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NFL official website | eagle card: Johnson is no longer the year of Johnson | football The Philadelphia hawks defeated the Houston Dezhou on Sunday. Cary Williams, the veteran hawk veteran, claimed that Dezhou's all star Williams Andre Andre is no longer the undefeated man of the year. Cary, who was interviewed by Matt - Hammond, 610 of Houston's sports broadcast after the game, said: Johnson has changed. It is no longer the one of that year. he points out that it's not Johnson's level of competition, but his attitude. "I know he's not happy," said Carly. But I'm not sure what the problem is, but he did have some disputes with the t cheap nfl jerseys free shipping eam before this season. You know, I know Johnson well, and I know the achievements and honors of his career. But it's obviously changed now. ball 48 times this season Johnson scored 563 yards, but only one touchdown.The official website of NFL | Raiders nearly 16 game losing streak is expected to refresh the record in team history | football , though there was a 7 - game record of 0 - 16 in NFL this season, but for the Oakland Raiders they were only one of the 16 consecutive defeats. this season, the Raiders have lost 9 games, plus the end of the season 6 game losing streak, if this week's game in San Diego and then losing, so since the defeat of Houston in November 17, 2013 in Dezhou after the team, they will reach the 16 game losing streak. 2008 season Detroit lions final losing streak to 19 games, the Raiders 1961-1962 year 2 season has 19 game losing streak. The Tampa Bay pirates still keep their 26 - game League record. , if the Raiders ended with 0 wins and 16 losses this season, they will refresh the team's record of consecutive defeats, and want to catch up with the League record, which may be put on next year.The official website of NFL | John Harbert Michigan support | brothers football clothes as we grow older, we often ignore what we used to be accustomed to. John - Harbert (John Harbaugh) as an NFL coach is very good, just a few days ago in the ratio of 23 to 20 lead Baltimore crow beat Pittsburgh Steelers, immediately non-stop University stadium. The best time of the weekend was obviously with his brother Jim Harbert (Jim Harbaugh) watching his match at the University of Michigan. Isn't the brotherhood the best field side culture?Clif browns and lost a bowl of occupation player. just a few hours after Jordan Cameron (Jordan Cameron) agreed to sign a contract with Brown for 2 years and 15 million dollars, the Miami dolphins announced that they signed the 2013 professional bowl near end with the same price. and even with Cameron, the dolphins will not withdraw the team tight end Charles clay (Charles Clay) by using the transition label (Transition Tender). dolphins general manager Denis (Dennis Hickey) - said: "Cameron is very young, and have a bowl of occupation level, for our team a great help." moved to Clay with Cameron's sign in and the focus of the near free front market. Will the buffalo Bill team match the dolphin label value with a high price? Or the dolphins are going to let him go to sign a veteran to take over so as not to rely on Mike Wallace (Mike Wallace). It will be seen in the next few days.

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