sanchez's bag. Ann sago advantage is that he is the only one played in the Broncos quarterback Kubiak in the attack group. Lynch was not cheap nfl jerseys free shipping thought to be ready to start the first week, but Mustang chose him in the first round not to keep him on the bench. So Sanchez needs to play well in the training camp and the pre - season to get the first start, and he needs to perform well to keep his position. Sanchez's record in NFL shows that he is unlikely to continue to do well. That means it is easy to think that Sanchez is either unable to win the first place or that it can not be saved even if it is won. unfortunately, Siman and Lynch have not yet proved that they can be the first NFL quarterback. Good news for the Mustang their defense team proved to be able to lead the team far away last year, even if the quarterback did not perform well.The official website of NFL | bears linebacker Sam apotheker announced the renewal of 1 years | football Chicago bears a busy offseason continues, in the moderate strengthening defense group, they decided to leave some can still contribute to the team. Local time Monday, the bears announced Sam and linebacker Aike (Sam Acho) for about 1 years. echo location is registered outside linebacker, he was special teams qualified performance. The bears are hoping to increase the depth and personnel freedom of choice, and then decided to renew echo. Last season, Aike completed 60 tackles, 1 times out of 1 times the ball making, back off the ball, 15 appearances for the team, including 7 starts. Aike occupation career before the 4 season at Arizona Cardinals, completed a total of 96 tackles during. 27 year old Aike has accumulated 66 caps, is an experienced player.with the 2016 regular season with 10 wins 5 flat 1 negative results in the end, the Seattle Seahawks for the fifth consecutive year in the playoffs, under coach Pete Carroll, the establishment of a full 40 year team seems to usher in a "dynasty". But things are not so good on the surface, the 2016 regular season with the Seahawks "disappointment" and "injury" and "civil strife" this three word to sum up a headache. first said "disappointed": from the beginning of 2014, the Seahawks offensive front fell "year" cycle, 2013 was the league's most expensive offensive line (5 starters, the total salary of $about 28000000), all the way down to the 2016 League the cheapest offensive front (total wages 5 starters, only $about 7000000, even lower than the nearly half of last second). Not only that, the offensive front combination is also changing, apart from the center of Justin Britt and Mark Glowinski left guard unshakable try other position of the candidates, until sixteenth weeks is still changing. The result is a disaster for the Seahawks road attack, had to pass protection fans expectations are not high, but road cover collapse directly to the Seahawks lost since 2010 to prove the identity of pavement attack. The front area cover 5 seasons the Seahawks system are good at, need to attack the frontline between 5 people with the tacit understanding, frequent changes directly break a leg Seahawks offensive. This season the pavement attack effect is too horrible to look at more than 100 yards, rushed the ball only 6 games, while the lowest was a break in team history record low of 33 yards, almost all the fans are asking "Haiying road we become dejected and despondent attack is what? "Although coach Carroll repeatedly stressed at a press conference, the Seahawks should adhere to the road to attack, but face the reality of the performance, all the disappointment shows between the lines. say "injuries": when the offseason Pete Carroll coach to the media say "now the Seahawks than the 2013 Championship squad depth deeper, he probably did not think the next 17 weeks, the team will make him so headache. In the first week of the dolphin game, quarterback Russell Wilson was sprained left ankle sprain. Then, in the third week to 49 people's match, the left knee ligament was pulled. Run with the ball and ran out of pocket manufacturing opportunities known Wilson couldn't run, the Seahawks like lame in one leg, not only pass fade, also let the other offensive pavement easier pondering, plus simply unreliable offensive line this season, the Seahawks road run data falling off a cliff, the large statistics fell out of the top 20. In the eleventh week, C.J. Prosise, who had just made a brilliant performance, was injured in the competition for the hawk. The post match diagnosis needed 6 to 8 weeks' recovery time, which directly allowed the potential pavement / catch double threat player to miss the regular season match. Next in the thirteenth week of the Panther competition 〉

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