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The official website of NFL | Seahawks HARVIN injury plagued regular season football and reimbursement | fear Seattle Seahawks star wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) were injured in training camp, this is his second years in training camp was injured. ESPN reports: "Sea Hawk training camp: Percy HARVIN lame left action difficult". The Seattle Times reporter twitter wrote: Percy HARVIN after a ball fell wounded on the ground, he went to the sidelines teeter after climbing up. The staff of the training camp are now in charge of him. the above did not mention how serious HARVIN's injury, but the team will certainly hold your breath waiting for the result. Because the Seahawks last season to a 67 million HARVIN contract. He missed most of the games last season because of injury. Hope you can keep HARVIN back on the court, the last two seasons he has missed 21 regular season games.NFL official website, 2016 regular season fourteenth week night game, football @ patriot crow nest 2016 regular season, fourteenth weeks and one cheap nfl jerseys free shipping night race in the 2016 season, crow @ @ patriot 〉 〉 live address 〈 〈 love and kill the crows and Patriots will meet this week in the week and night. The Patriot still leads the US alliance, and the raven is now making the final sprint for the playoffs. The crow who has always been patriotic killer will snipe patriots at Fox castle. new England patriots have won 10 games in the regular season for 14 seasons in a row, ranking second in the history of NFL. Last week, the Patriots in 26-10 easily defeat the Losangeles rams quarterback Tom Brady helped the team get the occupation career winning 201st games (including playoffs), this achievement is the most NFL starting quarterback in history. If this week at the Miami dolphins patriots game winning, losing, the Patriots will also become take the division leading teams in NFL history first team for 8 consecutive seasons. Baltimore and Pittsburgh Steelers to crow tied for the American League North title, they need a victory to continue to maintain the status quo, to ensure that no advance backward. The crow has won two consecutive wins and has held 4 of them in the past 5 hands with the Patriots. In the face of patriots, the crow has a great psychological advantage. Last week, the crow four Joe Fraco from 381 yards and 4 touchdowns, helping the dolphins to crow. Before the death of the enemy hand in hand, advance into the state, the game is to wait and see. broadcasting platform: sina sports Tencent video PPTV sports Iqiyi sports NFL Chinese website commentator: Zhang Yun The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.Our football equipment network Everton football club announced this morning, "angry birds" became the first sleeve sponsor of the club, Everton today for the first time wearing sleeves with famous mobile phone games at Old Trafford against Manchester United jersey. has purchased the 2017/18 SEASON JERSEY Everton fans will be able to in any official club store in the League Logo and angry birds logo added to the sleeve, only need to spend 3 pounds. This service will be provided in the store began in September 22nd, has not been added only for the Jersey armband.The official website of NFL | Bracey: we have found the problems | football season New Orleans saints experienced a disappointing season, and the team finally won only 7 victories without the playoffs. In the occupation bowl after the end of the interview, the saints will, four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) said that he had the team and coach Sean - Payton (Sean Payton) and general manager Mitch Loomis (Mickey Loomis) spoke. Bracey believes the team has found the problem. Bracey said: I think we have found the problem, and these deficiencies hindered the growth of the team. We eventually failed to meet the pre - season expectations. Now, we need to solve these problems in the offseason. It's not easy, but we have the confidence to overcome them. Bracey did not reveal what the problem was, but journalists believe that the lack of leadership in the dressing room and lack of experience must be one of them. In order to build a younger team, saints choose to go their own ways with some old men before the start of the season. Before the season, some of the media considered saints to be the winner of the championship, the reason is that the team is young enough and full of talent. But Bracey revealed that he didn't care about the talent of his teammates, and he wanted to win the game only. Bracey says: I don't like the word 'talent'. I have many great players and cooperation, and have many great players played their best qualities is obviously not "talent". Everyone has his own talent, but I pay more attention to other traits. For example, the degree of devotion to work, whether it can become a leader, the ability on the field, whether the attitude towards competition is strong enough, and whether it is worthy of teammates to rely on. The saints will have a whole summer time to turn those gifts into battle. The team is hoping for a comeback in the 2015 season.

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