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The 2015 season has managed to attract attention, in addition to outstanding figures, some obscure underdog is rising, and the challenge for the playoffs. The spring of 2003, the Oakland Raiders just lost the super bowl, but people did not need not Bay depression, depressed, the Raiders for third consecutive years over ten regular season wins, and reached the playoffs, lost super bowl, people thought perhaps slightly better luck can win. But the fact that the bay area people is too optimistic, 192 regular season games after the 12 season, the Raiders won only 56 games, winning less than 30%, they all missed the playoffs, draft story and the selection standard also become a byword for. The 2015 quarter of the United States general unrest, Raiders disarray 5 wins and 6 negative results, bad team competition to burst table? They can relive the dreams of the playoffs? This article makes an analysis for you. 1, the eye of the eye to pick up the talent. NFL official website has done a documentary film "the ten big picks", which put the "raider's show story" in sixth, which is why? Well, about the Raiders draft "joke", can say almost overnight, for example, in 2000 the first round choice kicker (Sebastian Jeni kousky), 2004 - Robert pick to choose the cutting front Gallery, in 2005 the first round of selection of cornerback Fabian Washington, 2007 No. 1 choice to sign Jia Marcus - Russell, in 2009 the first round of selection receiver Daliusi - Hayward Bay, sent 11 consecutive years and 12 years, the first round of 2013 was third choice to sign cornerback D.J. Ha cheap nfl jerseys free shipping yden, in addition to the draft, the draft also long-term strategy on being criticized, you're a big guy? The Raiders love it; do you run fast? The Raiders love! Will you play the ball? Indifferent?? So this Daliusi - Hayward Bay High and fast but even basic skills are doing well the Raiders took over by the first round pick was no surprise. For the whole league, as long as the Raiders "play" in the talent show, they are relieved. In the years, domestic fans called the Raiders "the Oakland track and field team". 2012 twice in 2013 and almost fired general manager Reggie Mackenzie, until the 2014 offseason, like suddenly opened eyes, "wonderful work" continuously. The summer of 2014, Mackenzie in the free market is mainly introduced: Charles Woodson (brilliant career, returning veteran Donald Bay), Paine, Austen - Howard - Barnes and Califf (three people become the main offensive front, the rotation) Justin - Tucker, Lamar Woodley and Antonio Smith (winner the experience of the old Chuan Chong). The draft, the fifth overall pick linebacker Khalil Mark, the second round of selected quarterback Derek Carle, almost no one can think they took two days to find the core of attack and defense in the future, then selected Gabriel Jackson (the main guard), Justin Ellis (the main force and defensive tackle) the T.J. card (defensive backfield tool), have become an important contribution to the team. today 〉NFL's official website, Kell long ankle fracture after the first return to the team training in football nest tiger Kyle August 10th will not play the first battle against the Mustang on Thursday night, but the Kyle Long has also made an important step. , according to the Chicago media, was involved in 10 kick-off in the team's training, which was the first time he had returned to full training since his ankle fracture last season. The veteran striker's return to is currently working with the new quarterback who is currently Mike (Mike Glennon), after getting is Michel Truby Khodorkovsky (Mitchell Trubisky), and has just been repairing the external group is a good news for running the line. Lang has confirmed that it will be in the regular season. bears plans this season to make long playing left guard, Heaton from the free market to dig Josh (Josh Sitton) will be the right guard. Sub Eric Kush (Eric Kush) this week for the season with a hamstring tear is a bad news for them. In case of at the same time, the bears are also trying to make the center Cody White Haier (Cody Whitehair) to learn how to play left guard, but Lang is still the first choice. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The alliance officially announced the 2015 season's salary cap limit of 143 million 280 thousand dollars in December, which is much higher than that reported in December last year, 138 million dollars. 's annual salary cap quotas have risen to the rise in television broadcasts, with a surge of $10 million in the past two seasons. With the increase of amount, a few pieces of "large wage" team into the free market in March 10th will become more rich and powerful. According to the calculation of the limit of 143 million, the Jacksonville Jaguars to pay $68 million 200 thousand to spare the first, followed by the Oakland Raiders, Clif browns and the New York jets, spare the amount of wages were 55 million 400 thousand, 53 million 740 thousand and 51 million 450 thousand. happened to be the deadline time and team salary cap space announced the privilege of using the labels coincide, alliance also gives each position salary: 18 million 544 thousand, franchise tag quarterback running back 10 million 951 thousand, nearly 8 million 347 thousand offensive players end 12 million 943 thousand, defensive end 14 million 813 thousand, defensive tackle 11 million 193 thousand, linebacker 13 million 195 thousand, cornerback 13 million 75 thousand, safety 9 million 618 thousand, kicker and punter for 4 million 126 thousand. and the position of the transition label (Transition Tag, the team retained an unrestricted free agent, the team will be able to match other teams offer a season of transition labels and tags can only use one of two privileges) amount respectively: cornerback 11 million 82 thousand, defensive end 11 million 958 thousand, defensive tackle 9 million 314 thousand, linebacker 11 million 58 thousand, the line of 11 million 96 thousand players, kicker and punter, 3 million 716 thousand quarterback, running back 9 million 37 thousand, 16 million 155 thousand safety 8 million 263 thousand, tight end 7 million 71 thousand, took over 10 million 971 thousand.Gibson, who led the Tashaun of the league in the field of copying, has gone through a lengthy weekend after the end of last Thursday's night race. missed training on Tuesday because of the concussion and symptoms of savings rate. Safety Gibson this season has scored 6 steals in his last 12 games scored 9, is by the doctor to assess whether cerebral concussion. Gibson did not tell the team immediately after the end of the game, and Brown had been resting from Friday to Monday. "He thinks he may not have what problem but there also has an influence on him, so he said," Brown coach Mike pattyn (Mike Pettine) said, "tomorrow we will know the specific situation." if Gibson did not play against Houston on Sunday, the people of Dezhou will see the offensive substitute safety Jordan Puyol (Jordan Poyer) or Jim (Jim Leonhard), Leon, Brown may make Leon Hudson first because of his experience, but Puyol is on fire. Brown is now very careful about the concussion test of the players. The near end front Jordan Cameron (Jordan Cameron) has missed the past two games and did not attend the training on Tuesday. Gibson's absence will definitely affect the team, but fortunately, Brown has enough second-line players to make up for that loss. Of course, Whitner (Donte Whitner) will still be there. Gibson is not only strong in steals, he in the depth of the ball defensive performance is very good and is a raid on the quarterback's players, Brown is committed to simplifying the defense after losing to Jacksonville, will drive all the safetys are likely to play the game.

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