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NCAA is the abbreviation of National College Athletic Association, the college sports alliance. As the first sport in the United States, rugby is naturally in it. College football is basically NFL, and the match time is the same as NFL, and every Saturday is on time. There are roughly 4 pre - season, 12 regular and 1 BOWL GAME games in a year. The university rugby game arrangement is not much different from the NFL. They are all playing 1 games with the opponents in the division, and then playing with the opponents outside the area. The schedule is quite helpless, and many teams may not be able to meet once in 50 years. The news that we can now know about rugby is basically DIV-A, A level, TV will be broadcast, and these schools are the top of the country. There are few messages at the AA level, and they don't have to be introduced. DIV-A has 11 partitions, plus 4 independent teams. 6 of them are BCS partitions, and the teams in these areas can qualify for the national championship race. Namely, ACC (the Atlantic coastal zone), BIG EAST (Dadong District), BIG TEN (big ten league), BIG 12 (big twelve alliance), PAC-10 (Pacific 10 school district), SEC (southeast area), another team is BCS team, NOTRE DAME University of Notre Dame. They are also qualified to compete for the national championships. In the BCS partition, the following partitions are re - partitioned, ACC, BIG 12, SEC. It was divided into 2 areas, and 2 teams in the 11 games were finished, and the best 2 teams in cheap nfl jerseys free shipping each area were divided into the division Championships. The winner will represent the partition in the BCS BOWL. non - BCS partitions are: Conference USA, Mid-American, Mountain West, Sun Belt, Western Athletic. The teams of these divisions do not mean to be unable to compete in the national championship competition, but because the difficulty of these teams is rather low. The voting of the association will never consider them entering the national championship. Last year BOISE STATE, they are WESTERN ATHLETIC division, after the 12-0 season. In the end, after negotiation and voting, they made a historic entry into FIESTA BOWL and the big 12 champion OKLAHOMA. It is also a start, and we can also know that the team will be able to ensure full victory to enter the BCS BOWL competition. The most interesting thing for people who know most about NCAA FOOTBALL is the BOWL GAME, a bowl game. There is a difference in it, too. Since 06 years, NCAAF has replanned the BOWL GAME, dividing the bowl into BCS bowl and non BCS bowl. Non BCS bowl〉The official website of NFL |NFL nearly 50 years of classic battle: the thirty-seventh Super Bowl football | let me tell about the 37 super bowl, that is, the Oakland Raider lost to Tampa Bay pirates in the 2003 season. Why write this, I do not understand this history, but I found a strange phenomenon, the raid in the 2003 season a few years ago and has been on the rise, and their coach is Jon Gruden, but the 2002-2003 season Gruden to pirates, pirates in the super bowl beat the Yu Shihai raid who won the super bowl. The Raiders sent Gruden to the pirates for only one vote, and the successor's coach, Bill Callahan, was obviously good at attacking. didn't think much of Pirates before the game, but they brought their offensive team to the super bowl with strong defense. Obviously, the result of the competition is also the same. The pirates completed 5 copies of the game, of which 3 copied successfully ran back to the battle array, including 5 quarterbacks, which led to 34 points. Let's take a look at the quarterback data in this game. The pirate's Johnson pass 18/34 is promoted by 215 yards, and the 2 array is cut off at one time. The quarterback quarterback Gannon passes 24/44, promotes 272 yards, 2 touchstones, and the 5 history of the Super Bowl history. The final 48-21 pirate Raiders won the Super Bowl victory. After the season just one season Raiders coach Callahan class, two teams have gone downhill, the Raiders missed the playoffs after 12 years, and then only pirates in 2005 and 2007 in the playoffs, the 2008 season Gruden after being fired. A strange ending, isn't it? finally, let's talk about the 2002-2003 season's pirate defense team. That defensive team is considered to be one of the greatest defensive teams in NFL history. It can match the crow of the 2000 season and the 1985 season's bear team. The pirates scored 196 points per game that season, only giving each opponent 14.8 first attacks and limiting the number of 155.6 yards per pass. The defensive performance in the super bowl was all the best, and it became one of the greatest defensive performances of the super bowl. The 2002 season of the pirates defense group finally surrendered 19 games, 40 steals, 53 quarterback sacks and 9 defensive touchdowns record group. Tim Brown and some players publicly pointed out that Callahan sabotaged the thirty-seventh Super Bowl in 2013. It was said that he changed the attacking strategy from focusing on running to focusing on passing on Friday.quarterback Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) in the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat to Jacksonville Jaguars game aimed at their own. In the worst game of his career, he had 5 passes. In 9-30 lost, Wallace said "maybe I no longer have the ability to give excellent performance." is more like a post game dejected response and unofficially announces a decline in performance, but the Big Ben is obviously affected by the bad performance. This is the since the 1987 Mark - Malone (Mark Malone) has been the first single game 5 passes by the Steelers player steals. It was the first time since 2006 that he had been copied by more than one pass by his opponent and returned to attack. This season the league only Indianapolis pony quarterback Scott Torsin (Scott Tolzien) has had such a performance. on a single game, there were at least 5 passes that were copied, and the quarterback who didn't get the pass was Fitzpatrick, the third week in the 2016 season (Ryan Fitzpatrick). The said it is difficult to specify the Steelers offensive group problem. This year the Steelers offensive group had a large number of offensive weapons but averaging just 19.8 points. has passed 55 passes in the field 33 times, and has completed 312 yards. He said he needed to improve every place, but he pointed out that he had had a bad performance before and then rebounded. "after playing long enough, you know not to panic," said the Big Ben. "I won't have such ideas as' Oh God, what should I do to change this and go for help. I just get ready for training at the training ground on Wednesday. "The official website of NFL | pony trading Raiders linebacker Moore | Rugby Indianapolis pony has used a sixth round pick traded for Oakland Raiders linebacker sai'ao Moore (Sio Moore). was selected in the third round of the 2013 draft for the first 22 games in the last two seasons and 7.5 escapement. Moore lost the trust of the new raider's new coaching team. In January after surgery, he missed all the offseason training and training camp. He mainly played in the special team in the preseason, the Raiders in the last game against the Seattle Seahawks pre-season he played only 9. Moore joined with Dequel - Jackson (D'Qwell Jackson), Jarrell Freeman (Jerrell Freeman), Eric (Erik Walden) - Walden and Trent Cole (Trent Cole) pony linebacker position. If Moore can no longer be injured, he will be a valuable asset for the pony.

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