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The official website of NFL, Mascherano will defensive end Longford in the injured reserve list, Waterloo Rugby Indianapolis pony confirmed that Ken DELL - Kendall Langford was unable to fight again. pony officially put the veteran defensive front end in the list of injury reserve. In the seventh week, team leader Pagano Chuck Pagano suggested that Lang Fude will not return this season. Langford has been absent since seventh weeks with a knee injury. At that time he had fought 135 games in a row, the most in active defense frontline players. if the pony can get into the playoffs and go far, Langford is still qualified to return this season. scored 7 times in 2015 in the first season for the pony, but he failed to capture the first 7 games of the season. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Carol about money Eisner strike: his attitude is very tough | football Seattle Seahawks training camp Renton is like a raging fire, but so cheap nfl jerseys free shipping far still do not see the security guard Kamm - money Eisner figure, he in order to seek a raise to stop training, the current negotiations between the two sides is still no progress. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol ( Pete Carroll) on Saturday after the end of the training, accepted a reporter interview, he said this: at present both sides no substantive progress, but we have been trying to deal with this matter, has been trying to communicate with him. However, there are still many aspects between us that need to be discussed. money Eisner two years ago and the Seahawks signed a $28 million contract for 4 years, in fact the salary on the strong side safety is the top level, but he still thinks that they should get a higher salary, especially the Seahawks this offseason for Sean - Lynch (Marshawn Lynch MA), Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) and Bobby Wagner (Bobby Wagner) high contract, more impetus to the money paid to blackmail. when a reporter asked Carol if he was surprised at the continuous training of chyller, Carol replied, "I'm not surprised. After all, he has always been very determined. He always wants to express his position very clearly and forcefully.|[photos]2014 national handball Handball Championship ended | hand Association Luca 2014 National Men's Handball Championship ended in Sichuan, Leshan. The competition began in April 8th. There were eight teams and 32 games. After 9 days of fierce struggle, Jiangsu won the championship. The PLA Second and Guangdong ranked third. The ranks of fourth to eight teams were Shanghai, Shandong, Beijing, Tianjin and Anhui. It was the first adult events after the 2013 National Games held, the teams after adjustment and have a lot of changes in the winter, the team has made some progress. During the Champions League, a sub handrail referee training course was also held. He invited the executive director of the International Federation of motion control committee and the chairman of the Subcommittee of the Subcommittee of the Asia Federation to teach in China. A total of 12 domestic referees participated in the training course. After theoretical examination and physical fitness test, 4 referees, such as Mead, Yin Jingyang, Liu Zhuochao and Liu Yu, won the title of Asian referee, and strengthened the team of intercontinental referees, which laid a good foundation for training high-level international judges in China.The official website of NFL | experts suggest jamthe Winston don't participate in advance | football draft last week, NFL's official website Jielimai expert Daniel (Daniel Jeremiah) said in the "all-weather" college football program, last season's Heisman winner jamthe (Heisman) - Winston (Jameis Winston) shall remain in Florida State University to play rather than for the NFL draft next year, in order to save himself has broken apart the image of. jumped to the table and shouted abuse when he was in a school meeting. Winston was banned from attending the first half of Saturday's competition between Clemson University and Florida. But after the violation of the ban in the warm-up before the game cannot wear the outfit, even in the second half Winston qualification has been canceled. Though Fisher, the coach of Jimbo, explained that the coach team and the equipment department failed to communicate in time, it led Winston to wear a warm-up, but this argument was somewhat weak for the NFL team members. The Fisher team was not able to communicate with each other. , a NFL scout, said in an interview: I'm not sure he is a tumor now, but it looks as if he's going in that direction. If you choose him as the core quarterback team, you have to always mark him on the sidelines of offenders, of which Andrew (Andrew Luck) - soliciting and Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning) who is not possible. , another scout, said: he was just as childish as a child. I think he really need to stay in College for a year or two years, cultivate your self-control, to prove himself not offenders. Winston as the players are no doubt a genius, last season, winning the national championship and Heisman, double harvest individual and team honor. Many of his relatives, friends and brokers hope that he can enter NFL early and develop his career. But if he can't regulate himself and continue to make mistakes in his personal behavior, more and more people will advise him to stay in school.

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