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if Eli Manning (Eli Manning) on Sunday to maintain the state of the game, so his future at the New York giants is guaranteed. match on Sunday, Manning won a season high 434 yards from data, and 3 touchdowns, but the team still lost to the NL East title Philadelphia eagles. this time, Manning's ninth single field pass is over four hundred yards, and it is also the second time he has finished high performance against the eagles in the season. In the last game, he completed the 366 yards pass in September, 3 times. Manning said after the game: "this game, we have some new faces, I think that today many changes in tactical style, features a fast-paced, but we also have the chance to win the competition, all this help our offensive line, and let the opponent's defensive attack fatigue. cheap nfl jerseys free shipping Our catchers know their route and get open space. I know I can still finish the high - level games and finish those offensive passes to help the team win the game. the giant of the game was 504 yards to get 27 first attacks, all of the season's high, and the score was the season's high.in the hundreds of fans and Hall of Fame coach Tom Deng Ji (Tony Dungy), hall of fame manager Bill Lee (Bill Polian) - wave and union president Roger Goodall (Roger Goodell) at Indianapolis, pony in the home court of Lucas oil off the sports square for Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning the statue was unveiled). Manning, who has been the 5 most valuable player in the League for , said at last, "I will always be a part of the pony" and throw the signature Rugby to the audience. the statue imitates the way Manning is going to pass the ball in a pony's uniform. In the next match of , Manning will be selected as the hall of fame and become the first player to get the decommissioning treatment of the Jersey after moving to Indianapolis. Manning helped the pony win the first Super Bowl title of 29-17 to win the Chicago bear in 2007, and he became the most valuable player in the game.recently, the Carolina Panther began to renew the players who are going to enter the free market. recently signed a two - year contract with veteran defensive end forward Charles Johnson (Charles Johnson). Johnson himself wants to stay in Sherlock, who has been a member of the Panther since 2007. Last year he signed a one-year contract, and then this season made 26 grappling, 4 escapement and 3 to force off the ball. Before , the same as defensive end Mario - Edison (Mario Addison) and Weiss Holton (Wes Horton) has also been associated with the Black Panther contract, defensive tackle of Cowan - Schott (Kawann Short) is added to the privileged label, looks like the defensive group will not have what big Panther changes in 2017. in addition, also signed the Panther safetys Colin Jones, running back - feuz weitaike (Fozzy Whittaker) and receiver (Brenton Bersin) - Patrick boesing.Detroit lions have suffered concussion Sergio Sean angle - Mathis (Rashean Mathis) in the injured reserve list, the end of the season the veteran. Mathis suffered a concussion during a seventh week match against the Minnesota Vikings, but not until more than a week later. He felt a brain injury for the first time on the Thursday after the game, and then felt again on the day of the eighth week's London match against the chief of Kansas City. when Mathis came back from Britain, he was once again examined by an independent neuroscientist and entered the consortium's concussion examination process. By Friday - almost three weeks after he had been hit by a concussion - he had not passed the examination. This is the first time he suffered a concussion related injury in his career. Mathis has captured 1 times in 31 grappling times this season. In his career, he made 636 games in 175 games, 32 times, 8 forced balls and 5 shots. he was the two round of the 2003 Jacksonville Jaguar and played 10 seasons for the Jaguar. He joined the lion as a free agent in 2013 and started in most of the time.

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