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| handball Olympic scientific research and service summary commendation meeting held in Beijing Co | big hand Liu Peng, director of the State General Administration of sports, Awards Awards for award-winning units (Yu Hongli) The total network the State Sports General Administration of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games scientific research and service summary commendation meeting held at Beijing Sport University in May 20th. The meeting of the twenty-ninth Olympic Games in the scientific and technological service experience of comprehensive summary, commended a number of outstanding contribution for the preparations for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games scientific and technological service units, and individual research projects, and strive to stimulate the sports research workers enthusiasm for innovation and creativity, to mobilize and organize many sports scientific research workers to promote comprehensive, balanced and sustainable development of sports, promoting our country's sports country to sports and strive forward grabbed. Liu Peng, director of the State General Administration of physical education and deputy director Duan Shijie, attended the meeting and made an important speech. A total of 200 participants in the sports science and Technology Department, including the sports management center, the directly affiliated science and education unit and the General Administration joint cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ly established sports institutes and other units, attended the conference. Liu Peng pointed out at the meeting that in the twenty-ninth outstanding Olympic Games that attracted worldwide attention, the Chinese sports delegation achieved a major historic breakthrough, created a new brilliance of China's competitive sports, and won great honor for the motherland and the people. These achievements have congealed the hard work and hard work of the national sports workers for many years, as well as the sweat and blood of the sports science and technology workers. The main manifestations are as follows: first, the enhancement of scientific research rites, the vigorous demand of science and technology, and the increasing attention to the sports science and technology work. The two is the increase in the investment channels of science and technology, the expansion of scientific and technological resources, and the achievement of scientific research and the scale of scientific and technological services to a new high. The three is that the ability of scientific and technological innovation has been improved, and scientific research has played its due role in solving the key problems in the training of the first-line training. The four is the improvement of the level of scientific and technological service and the application of scientific and technological achievements, which has played an important support and guarantee for the training of sports. The five is the basic conditions of science and technology and the success of the construction of the talent team, which has speeded up the construction of competitive sports science and technology support system. The meeting that, in today's world, the rapid development of science and technology, innovation and creativity to change rapidly, the competition in science and technology has penetrated into all fields of social competition, the elements of science and technology in the field of sports is everywhere, the sports competition is the talent competition is the competition of science and technology. Many sports scientific research workers should be fully aware of the work of science and technology in promoting our country's sports country to sports power forward historical mission work and the important significance of sports science and technology work must have a clear understanding and objective judgment on the existing level of scientific research should have the correct localization, the previous research is made to have an objective evaluation. also stressed that sports science and technology work should be prepared for the Chinese sports delegation in London in 2012 on the basis of careful summary of experience.The official website of NFL | saints have been sacked by illegal resident investigation | football player last week to cut off the New Orleans saints linebacker Todd Davies (Todd Davis), and the Denver Broncos immediately picked him. When the Broncos tried to contact Davies, they found that Davies is still in the saints' training camp, this is a violation of the rules of NFL. ESPN - Adam Schefter (Adam Schefter) reported, NFL has begun investigating illegal resident saints Davies's behavior, Davies was not in the squad but still remain in the team. obviously, the saints hope that Davies will become a free agent in the freezing period laid off after the end, so that they can to sign him into the training squad, so it is reported as other saints training players in the training of Davies, even after Davies was picked in the broncos. Schoft added that if the alliance investigation confirmed the illegal rules, the saints would face the presence of punishment.The rise in the ticket price is the success of a NFL team, and it all happened in the Carolina panther. time on Thursday, the Black Panther updated the price of the tickets for the team. According to Sherlock reporter's news, the ticket price of the stadium will increase by 2/3 to 5 to 12 dollars. The price range of the team is between 45 and 195 dollars, which is not very expensive, especially for a team that has just entered the super bowl and the team has not lost at home. according to the 2015 season's statistics, the average price of the Panthers is 78.82 dollars, which ranks twenty-second in the 32 teams. Considering that the Black Panther last season is 15 and 1, and the entry into the super bowl, the ticket price is still good value for money.The official website of NFL | Drew Bracey claimed to play the next game | football , if the four point guard Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) failed in the failed season, the last two games were understandable due to the laceration of the plantar fascia. Just don't tell him about this idea. said on Thursday he wanted to fight very much. After facing the competition of Jacksonville Jaguar, Bracey was more determined to face the local reporters: I will play. , it is worth noticing that Bracey was very confident of his ability to play in the face of the shoulder injury before facing the Carolina Black Panther third weeks ago. But the team finally gave him a truce, and Bracey returned in the next week. Bracey missed training on Thursday for the treatment of injury, which may make the saints feel obliged to be careful and make sure their ace quarterback to keep healthy in entering the offseason. Bracey said the team had a good plan to control the pain in the foot and did not want to miss the last two weeks of the game. This is bad news for jaguars, and they still have a weak playoff seat at the time of the saints. I want to fight for my teammates. This is the bottom line. Bracey said.

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