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The first International Olympic Committee executive committee meeting in |2012 was successfully closed in Lausanne According to the International Olympic Committee website, the first meeting of the International Olympic Committee Executive Committee in 2012 was closed today, according to the International Olympic Committee website. The meeting listened to the Committee and management department report, including and the preparations for the progress of recent Olympic Games, the 2012 London Olympics, the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, the 2016 Rio Olympics and the 2018 Pingchang olympics. The meeting held at the beginning of a period of two days, delegates first died on March 11th (aged 84) Nigeria province International Olympic Committee honorary member of Edmund Henry · · · Aolufeimi; Adefope (Henry Edmund Olufemi Adefope) held a moment of silence. new members of the International Olympic Committee nominated The Executive Committee made a series of important decisions, including the nomination of Takeda Kowa (Tsunekazu Takeda, Japan), Aisha · garaad · (Aisha Garad Ali, Ali Djibouti), Pierre · Olivier · Berger (Pierre-Olivier Beckers, Belgium), Frank Fredericks (Frank · Fredericks, Namibia) and Li Lingyu (Lingwei Li China) as candidate members, elected members of the five International Olympic Committee will be held in London in July this year, the 124th session of the International Olympic Committee conference, which is the number of new members added limit. Panama Olympic Committee After 's di cheap nfl jerseys free shipping scussion of the Panama Olympic Committee, the Executive Committee announced that the current state of the IOC has fully recovered. nationality change The Executive Committee approved the Yemei · athletes; Aldama (Yamile Aldama) and cyclist Philip · Hindes (Philip Hindes) change of nationality. for these two change requests, the executive committee agreed to reduce the Olympic Charter (forty-first) regulations 3 years waiting period, the reason is both consistent with reduced or canceled the waiting period requirement, namely: change the application to obtain the relevant international sports federations and the two countries recognized by the ioc. Aldama's nationality will be changed from Sultan to Britain, and Mr. Hindes's nationality will be changed from Germany to Britain. 127th International Olympic Committee conference host city 〉The official website of NFL | opener communication headset failure effect | deployment Steelers Rugby in the opening season Thursday local time in the war, Pittsburgh Steelers against the new England patriots, but the Steelers coach after the game that communication failure affects the headset tactical team. Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said: our first headset has been playing voice commentary. Among them, Tomlin also said that this problem in the Patriot home court is not the first time. Biliqieke patriots coach Bill (Bill Belichick) also talked about the same problem: we have a lot of problems, several times to replace the headset. There is a little problem in our communication system. Billy Cheik said the evening's communication system was very bad, and the staff even told him that the system was close to collapse. Steelers quarterback Ben Ross Lys Berg (Ben Roethlisberger) believes that this does not cause too much impact on the game: there are several tactics did not reach, but I think this does not cause too much impact. I don't have much to do with the coach tonight. After , a coalition spokesman in this case is given to illustrate: the game in the first quarter, the Steelers coach of the headset is disturbed, which is caused by the radio infrastructure, bad weather aggravated the impact. The coach's communication equipment, including the headset, is provided by the Alliance for both parties. After knowing the situation, the problem was quickly solved.The official website of NFL, a new occupation football league will start in 2018, the game of rugby nest on Wednesday, a new professional American rugby union announced that it would start to recruit players in the winter of 2017 and start the game in the summer of 2018. According to the statement issued by the league, shows that the Pacific professional rugby league is for those who have graduated from high school but have not entered the University and have not graduated for more than 4 years, so that they can get the qualification to enter NFL. This alliance includes 4 teams, the competition will be held in southern California, the average annual salary of players will reach 50 thousand dollars, and 8 games will be played under the rules, rules and forms of professional competitions. The players who signed up for the alliance will soon lose their qualifications for a college match. there will be 50 players for each team and will be taught by the professional coach and the University coach. The players will also receive funding at the local community university. The alliance founder include Tom Brady (Tom Brady) of the economic man Donald (Don Yee), more than some former NFL player. The former NFL manager, Mike - Mike Shanahan, will be an adviser to the alliance. this is the second recent professional rugby league. Last December, NFL told the 32 teams to set up a spring Development Alliance for non - contract veteran players in 2017. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Jaguars rookie quarterback well still missed the first position | football The Jacksonville Jaguar has been convinced that Chad Henni (Chad Henne) is able to become the first quarterback of the team for the whole season unhindered in September. Coach Gus Bradley (Gus Bradley) confirmed it when he was defeated by the Detroit lions on Friday night at 12-13 local time, and again said the veteran quarterback would play the first match of the first season against the eagles in the regular season. But the rookie quarterback Blake bottos (Blake Bortles) show more let difficulties faced with the choice of the jaguar. the lion face as if fierce tigers passing impact, Henny attack in the 4 wave of short duration only 70 yards passing, 3 points are poor. bottos spent 84 seconds over the bottos all efforts, in the end of the first half before taking over the attack he launched a 1 wave of 10 attack 79 yards forward, to lay the foundation for the subsequent free kick. The rookie even in the process of excellent imitation of the legendary four quarterback Dan Marino (Dan Marino), in an attempt to complete his touchdowns with diving ball (fake spike) tactics. (Note: Dan Marino in the 1994 season against the New York jets in the game at the last moment to pretend to fall but to spread ball stopwatch touchdown pass, to help the team win) he played for a long time in the third quarter, some had the same strength and the first half of the first half lion defense defense, 2 escapement kill Henny, in addition to the 6 impact. But this year the third show to find a way to lead the offensive team score, and wide receiver Alan Hearns (Allen Hurns) with the completion of the 1 beautiful 11 yards passing touchdowns. Game 16 of 10 passes for 158 yards success bottos his preseason data to surprise 44 passes 28 successful 435 yards and 1 touchdowns, 103.9 quarterback rating. the advantage of this new talent has been very stable: he is a young quarterback who can build up tacit agreement with the outside to avoid the pressure of the defence and accumulate the number of yards through passing. The stage of the pre - season is not big enough. Henny's starting time can't be very long. After all, his low upper limit has been uninterested, and he has just shown his strength. And what are you waiting for?

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