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in December 28th, as a strategic partner of sina 5X5 gold League official Carle beauty club officially released 2018 new squad B. Baoding Rong Da Football Club Baoding Yung Da football club is located in Hebei, Baoding, which has a history of more than three thousand years. Its name comes from "defending most of the world and stabilizing the world". This is also the design concept of Baoding's Rong da club's host and guest jerseys in the 2018 season. The New Jersey is inspired by the ancient Baoding government as the majesty plaque of the capital of Zhili Province. It will make the plaque characters appear on the Jersey and hope that the team will fight for the honor of the Millennium City in the new season, and create a good result again. Football Club of Beijing Institute of Technology, is the only student army in China's professional arena. KELME brought the unique team jersey for the new season's Beijing Institute of Technology football club with "virtue and reason, learning Seiko". The designer presented Einstein's law of conservation of mass and energy through the sublimation effect of words, and perfectly blended with the temperament of science and technology of science and Technology University, reflecting the unique side of this team, and echoing the connotation of the main color of Jersey. away to use the traditional red and black striped collocation, hope to the team in the new season performance steady, steady in the game. Dalian Gigabit Football Club Dalian Gigabit football club, as the main forc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e of a new football in Dalian, runs the blood of Dalian football, carrying the heavy responsibility of reinvigorate Dalian football. KELME to "ride the wind and waves" as a concept, the flag China Dalian missile destroyer into the jersey for the new season, the football new hopes. The originated from the club worship of the sea, the sea elements bring to the team's New Jersey KELME show, in addition to the anchor badge chest club, a huge positive "anchor" decoration is a symbol of club lofty vision and powerful force, shirt cuffs with color stripe design unique, inspired by Dalian missile destroyer semaphore. The brand color of the club is built together with the home court shirt in the new season of the club. From the whole to the details, the design of the stadium shirt is in line with the home shirt. Hebei elite football club takes "elite aristocracy" as a design concept, and KELME brings a new season's main and guest shirt for the Hebei elite football club, founded in 2009. The new season, the main passenger kit that uses two kinds of color, blue, black as home court color mosaic, known as the Royal Blue said, meaning mountain road to calm; white and blue stitching as bright, white represents a pure elegant, usually known as a minimalist noble color. The design inspiration of the shirt design comes from the British Merit Medal, with a sharp angle. Different medals have different meanings, with the decoration as the basis of design, and the sense of modern nobility and product printing.the past 3 seasons, the total loss of the 2 Tennessee Titans ranked more than 5 in the League before. The team in the offseason decided to reinforce the defense. According to NFL official website, Titan has agreed with a former San Francisco 49 Parrish Cox Perrish Cox for a 3 year contract worth 15 million dollars. Cox has attracted the attention of a number of teams in the free market, including Washington Red, the Baltimore crows and Cleveland Brown. The final Titan impressed by the sincerity of Cox, the two sides hit it off from signing a new contract. Last season, Cox played 14 games, and he was outstanding in the first two months of the season, but then the decline gradually became mediocre. Cox is tall and has a great ball skill, and he will be the first player of the Titan's first team in the next season with Jason - Mccati (Jason McCourty). The past two days, the titans have rushed to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the transmission team, has signed Blaine Biolek wave (Brian Orakpo) and Derek Morgan (Derrick Morgan). Experts believe that the Titan's strengthening plan is still not over, and the team will continue to act in the next few days.The official website of NFL | third weeks of regular season review | rugby players were injured Buffalo Bill took over Sami Watkins (Sammy Watkins) with a calf injury in the first half and received 39 yards from the field before leaving the field. San Francisco 49 close - end front Vernon Davies (Vernon Davis) knee injury. Denver wild horse race C.J. Anderson (C.J. Anderson) suffered a concussion. New York jets guard Wiley (Willie Colon) - Cologne knee injury, cornerback Darrel ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) with a hamstring injury, tight end Geoff Cam Belland (Jeff Cumberland) head injury. Carolina Panthers defensive end Charles - Johnson (Charles Johnson) with a hamstring injury, may be out for a few weeks. San Diego lightning cornerback Jason fretter (Jason - Verrett) leg injuries, guard Orlando - Franklin (Orlando Franklin) with an ankle injury, Gardiner line players Andrew (Andrew Gardner) a foot injury, safety Chris Malago J (Chris Maragos) knee injury. Minnesota Viking Xavier Xavier Rhodes (Xavier Rhodes) head injury. Wide receiver Charles Johns (Charles Johnson) injured ribs. Defensive end Justin (Justin Traatou) - Telatuo ankle injury. Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Marquez Lee (Marqise Lee) hamstring tightness, safety Josh Evans (Josh Evans) - Brown Sergio injured his knee and calf injury (Sergio Brown). Atlanta falcons cornerback Richard Alan (Richard Allen) a knee injury, the proximal Feng Tamm (Jacob Tamme) Yakubu suffered a head injury. Houston Dezhou man Blanton Brooks (Brandon Brooks) ankle injury. Cleveland Brown Sean - Gibson security vezha (Tashaun Gipson) a groin injury, linebacker karlag - Robertson (Craig Robertson) an ankle injury. Chicago bears Jiefeng gimooo - bash Rhodes (Jermon Bus〉now, the new England patriot attack coordinator Josh Macdaniels (Josh McDaniels) should not prove his correctness of being patriotic. It is more and more clear that only a perfect position can attract his interest. However, the position of San Francisco 49, Losangeles ram and Jacksonville Jaguar is obviously not satisfied with this requirement. served as head coach Bill Biliqieke (Bill Belichick) assistant and Brady as quarterback Tom (Tom Brady) selection tactics to let Macdaniels have a stable and attractive job. On Monday, told reporters, "I'm honored to have the opportunity to take part in a few teams' interviews this year." I have already said that these opportunities are not appropriate. If I can get the chance again, I will be grateful, because only 32 teams in the league, I am honored to be valued -- I have to go to the right team and work with the right people at the right time. They need me, I want to join them. " Macdaniels also said: "this year is not the case, they finally appointed a good coach. I wish them all well. If there is a right opportunity, I will be grateful. " It's just a matter of time for Macdaniels to become the NFL team manager again. The other teams in the League will again look at the Patriots' assistant coaches and will eventually have the team willing to attract Macdaniels. It's just not at the right time. in the current United States Federation pattern, Macdaniels still has some time to continue to hit the super bowl, record the record and win the championship. It's very attractive to him. Who would want to do something other than the impact champion at the end of the month and early February? And which team has a better chance than the Patriots?

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