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53 people's official list: quarterback (2) - A. Rodgers, B. Hundley [tailored: J. Callahan, T. Hill] running guard (4) - T. Montgomery, J. Williams, A. Jones, D. Mays [K. Phillips] all guard (1) - A. Ripkowski [injury Reservation: J. Kerridge] The take the place of (5) -- J. Nelson, D. Adams, R. Cobb, J. Janis, T. Davis [may be retained: Janis, and be cut off: "," near end front (3) - M. Bennett, L. Kendricks, R. Rodgers [A. Peak, E. Byrd] attack frontline (10) -- C. Linsley, L. Taylor, J. Evans, D. Bakhtiari, B. Bulaga, B., Taylor, and Taylor. defense frontline (6) -- M. Daniels, D. Lowry, K. Clark, R. Jean Francois, C. Francois, and "Hou". (7): C. linebacker Matthews, N. Perry, J. Ryan, B. Martinez, J. Thomas, K. Fackrell [part out: V. Biegel; D. Talley; injury retention: cut J. Calvin, C. Heiman, D., Mathews, R. Gilbert, J. Tripp, J. Letuligasence ] corner guard (7) - D. House, D. R〉The official website of NFL cheap nfl jerseys free shipping | Mario Tower this year to become the fastest test camp | football quarterback The former University of Oregon quarterback Marcus - Mario Kobita (Marcus Mariota) 40 yard dash project on Saturday at the NFL test camp in 4 seconds out of 52 results, this is the quarterback in for the shortest time, prove that the draft this year may be the best quarterback player is also the fastest quarterback. as for jemis Winston (Jameis Winston)? Not so fast. The former Florida State University quarterback, the result is 4 seconds 97, though he ran Bimaliao tower is expected to slow, but did not expect so much slower. In contrast, the offensive players 40 yards sprint is the fastest test in the camp of Ali from Hobart Institute of Mapet (Ali Marpet) the result is almost the same for 4 seconds 98. every player who takes part in the test will have 2 chances and will finally get the better one. Mario Kobita has another score of 4 seconds 56, while Winston's other score is 4 seconds 99. test camp quarterback 40 yard dash record in 2006 by former Texas A&M University quarterback Reggie Macneil (Reggie McNeal), the result is 4 seconds 35. from the University of California at Los Angeles quarterback Bret Hendry (Brett Hundley) 4 seconds out of 63 results in the 40 yard dash, former Auburn University quarterback Nick Marshall (Nick Marshall) ran out of 4 seconds 54.The official website of NFL, Steelers running back Carlos Williams was suspended for 10 games, football nest Carlos - Williams (Karlos Williams) will have more rest time. NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that the Pittsburgh Steelers running back due to the violation of regulations and union of illicit drugs was suspended for 10 games. had been suspended for the same reason in the first 4 games of the season. it was a bad year for Williams. First, he was overweight when he reported to attend the Bill training camp in Buffalo. Then he was banned. Bill then cut off the last season scored 9 touchdowns for their players. He then abandoned his bid for no one. Finally, he will sign Steelers team training group. Now he can't play in the next 10 games. Williams has shown a talent for the rookie season. But in the second year he made an immaturity mistake. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.The official website of NFL | Vikings linebacker Greenwich | Rugby required to accept a pay cut Minnesota Vikings linebacker Chad greenway (Chad Greenway) and the team has agreed to pay for the team, it will also save more than $3 million in salary space. Greenway's contract with Vikings will enter the last year of next season. He could have taken 7 million of the basic salary and reduced the number to 3 million 400 thousand. Relevant sources, the contract has 1 million guaranteed, in addition to Greenwich as well as the opportunity to get 600 thousand bonus. in the reorganization of the contract, the Vikings make 3 million 225 thousand of the original salary space, will cause the impact on the 8 million 800 thousand at the team's salary cap in the next season, the team number is not acceptable. Earlier rumors said that if Greenwich refused to pay cut, the team may choose to cut him back. earlier this month, the Vikings general manager Rick Spielman (Rick Spielman) said that the 32 year old Greenwich can end its occupation career in the vikings. The 2 professional bowl star guard has been a member of the Vikings since joining the league and has been playing for 8 seasons. Last season, Greenwich played 12 times, completed 93 tackles, although the team tied for second, but still hit a career low.

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