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The official website of NFL | Russell Werwilson: Friday to end all contract negotiations | football Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) seems to have to wait, he gave the team an ultimatum that he will end all contract negotiations Friday U.S. time. is reported to be asking Wilson to pay $21 million a year and at least $20 million, which is clearly the key to the contradiction. Such income would make Wilson close to the league's top quarterback similar to the Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) contract. if Wilson's request is not satisfied, the young quarterback will leave the negotiating table. If he continues to hurt or play the wrong way, he will lose a lot in the next negotiation. if nothing is going on, Wilson will earn $1 million 500 thousand in the 2015 season.NFL official website, NFL regular season fifteenth week strength ranking, football nest 15 the end of the week, although the cowboy is to first determine the playoff; the Seahawks is the first division champion; the Patriots first determine the wild card bye. In addition, last year in the playoffs the tigers and cardinals also completely lost hope. With the wild card battle near the end of the last civil war will undoub cheap nfl jerseys free shipping tedly be full of fantasy, to witness the miracle of the moment! first Patriots (12-2) Patriots will be very bright on Christmas Eve: flying. If successful knock down the jet, and the enemy to fix the pony and a strange combination of circumstances Raiders, the Patriots at this year's Christmas Eve will be relieved: all playoff home court advantage. Sunday killed Mustang in Denver after 16:3, the Patriots for 8 consecutive years in Losangeles in 70s to break the lock partition top - rams won 7 consecutive Division title, record exclusive NFL. The first five years of the 7 division champion of the goats was Chuck-, which was -Knox on the road. He will certainly appreciate the patriot's three attack strategy on Sunday (a total of 136 yards of 39 shots). This game is not actually running back leading, it's not the Tom Brady to leave home court plateau nightmare cast demons and ghosts. The focus is the highest scoring defense alliance to provide output from first to last. second cowboys (12-2) DAQ maneuver team 2, hot in! After 14 weeks of the season to the slag performance, Prescott on a Sunday night race rekindled cowboy fans. Everyone rejoined the old driver's car and now gave the Tony Romo two or three shots on the sidelines. Zeke runs out of 159 yards. Roar! However, in the queue for new people in the attack group, we seem to have found extinct species: cowboy punching hands. AT& T gymnasium is never a habitat for such species. So in December and the whole month it was how it became a defensive mating season. Maybe we should label David Irving to track his activity. Or, we can build the poor cowboy flush hand project, and angel investors can get a return. Third ( = 1) on (11-3) remember where the Raider fans greeted Bruce Irvin at the beginning of the season. Now, 30000 fans obediently driving to San Diego for the weekend, "Seattle Seahawks will face the challenges from the new England patriots in the super bowl. Patriots cornerback Brandon browner (Brandon Browner) last season is still the Seahawks won one of the players in the squad this season, his teammates become rivals, the Seahawks players will think? Wide receiver Jermaine (Jermaine Kearse), Kiel said he is looking forward to Bronner's showdown. safety Earl Thomas (Earl Thomas) praised the former teammates, and emphasized its importance: "his attitude and prepare for the race way reflects his love for this project. Love can change anything, and it naturally makes him different. This season, the patriot's corner guard combination is the key to the team's significant progress in defense. Darrel - Weiss (Darrelle Revis) scored only 26.2 in the quarterback in the playoffs. It also makes the opponent more frequently choose to challenge Bronner defensive zone. Nevertheless, Bronner still do very well, the big fellow cornerback has grown into an iron gate team trusted. The Seahawks coach Peter Carol ( Pete Carroll) said: "the man now patriot tactics used more frequently, which stems from their diagonal guard position confidence. Blanna provided them with a new way of playing, and he really strengthened their strength. He is very talented, he works very hard and we respect him very much. "The official website of NFL | chief anti running Quebingshaoqiang still needs to | football Kansas chief on Sunday to 22-17 lost to San Francisco after 49 people entered the holiday this week, with 2-3 of the record and to deal with some things after 11 games. Their runaway is the upper level of the alliance. The battle between the chieftain and the 49 men is also an anxious game. Frank Gore (Frank Gore) has taken 107 yards, and Carlos Haide (Carlos Hyde) has taken 43 yards. Gore was the second run guard against the Sheikh's 100+ number in this season, and Lamar Miller (Lamar Miller) in Miami took 108 yards out two weeks ago. but in general, the chief's defensive front is often pushed back at each time the chief allows the opponent's number to reach an abnormal 4.8 yards. According to ESPN's report, Gore only got 20 yards after contact, and he held 87 yards before holding the ball 18 times before the game, with an average of 4.8 yards each time, and the average allowable code for the league match on Sunday was 2.7 yards. In some extent, the problem of leakage prevention is understandable, the chief in their last three games against top four players: run did not play linebacker Derek Johnson (Derrick Johnson) and Joe Metz (Joy Mays), defensive end Mike - Devito (Mike DeVito) and safety Eric Bailey (Eric Berry). Johnson and Devito are reimbursed for the Achilles problem, and Maes and Bailey should be back at the end of the season. , at the same time, the chief needs some necessary adjustments, and their season depends on the changes. No one will look down upon us, because our team has a backup defensive tackle (Dontari Poe) global Iran said, if they were here, they will soon enter the state.

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