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ray Rice (Ray Rice) did not take the penalty calmly. The former Baltimore crow running back local time on Tuesday suspended indefinitely for his appeal. The lawyer of the NFL players' Union will be his representative in the appeal. The NFL players' Union issued a statement late Tuesday: "today, the NFL players' Union formally appealed to ray Rice for an indefinite ban by NFL. This Union - initiated action is to protect the right of all NFL players to receive due process of law. "the NFL players' union based on the evidence that it had previously decided a lack of fair and fair process, including the role of the president's office of the NFL. Because the president and his staff will be the key witnesses in the appeals process, so they cannot serve as a fair judge. We have asked for a neutral and joint arbitrator to deal with the case. in accordance with the labor agreement, the hearing must be arranged within 10 days of Rice's appeal. The hearing will require a neutral arbitrator to decide what information NFL can get and when to get the information. "Now the argu cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ment for the ray Rice side is that he has actually been punished 2 times," said Ian - Rapoport, a NFL official at NFL on Monday. "... now, of course, NFL will refute that the 2 penalty is not the same offence. Because of the TMZ video, there are new information to prove this, and this evidence, of course, has led to an indefinite suspension. " Rice since the beginning of February this year in Atlantic City, he was betrothed to the casino violence and was banned for 2 games. Rice released a video display in the elevator. The casino beat Rice in TMZ Jenne (Janay Rice), causing her head hit the railing and unconscious. Before the release of the video, NFL announced a major change in the rules of the Union's behavior. In a letter to the boss of the team, NFL President Roger - Roger Goodell apologized for his preliminary decision in the Rice event.The official website of NFL | Seahawks offensive coordinator: Lynch is still the best football | Ma Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch) has not been able to finish more than 100 yards in a single game since the opening battle of the season. But the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrel biovail (Darell Bevell) finds a new way to use Lynch in last week's game. Lynch hit 76 yards last week, setting a new high for the season. The Seahawks recently in passing attack is struggling, is only 177 yards from last week, but Lynch's all-around performance largely enrich the team's offensive tactics. The Seahawks offensive lines currently plagued by injuries, which directly affected the team's offensive efficiency. Quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) frequently chooses to run himself in the competition, which is why Lynch has to participate in more passes. said, "I want to make better use of our players. Lynch is the best player in our attacking team. We need to find ways to get him as much as possible. In trading Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin), there is a slight decline in advance on the ground all the Seahawks, averaging 146.3 yards. As a result of the struggle against attack frontline, Lynch was still unable to show all the strength in the game, only 67 yards out last week. From now on, it is a positive solution for Lynch to take part in more catching up attacks, either for himself or for the whole offensive team.Jim Irsay, the owner of Indianapolis's pony, has collected a lot of instruments. irsay has purchased once by the Grateful Dead frontman Jerry Garcia (Jerry Garcia) with the guitar, John and the Beatles Lennon (John Lennon) and Ringo Starr (Ringo Starr) and singer Bob - Dylan (Bob Dylan) had used the instrument. yel Sai expanded his collection on Saturday. He bought the "Huang Yun" electric guitar used by the late singer Prince (Prince) at a concert at the auction. He spent 137500 dollars on the guitar. Prince used the guitar from the end of 1980s to the middle of 90s. It is said that this is his favorite guitar.The official website of NFL | Gore: Harbert is the best I have seen | football coach Frank - Gore (Frank Gore) had 1 games left to finish his tenth season in NFL, all of which were spent in the San Francisco 49. This year is the last year of his contract, but he expects him to keep the team. It sounds reasonable, as he wants the manager, Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) to stay, but it seems unlikely. , he said in an interview, "Harbert is the best coach I've ever seen." Since he came here, we began to win, and I began to like it. We have been victorious all the time. Gore had still 3 coach played the ball, Jim - Tom Sule (Jim Tomsula) in Mike (Mike Singletary) - Singer daltry was fired after the 2010 coached 1 games. All full-time coach in the Harbert era, winning is the best. Harbert in the 4 season of 49 the team's record is 43 wins 19 flat 1 negative (. 0.690), Singer daltry is 18 wins and 22 negative (. 0.450), Mike Nolan (Mike Nolan) is 18 wins and 37 losses (. 0.327). The 49 men team entered the League Championship in 3 times in the Harbert era, including 1 times in the super bowl, but this year the team's gossip and gossip continued to win 7, 8. for personal data, Gore code the best performance in the Nolan era, the average rushing with 4.82 yards, Singer daltry is 4.41 yards, Harbert is 4.32 yards, but under Harbert had 29 touchdowns (2.77% touchdowns rate) is the highest.

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