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Aaron - Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) returned to the list of injury reserves. Green Bay Packers announced on Tuesday that the quarterback was put in a list of injuries. Then again they signed four Joe Callaghan (Joe Callahan) to enter the list. Bret - Hendry (Brett Hundley) will be the first quarterback in the last two games of the season. The 7 - 7 - negative packers will match the Minnesota Vikings and the Detroit lions, respectively. packaging in the last game industry a negative Carolina Panthers, with the Atlanta falcons in the week night game victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the packers have lost the playoff may. Rodgers fractured a clavicle in sixth weeks, and he only fought 1 games after being activated from a list of injuries. He did not perform well in the last match and had a small number of passes. He made 45 passes in the game with 3 touchdowns of 3 passes was steals, passing success rate of only 57.8% unusual. has previously reported that Rodgers has not yet fully recovered, so his poor performance is not surprising. He was copied by the passing of a pass because his arm was not strong enough to finish the ball that was usually easy to finish. But the packers believe that even if Rodgers hasn't recovered completely, they can keep their playoff hopes. but his defeat and the Falcon's victory let a cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ll the hopes disappear, making Rodgers a reasonable choice for the rest of the play switch automatically play the Winter Olympics which is the most popular item? 90 seconds let you know that the hockey is loading... Tencent sports news Pingchang Winter Olympics begin in Beijing on February 9th at 7:30 in the evening held a grand opening ceremony in Pingchang on February 10th, ice hockey (women's) officially began, the men's competition will be in February 15th opened Zhanmu, we first look at the group match between men and women man: A Czech, South Korea, Switzerland, Canada B Slovakia, the Russian Olympic team, the United States, the Slovenia C Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden women: A Finland, the United States, Canada, the Russian Olympic team B Japan, Sweden, Switzerland, Korea and Korea the Olympics hockey game will have teams from 13 countries and regions to participate in the competition, because the drug problem, Russian national team can only participate in the women's game with a neutral status, in addition to the Japanese national team, the other 7 teams in the country will participate in the men's game, in addition, the women's competition will be a team in North Korea and South korea. The contest is approaching, although the Olympics hockey game because of various reasons lead to very big players can not play on the pitch, will make many stars seem bleak, but the major international events held every four years we still have to moderate concern, especially the team jerseys, also highlights their characteristics. Today let us tour a shirt design team, to see which team cut more new in order to be different which team jerseys, and worth a tucao. Czech national team team uniform 1. Czech Czech is a country with both domineering and aristocracy, which can be seen from their shirt. The Czech team continued before the Winter Olympic Games shirt style, the middle is still the coat of arms of the perfect fit for this shirt, shirt with sleeves in half and made minor adjustments, explains how to break the style of pure red jersey has been. Korean national team team uniform 2. Korea South Korea, as the host of the tournament, naturally wants to make a breakthrough in its performance. However, although many famous professional players in men's competitions did not come to Pingchang, the deep ice hockey in Europe and America, as well as a large number of talent reserves, are enough for Koreans to have a pot. Results may still be abused, but has to face the South Koreans don't want to lose and lose their shirts in the design but under the foot work, even sent officials to the United States and to provide the Olympics Hockey Jersey for a leading Brand Company to discuss related design concepts. Although a lot of sports facilities near the host are still quite imperfections with journalists, but the appearance of this shirt is still higher.The official website of NFL | Cardinals signed veteran military football | frini Chong Dwight (Dwight Freeney) - frini back. NFL website reporter Rand Gatlin (Rand Getlin) on Monday, according to informed sources reported that the free player passes impact hand with the Arizona Cardinals signed a one-year contract. Frini this year contract worth $870 thousand plus bonus sacks. in the 42-17 victory over the Detroit lions Cardinals game series starting outside linebacker Alex Okafor loss (Alex Okafor) (You Xiaotui) and backup linebacker Kenny doemens (Kenny - Demens) (left), 35 year old frency to become the number one target cardinals. It is reported that Okafor may be absent for 6 weeks. 2015 has been unemployed Frisoni after the two season with the San Diego lightning, before he played 11 seasons for the Indianapolis colts, well made 107.5 sacks. The seven - degree professional bowl player was an important player in lightning last season and made 40 chasing quarterback. We believe that coach Bruce Arians (Bruce Arians) and any player can make the Cardinals the introduction of their maximum power. In one of the best teams in the season, freeny return to the stadium, have a great opportunity to go far in the playoffs coming to the show week, and hundreds of NFL scouts will be on the scene to observe the movements of the University players. They will pay attention to the 40 yards of the team, the high jump of the players, the weight of the players, and even the size of the hands of the players. actually the size of the quarterback's palms is the focus of the quarterback over the past few years. Tom Rosy (Tom Rossley) used to be the offensive coordinator of Green Bay Packers. Later, quarterback coach of Dezhou farm worker said in an interview that the size of the quarterback's palm is the primary concern of the teams. Tom said: "you can see Bret faffe (Brett Favre) the size of the palm of his hand is very conducive to his game in the winter, the palm size determines whether you can control the ball well, every tee adjustment, can say the importance of the four point guard from the palm of your hand his height is higher than that of." The palm size faffe (from the thumb to the little finger of the distance is 10 3/8 inches), in contrast, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback Toni Romo (Tony Romo) 1/2 size is 8 inches, 9 inches larger than the 1/2 palm are considered to be excellent.

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