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about 2500 ago, the ancient Greeks found that the earth was a sphere. 500 years ago, Magellan proved this theory by voyage. but keno Smith (Geno Smith) doesn't eat this set. Smith sent a push and said, "I have recently studied the theory of horizon and circle, and I think I will stand on the side of Kaili Kyrie (Kyrie Irving). (Note: Erwin supports Diping). Smith's Twitter response is very enthusiastic. People are tirelessly quarrelling. Does Smith have a unique vision or is he just a big idiot? After watching the endless debate, Smith finally made concession. sent another Twitter: "from the record, the earth is a sphere. We also know this. But it's no harm to listen to others' opinions. "is reported to be injured b cheap nfl jerseys free shipping y the New York giant's defensive line player Jason Pierpaolo (Jason Pierre-Paul) in a fireworks accident on Saturday. according to the news of the Miami reporter, Pierre Paul's injury is quite serious. There is no official statement yet, only one twitter claims that Pierre Paul's hands are in bad condition. The twitter user's friend is in charge of Pierre Paul's treatment in the hospital, and according to the gossip, Pierre Paul may lose some of his fingers. Jason - Cole (Jason Cole), a famous blogger at , also recognizes the situation. we've heard about a lot of players' hand injuries, but this time Pierre Paul's injury seemed to be a surprise. Know that his contract value is $14 million 800 thousand in the 2015 season. we will continue to focus on this.| bowling Bowling Championships Zhao Jiawei Zhang Yuhong fenhuonannv Championship elite 2012-11-12 16:44:00 Cleveland Luca November 12th, 2012 national Bowling Championships were male and female elite match. Finally, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region team and Anhui team Zhao Jiawei Zhang Yuhong won the men's and women's elite tournament. 12 morning at 10:30 a solemn closing ceremony and awards ceremony. The leaders and guests of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region vice chairman Mr. Han Zhiran, Mr. Wang Liwei, deputy director of management center of Ball State Sports General Administration of sports and the Inner Mongolia Sports Bureau, Hohhot Sports Bureau for winning the award for athletes. so far, the 2012 national Bowling Championships 16 event all over. With the overall strength of Anhui team won the team championship, and become the biggest winner in the gold medal, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region team as the host, has won two gold medals, but also contrary to expectation achievements, can do race double harvest. (Paul) men's elite: elite ranking: men and women transcripts are downloaded to alliance resourceThe official website of NFL | defensive tackle Bill Wynne will fear because of injury | football season Buffalo Bill coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) said the team's defensive tackle Yunus - Wynne told reporters on Sunday local time (Jarius Wynn) because all the game is badly torn anterior cruciate ligament of the knee will likely miss the 2015 season. Ryan stressed that this injury is a devastating blow for Wayne is. Wynne was injured in the local time Friday against the Carolina Panthers in the preseason. He played 11 games for Bill last season, contributing two escapement and 17 grappling. This year was the eighth year of his career, after which he had worked for Titan, cowboy, lightning and packers, and had 10.5 times in his career. Ryan also said that the Bryce Brown of the team was also affected by the slight pull of the leg, probably not playing the match against Cleveland Brown on Thursday. Brice, Bryce. Percy Hale was not surprised to meet Bill's first show in the game.

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