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The official website of NFL | tiger receiver Green toe injury aggravated | football pester A.J. Green (A.J. Green) with a long toe injury that doesn't look good. , the Cincinnati tigers, looked aggravated by the Cincinnati tigers during the warm-up period of Wednesday's training. He was then sent away from the training ground by a battery car. Green got a check on the team before leaving the train. It was reported that he was dejected after the injury. The team's official website reported that Green would undergo MRI and that he could eventually be out for several weeks. Few contacts can make such a big contribution to the team like him. Green was the engine of the tigers' passing attack, even if the quarterback Andy Dalton (Andy Dalton) couldn't get enough of the ball to his hand near the border. Despite almost second weeks' absence from the same toe injury, took 314 yards to catch the ball this season. His teammate, Jones wide re cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ceiver Malvin (Marvin Jones) and near end Taylor - efot (Tyler Eifert) is also unable to play due to injury.Pittsburgh Steelers introduced an excellent athletic ability near end. Steelers sent 2018 fourth round draft pick by the San Francisco 49 tight end Vance Macdonald (Vance McDonald) and 49 2018 fifth round draft picks. Steelers coach Mike Tomlin (Mike Tomlin) said the reason for the introduction of Macdonald in part because the team proximal wing position at present "can not continue to have the leading players to reporters." in 4 years playing for 49 people, Macdonald started 30 games, completing 64 receptions for 866 yards and 7 touchdowns. The first two shows signed a 5 - year contract renewal with 49 people in December last year. The new management of the 49 people has been trying to trade him before, and now they have succeeded. 49 is currently in the front position and proximal to the coaches have impressive rookie George - KITT (George Kittle), Logan Paulson (Logan Paulson), Garrett (Garrett Celek) - Selleck and Blake - Baer (Blake Bell). The Steelers offensive group is already very good before the start of the season to upgrade the urgent need to increase the position of a ball may be able to enhance the attack ability of the proximal end of the front. Macdonald should be able to compete with Jesse James (Jesse James) immediately after his adaptation.After careful observation, you will find that the three core values of MLS are incorporated into the design of the shirt. Behind the collar is a symbol of Canada's maple leaf and a symbol of America's Star Spangled Banner, which is reflected in the MLS league's struggling countries: Canada and the United States. There are MLS Samsung on the back of the shirt and the socks, which represent the club, the country and the community (Club Country Community), which are also the slogans of the MLS. There are all star signs on the label on the shirt, and the three red trees sign the wood building materials used in the court.NFL's official website, the Seahawks back to attack the German - hand Hester, suggesting a possible retirement nest football Saturday night NFL may be unwittingly saying good-bye to one of the greatest players in history. Seattle Seahawks return hand German - Hester (Devin Hester) said that this may be his playoff career last game to reporters in the team lost to Atlanta after the falcon. I told my wife this is probably my last year, Hester said. I hope to have a chance to win the super bowl. The only regret of my career was that I had not been able to leave a ring with it. It's hard. Hester was less than two weeks to join the seahawks. He had also played for the Chicago bears, Atlanta falcons and Baltimore crow. if his career ended, the 34 year old Hester will become the history of the more than 3 punt return yards (3695 yards) player. His kickoff return yardage ranked second among active players, only to Darren's Rawls (Darren Sproles) and ranked eleventh in the history. He made a total of 14 punt return touchdowns, ranked first in NFL history. Hester against Falcon looks as well as the ability to continue the fight. In the last game, he completed a total of 5 kick-off and back attack in a total of 194 yards. He also had a 80 yard punt return but because teammates could not count foul. 2006 second round draft selected Hester will become one of the special teams player in NFL history most people fear. He is still the only player in the history of the super bowl to get the ball in the opening kick back. The coordinators of the teams in each team can sleep well after knowing that he won't come out again. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.

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