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Joe Fraco (Joe Flacco) hit a rough head against the Miami dolphin, but the old quarterback won't be absent for a long time. Coach John - Harbert crow Baltimore (John Harbaugh) told reporters on Monday that the "no" left flao signs of concussion. "I think he's very likely to play next game," he said. The crow will match Tennessee Titan in the next game. flao competition in the second quarter because dolphins linebacker Alonso, based (Kiko Alonso) to encounter fierce impact of concussion, backup quarterback Ryan Malet (Ryan Mallett) followed by the debut. theory, the crow in the next game will usher in the bye week, they can let Fraco rest in this game to get more recovery time. But if he has been restored to health, the 4 - 4 - negative crow can't make a bet that mallet will continue to start. as the game approaches we will know more about flao situation, but now we will get g cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ood news.The official website of NFL | long hand Boyl cut the Seahawks kickoff exit | football team Seattle Seahawks in local time on Tuesday when the team announced a long hand kick-off Nate Boyle (Nate Boyer) layoffs. 34 year old Boyl was an unsuccessful player signed by the Seahawks in May this year, and on Friday the first with the Denver Broncos in a pre-season game in 5 offensive, one is to play Steven - hauska (Steven Hauschka) to help them complete the kickoff 24 yards shot, one is added separately the ball, the other three were left kicking off. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol (Pete Carroll) also talked about the performance of Boyle, in an interview on Friday he said he first kick-off we finally made a mistake, second kickoff finished a shot, this is his NFL career off to a good start. He enjoyed the game, so it was also interesting to see him playing on the court. He did do well all night. Boyle had been in the squad and the incumbent Clint Gray Sam long off hand (Clint Gresham) location of the main competition, but the Seahawks in this offseason and Gray Sam has signed a new three year contract, so Boyle from the beginning is no longer the Seahawks in the long-term plan. Boyle was a member of the U.S. special forces green beret, battle over Afghanistan and Iraq, is a respected veteran.for the 49 people in San Francisco, they have suffered a lot of problems in the field this season. Team coach Jim - Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) naturally takes a part of the responsibility. Some media and experts believe that if this season is not able to lead the team into the playoffs, Harbert's 49 coaching career will come to an end. at the same time, the insider revealed that if Harbert could win the remaining 4 regular season games and enter the playoffs, the team would not hesitate to discuss with him the details of the new contract. At present, Harbert has a one-year contract with the 49, but the team has refused to talk to him on the renewal of the contract. for Harbert, if he left 49 people, he didn't worry about his home. It is well known that Brown, Cleveland, has always been hoping to cooperate with Harbert. Before this season, there was a rumor that the trading coach was passing. According to the latest news shows, Oakland Raiders and New York jets are interested in Harbert, the insider said the two teams will continue to focus on 49 people's position changes, looking through the transaction, or signing the bill.Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson (Russell Wilson) has second consecutive years in the Dezhou Rangers training camp. , no doubt, one of Wilson's hobbies is baseball. That's why he moved to Wisconsin from North Carolina in 2011, because his coach didn't think he could play football with all his heart. Now, Wilson has appeared on the 2 Super Bowl, but that doesn't mean he will give up his baseball dream. "You can't kill the players who want to finish amphibious movement," Wilson recently said in an interview. "I'll play it all the time." that's a wonderful way of saying, but who can believe that a single season of 22.9% is going to finish 2 games at the same time. It is impossible for him to fly from Seattle to Dezhou after the NFL game, which is unworkable at NFL's team. so Wilson's best choice is American football, which does not affect his status as a baseball player in a minor league. Maybe this is Wilson's own way to express to the team, "I have other options except rugby." This is a question related to money. we believe Wilson is a smart player and he knows what he should do.

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