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, a gathering of Chinese Americans in the north and San Francisco, is also the home of Jinzhou warriors. The latest version of the warrior team's special edition Jersey is integrated into the Chinese elements such as dragon's image and so on, so as to convey the tribute to Chinese Chinese and its historical culture. Warriors team logo, color is yellow and blue, according to a press release pellet, special edition Jersey also adopted the yellow and blue color, the most striking part is the middle belt with red "warrior" Chinese words. As for the shirt designs, original San Francisco landmark Golden Gate Bridge, to China dragon eye blue collocation; Chinese culture has always attached great importance to the thriving and prosperous, the English word prosperity in embroidered coat hem; the chest badge on the edge of the The Bay words, the symbol of the team and China are inseparable. The warriors 27 in st cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ore to sell this special shirt, and also announced 9 players wearing this shirt matches at war with rivals, respectively, in January 25th next year for the Minnesota Timberwolves, home court in February 24th and 28 respectively against the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Washington wizards. In March 8th March 17th, against the Sanantonio spurs against Feinikesi and the Suns March 19th battles Sanantonio spurs, against Milwaukee in March 29th, the Bucks against Sacramento in March 31st and April 3rd Zaizhan king, Oklahoma citythunder.The official website of NFL | Panthers Coach: we can find Benjamin's replacement | football Carolina Black Panther has been challenged after losing Kelvin Kelvin (Kelvin Benjamin), but coach Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) is very confident about that. Rivera said: Kelvin's situation is unfortunate, and he will come back. We have found a way to solve the problem, there will be a player to come forward, or to share the team together. We still have a lot of time. Rivera said: we got a German - in the draft Fangqiesi (Devin Funchess), he will play an important role. He is tall and full of ability. And Ted Ginn, his speed is his advantage. Cory - Brown (Corey Brown) will continue to progress. finally, Rivera also praised the players' training and competition consciousness: many players are really very committed when they are training, these young people have been working hard for their positions. They are improving every day, and they have the ability to change the team. I believe we can work together and make progress together.rob Chasin J Ki (Rob Chudzinski) will continue to act as an offensive coordinator for the Indianapolis pony. On Thursday local time, the pony announced that Shinseki would stay in office for a long time and become the official offensive coordinator. He and ppagano's coach chuck (Chuck Pagano) deep friendship, two people for each other's trust also prompted one of reason of this appointment. has been questioned by Shinseki this season after taking over as an offensive coordinator. The reason is that he didn't design enough number of deep lines for the young outsiders, so that he could not play their speed advantage. On the other hand, the real reason for the hindered pony's attack lies in the question of the quarterback. As a result of the injury to Andrew Luck (Andrew Luck), the pony had to start the veteran Matt Hassel Beck (Matt). Although the latter performance is beyond expectations, he also suffered injuries and injuries. The team could only use Charlie White Hearst (Charlie Whitehurst) or even Josh Freeman (Josh Freeman). next season, with the return of the LAK, the pony and Shinseki hope to be able to come back. But at the same time, the team also needs to find better helpers in the free market.Seattle Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) local time on Wednesday confirmed, running back Thomas laurs (Thomas Rawls) will serve as the starting lineup Losangeles rams. Laurs was absent due to an ankle injury in all the activities of the offseason and the team before the three preseason. in the first week of the game, Kristen - Michael (Christine Michael) got the first chance, Rawls also played as a rotation player. The game, Michael played 63% offensive gear number, size up to 4.4 yards, while Laurs's size only 2.7 yards. last season, Laurs Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch MA) were injured after all stepped up to 5.65 yards. His outstanding performance in the rookie season has made people see him as the first ten of the league in the future. Now, Rawls has returned to health, and he will return to the arena to prove that his performance last season was not a flash in the pan.

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