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even-even new Puma soccer equipment network Rangers 2015-16 Home Court adopted the traditional jersey shirt design the Irish club. The 2015-16 main and the three jerseys of the Rangers will be released in the summer of 2015. Puma once again become the new Rangers 2015-16 Jersey supplier, the sponsor for the 32Red. Puma and Rangers in February 2013 signed a 5 year sponsorship agreement that Puma Jersey, Jersey can provide at least 2017-18 season for the rangers. last season in the Rangers jersey with the traditional home court lapel, new Glasgow Rangers jersey with blue / red color V collar design, the design from the Puma Stadium 15-16 Team Jersey template. The new tramp has a red stripes on both sides of the 2015-16 home shirt. as usual, we should see the 2015-16 home shirts of Glasgow range cheap nfl jerseys free shipping rs with white shorts and black socks.Indianapolis Andrew Luck, the quarterback of the Indianapolis pony, has been on the injury list since the pass's shoulder injury. recently revealed that ESPN is now looking for a cure for shoulder injuries in Europe. But the reporter has not yet revealed form of treatment for Iraq is like, we all know that Europe is relative to the United States more lenient legal medical treatment, the former NBA star Kobe Bryant (Kobe Bryant) who received PRP therapy in Europe, and the treatment method is not allowed in the United states. The LAK completed the shoulder operation this year, and the shoulder injury was caused in the 2015 season. He had planned to take part in the training camp after the season's recovery, but it has been announced that he will be absent from the season.The official website of NFL | comments: the referee cannot in the exact moment to qualify the penalty | football 's debate on Sunday's game was heated, and there was obviously a lot of eyes looking forward to it. before the occupation bowl offensive linemen Chris snith (Chris Snee) said the League should pay attention to the referee for online play. This is the key to rugby. He said there was a lot of inconsistencies in the quarterback protection network in many competitions. according to Disney's narrative, we can see the change rule began in 2010, the defensive line players have more space to play freely, which makes the decision more and more from the line, resulting in the referee could not see what was happening online. Sni said, "I know that if we increase the online penalty, the offense of the attack team will be blown up a lot, but we can't see any defensive player being blown away, because the referee is not in the right place. The season followed changes, the offensive tug of the foul appeared 70 times, and the defensive tug of foul dropped to 10 times! Sni points out that if the defender is allowed to pull, this means allowing the line guard to expand the defensive line and slow the attack speed. Disney pointed out the solution is very simple, you will make your best judgment on the line? Because the referee only needs to be responsible for watching those online players, it doesn't mean they need to move like those of the group.The official website of NFL |20 Cowboys players in violation of curfew | football team according to NFL's famous journalist Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport), 20 members of the Dallas cowboy team violated the team's curfew regulations in London on Friday night. took over Bryant (Dez Bryant) - Mendez after the victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars admit that he is a member of the 20, but he stressed that he was not affected by the violation of the provisions, he kept very well in the game. Indeed, Bryant of the game for 158 yards and two touchdowns in. , but no matter win or lose, it's not good news for Bryant. Because he is seeking a new contract at the age of 26, but the management of the cowboy team is reluctant to give him a big contract due to Bryant's frequent entry into the field. 's violation of the regulations made their coach very frustrated. Rapoport said that despite this, the coach was much happier after seeing this great victory.

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