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Cincinnati tigers have not been good at night games since Andy - Dalton (Andy Dalton) began to become quarterback. On Sunday, Monday and Thursday night, they had a record of 2 wins and 6 losses. For a team who has won more than 9 games every season since 2011, the data is too bad. team's defensive side Wallace Gil Berri (Wallace Gilberry) answered in ESPN interview: "I don't know why, but I guess we are afraid of darkness." but the reason for fear of the night was that it was impossible to explain why the team, led by Dalton, who was led 3 times in the playoffs, was so bad at night. They will reconfirm this view on Monday night against the Denver Mustang. safety George - Eroica (George Iloka) said: "the data we're very upset, but our job is to make the data better. If we lose this week's game, the point of fear of the night will spread again. " the 2 games of the tigers lost 17 - 43 to the new England patriots, a 3 - to 24 home defeat to Cleveland Brown this season. In the face of a wild horse on Monday night, it may be a nightmare again.Doug - Malone (Doug Marrone) had a big play this time. The Jacksonville Jaguars announced that last season, Malone, the manager of buffalo Bill, will be the assistant coach of the team as the assistant coach. this is one of the news that he redetonated cheap nfl jerseys free shipping the League after 3 weeks ago with Bill's release of $4 million in advance. In frequent contact with the coach of the team in the offseason, he rarely appeared. said he didn't get an attack coordinator after he met the Jaguar top last week because the bosses of each team were questioning his loyalty to the team. , but faced with the urgent need to rebuild the Jaguar attacking the front line, Malone needs to make great efforts, because he can be regarded as the most expensive offensive front coach in the league.The official website of NFL | rams are willing to trade in front of two veteran quarterback | Rugby since the Losangeles rams have been elected to the team's future ace quarterback Jared gove (Jared Goff) - two veteran quarterback, they are willing to trading in the team. NFL website reporter Michael silver reported Friday that not only is selling ram Nick Fowles (Nick Foles), but also willing to listen to deal Keith Kinam (Case Keenum) of the offer. has reported several teams to contact the ram to learn how much it will take to deal with Fowles. We can't imagine that the ram is going to offer a seventh round show for a player that seems destined to be cut off. Fowles was the worst quarterback in the League last season. His magical 2013 season seemed to benefit from the new Philadelphia hawk's new attack system and some unbelievable luck. is willing to trade Kenath ram mu - this may mean leaving Fowles -- almost entirely depends on how much they get compensation. If a team is willing to bid, but no team is willing to trade, trade Fowles, would you agree to a deal. Gough is expected to start the season from the start of the season. If Fowles or Kenath, there are a lot of time in the next season, then this is for RAM will be one hundred a year. It's better to get some returns from two starting quarterback below average than to cut them out. Whether a team is willing to spend even a final round of draft to get a substitute for the quarterback remains to be seen.In the base of | first "growth space Cup" softball Grand Prix opening in Beijing September 10, 2010, the three day first growth space Cup National Soft softball Grand Prix was opened at the North China University of Technology. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????A????????????????????????????????|???????????????????????????????????? This Grand Prix is sponsored by China Softball Association. The Beijing growth space training center is hosted by the China University Sports Association Baseball and softball club and Beijing North China University of Technology. The competition is a collection of 17 primary and secondary school teams from all over the country. sunshine campus project soft softball singer is fully implement the party's education policy, conscientiously implement the guiding ideology of health first, set off the mass sports exercise craze in the hundreds of millions of students, and improve the students' physical health level, the Ministry of education, the State Sports General Administration and the Communist Youth League Central Committee decided that from the beginning of 2007, with the full implementation of "student physical health standard". Schools at all levels in the country widely and deeply carried out hundreds of millions of students nationwide sunshine sports. Since the development of sunshine sports in school, it has attracted the majority of young students to go to the playground, walk into the nature, go to the sun, and actively participate in physical exercise. Softball softball has been developing rapidly throughout the country in its primary and secondary schools, because of its characteristics, such as strong physique, exercising willpower, cultivating team spirit, being interesting and easy to carry out. The successful popularization and popularization of soft softball has improved the present situation of the increasing lack of sports activities inside and outside the classroom. Jiang Xiuyun: soft softball is a child's intelligence game the importance of sports, mental pain is a part of quality education. Softball is a very good sunshine sports, not only can exercise the students' physical quality, brains, stress reaction ability of selected mobile phone sensitive, more students cooperate teamwork spirit, is a beneficial to youth sports. Jiang Xiuyun, the vice president of the International Softball Federation and executive vice president of Softball Association of China, said in a media interview that softball is actually a very entertaining and intelligent game, which is very suitable for teenagers. Han Qiaosheng Oprah football star soft base transformation CCTV's famous sports commentator Han Qiaosheng attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony, his wonderful commentary will be the opening ceremony to a climax, then join the team composed of improvisation on behalf of the soft base team for a game of Beijing team and open up a fresh outlook. At the opening ceremony of , Liu Yongsheng, a famous education expert and an education advocate, spoke at the address of the director general of the Development Department of the Youth Development Department of the State Sports General Administration, Guo Zhenming.

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