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The opening of the Chinese Baseball League! Beijing fire full open 17-12 win Jiangsu baseball data map baseball and softball will return to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, so the Chinese Baseball League which has been difficult to compete in the past few years has been more than ever. The 2016 Chinese Baseball League opened in May 27th at the base of the Wuxi baseball base in Jiangsu. The course of the Chinese Baseball League in the new season was longer than in previous years, the number of games increased, and the team also increased from 6 to 10 at the minimum. Beijing tigers, Tianjin lions, Shanghai Golden Eagle, Jiangsu giant horse, Sichuan dragon, Guangdong cheetah, and 10 teams of top teams will launch nearly a hundred fierce battles in the league matches. , the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song director Lei Jun, Secretary of Chinese Baseball Association long Chen Xu, vice mayor of Wuxi City, Hua Boya, deputy director of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau Chen Bai, Taipei Chinese Professional Baseball League Secretary General Zh cheap nfl jerseys free shipping u Kangzhen, the Korean occupation Baseball League president KBO the Ling and other leaders and guests attended the opening ceremony. At the end of the opening ceremony, the Jiangsu giants and the Beijing tigers played the opening battle in the rain. Because of the rainy day, the game has made a great challenge to both sides. The Beijing team won the 8 pre emptive strike than the leading 1, but home court advantage in Jiangsu Kui Ma Yuzhan more courage, gradually will lead into a 12 ping. But in the last inning, the Beijing team's offensive performance was excellent. With the help of home run and other firepower, after 4.5 hours of competition, the Jiangsu team defeated the defending champion, Jiangsu, Malaysia, 17 to 12, and welcomed the opening of the new season. the 2016 Chinese Baseball League was divided into two stages: the regular and the finals. The regular season will be ten weeks, a total of 30 rounds, the finals will continue for two weeks, using 5 3 wins, winning the first 3 teams to win the championship. Every weekend from May 27th to September 4th, the baseball league will have 9 Pinnacle matches in three different cities. The 6 teams in group A are going to have a double - loop three - game in the main and the guest field. While the 4 B team will also strive to triumph over the sixth group A, get promotion next year. , the State Sports General Administration of Sports Management Center bangleiqiu hand song director Lei Jun introduced this year League aspect and highlights, "this year, the first time the baseball league system competition, and cooperation with the international community, invited to South Korea KBO competition marketing personnel and help us work together to build a major league baseball cheerleaders." The hot women cheerleading team in South Korea will be a big point in the game. In addition, , the Lei army also said that this year's League will pay more attention to the combination of school sports and promote baseball in teenagers. "During this year's League, we have planned a lot of baseball into campus activities, such as letting athletes enter the school, interacting with their children, and letting them - Schott (Kawann Short) does not need to continue his career through a tender contract. held off-season training at the same time the Panther, defensive tackle them and Schott the four year career signed five year, $80 million contract. The news says Schott will get $40 million in the first two years. So early and Schott signed a contract that the Panther desperately hoping he participated in the offseason project.The conflict between Carolina black leopard Josh Norman (Josh Norman) and New York giant Odell Odell Odell has become the focus of attention in recent days. As the best performance of the season, Norman has been highly praised, but the Atlanta Falcon's Julio Jones and Roy White (Riddy White) obviously don't think so. The Jones Falcon's combination takes the lead. "People say Norman is tough and I don't like it," says Jones. Don't misunderstand me, of course, he is a good player, but they hit cover 2 defense, Norman can get a lot of help from the safetys here." White added: "I don't think he is a tough player. I won't spend my energy on such a player, either. this week, the two teams will play the positive, although the Panthers have determined the playoff first round bye qualification, but the team still does not arrange the main holiday, at least before the playoffs determine the home court advantage they will not do. Norman left unpleasant memories in the last game, and he naturally wanted to prove himself again.seems to be a dangerous phenomenon for many players. For security reasons, Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) and Adrian Peterson (Adrian Peterson) tend to stay away from preseason games. but Eli Manning (Eli Manning) did not think so, he insisted that played in the first preseason game of the New York giants, it is not that he wants to play, but he felt the match their needs. Manning explained: "I need a preseason feeling, as a quarterback, Hugh season means a long time by the impact of the lack of feeling, I have 9 months without being hit, I'm not going to be hit in the training, I will be hard hit opponents only in the game, so I need to the pace of the game and the game environment to prepare for the first game of the week." in fact, Manning never missed any game of his career.

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