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The official website of NFL | running back Thomas and the people of Dezhou failed to reach an agreement | football earlier this week in Houston Dezhou announced their star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster) will be the new season because of a groin problem absent at least more than half of the game, then the people of Dezhou have said in the free market to find a reliable person as a supplement, they found on Tuesday as a free agent Pierre Thomas. Intends to sign into the command. However, according to Thomas Lamont Smith (Lamont Smith), Thomas failed to reach a signing agreement when he went to Houston on Wednesday to meet with Dezhou people. In fact, Thomas still did not find the home really made a lot of people unpredictable, he is the best memory of the free agent market run. Although Thomas is not a typical gear r cheap nfl jerseys free shipping unning back, but his excellent ball and running ability so that he can be the best choice in passing offense, he in the screen pass offense played particularly well. Dezhou people currently available Alfred Bruce (Alfred Blue) and Chris (Chris Polk) - pork is the lack of reliable catch ability, Dezhou is actually need a player like Thomas to supplement.The official website of NFL | safety Thurmond refused to consider retirement contract price | football Walter - Thurmond (Walter Thurmond) is one of the best of the rest of the free players. He has found a new host if he wants. , 28, is considering retiring, according to , who has rejected an average annual offer of more than $4 million. It's not surprising that Thurmond got such a price contract. He converted to the safety position in the first year, Thurmond was very good in Philadelphia Eagle performance. He and Barkam's Jenkins (Malcolm Jenkins) one of the league's best safetys combination. Thurmond served as safety and cornerback versatile ability to let him become numerous teams chasing the player. , but in his 6 years of career, Thurmond suffered many injuries and injuries, including the 2014 season, which led him to fight for the 67 defense of the New York giants. Last season was his first career 16 game attendance. Thurmond will not be the first player to retire in the season with a lot of strength failing to play, but if he decides to continue playing, he should have many choices.Even even football equipment network of American occupation football league (MLS) the Milky Way Losangeles club official announcement of the team's 2014 season New Jersey New Jersey home court today, the use of adizero technology to produce lighter and more comfortable playing uniforms, weight more than 40%, less than 100 grams, is the lightest game Adidas history since the manufacturing team. It helps the players to perform faster and play more freely on the field.cam - Newton (Cam Newton) college quarterback coach and offensive quz (Guz Malzahn) - Maldives Chan recently seemed to love said: "I told you about it." , the coach is not surprised at Newton's hot performance this season. He said: "I think he has only finally got the chance to show that he has been among the top players. Now people can witness all this, and I have said this very early." Newton in the season of the Auburn University completed 30 touchdowns and 20 touchdown run the ball, led the team won the championship and won the Heisman award. Four years later, he took the Carolina panther to complete the incredible regular season, and he himself became a powerful contender for the regular season MVP. , in the 13 match of this season, Newton completed 3800 yards pass and 34 touchdown. He completed 480 yards of punching and 7 touchdown. No quarterback has yet to finish the 4 data in the same season. malzan said: "he is a terrible weapon. His arm strength is a great pressure on the second tier defence, and his control of the offensive team is also in place. in fact, Newton did not participate in so many Auburn running in period, but the data is still terrible, his 42 run first school ranked sixth in the league, only 5 players run the ball up front data more than he, and his in front of all running backs. has to say that Newton has already shown his great talent in front of the college coach.

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