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Fans of all ages are very impressed with Chelsea's yellow shirt. From 1960s to 70s, star Peter ·, Osgood, 1980s Clif ·, Walker, Zora in 1990s to Frank cup · in 2009, Lampard all wore yellow jerseys.former Pittsburgh Steelers running back DAngelo Williams (DeAngelo Williams) to find a new pleasure during his free agent, perhaps a chance to become the future occupation wrestler. At the weekend of , Williams tried to throw his opponent out of the arena. But because of the jump, Williams's forehead was on the floor. Fortunately, the neck was not hurt much. Williams wrote on twitter after : "all of this is real. Maybe people think it's very fake, but athletes get the real income." Williams found his new direction of interest, and what he had to do was to do a good job of training to minimize the probability of his injury.The NFL coaches are just like us. Carolina Black Panther commander Ron Rivera (Ron Rivera) admitted that altho cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ugh San Francisco's 49 people are the next opponent of their team, they could not keep awake when they watched the Losangeles ram's match against 49 people on Monday night. "unfortunately, I stayed up and watched the game. I said the unfortunate reason was that I fell asleep shortly after the fourth, "Rivera said. "But I still saw the three." can you blame him? When the fourth game began, Sherlock was about one o'clock in the morning. For a variety of reasons, the third quarter between the two teams is one of the most boring games in the past. In 15 minutes, two teams had completed 8 discarded kicks, 2 first attacks, 1 cuts but no scores. Rivera is 54 years old. Anyone over 40, who is still sitting in front of the TV in the middle of the night, will fall asleep. This is a scientific common sense.yesterday, the Patriots and crow in the game, Belichick resorted to 4 front 6 receiver array Harbaugh rushed to the field controversy to eat unsportsmanlike foul had been too much drifting profusely and disorderly. Today, NFL officially declared that the attack was completely legal, but the intention of Harbaugh was not to blame the rules, but what was he complaining about? The conclusion is first listed in the front: the offensive is completely in line with the rules, and the dispute is whether the referee is in accordance with the rules of the rule. as we all know, a legitimate formation of NFL must have at least 7 people on the front line. In addition to the 2 most outspoken people, no one can pass forward pass, nor pass the kick-off line before passing the ball. Usually, the 2 most outboard players are the outgoing / near front fronts, wearing 10-49 or 80-89 numbers. The middle center and the two players are all attacking front-line players, who wear 50-79 numbers, and the difference between numbers is also helpful for the defending party to distinguish them. , however, the rules do not prohibit players from changing positions to other locations, such as attacking frontline stations, reaching the most outboard side of the frontal line, or taking away from the inside of the front line. As shown below, the yellow circle No. 34 running back Vereen stood in the front, right side and a receiver, so Vereen can't catch; and the yellow line refers to the 47 proximal Hoomanawanui front while standing on the center left second, is the front most outside players can catch. in order to help the defenders in these cases to identify who has the ball qualification and the deployment of defense, NFL stated that if a player's ball array qualification and his jersey number does not match, he must report to the referee, and then by the referee to inform the defender, then announce to the audience: XXX can now / can't catch. The text is as follows: a man dressed in a legitimate receiver number (50-79 and 90-99) offensive player to pick players array (1-49 and 80-89) in a legal position, a man dressed in a legitimate receiver number of offensive players to array not legal in the catcher position, if he will immediately catch his qualification status change report to the referee, the referee then notify the defensive team. whether it is the acquisition or loss of the receiving qualification is the need to report the referee, but the latter case has not happened, so no one has seen it. In fact, the tactical patriot used 3 times in the attack, and the last time it completely emptied the Hooman with so much attention. In the first attack after a patriot, taking into the poly Vereen, then leave to the referee to indicate their illegal pick players, the referee announced to the audience through a microphone (TV can't hear, but several fans confirmed notice clearly audible); followed by the dissolution of the Patriot Shang poly, after a few seconds. According to the video, the 3 offense from the referee 〉

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