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The official website of NFL, the giants defensive end Pierre Paul underwent groin surgery in rugby nest New York giant defense end front Jason Pierre Paul (Jason Pierre-Paul) received the operation. , a passing shock player this season, uploaded a picture of himself lying on a sick bed on Wednesday morning. According to NFL official website reporter Ian Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) reported that Pierre Paul accepted core surgery muscle William William Myers (William Meyers) examination, decided to undergo surgery, he will be out for at least 6 weeks. Pierre Paul's groin injury against Pittsburgh Steelers game in. that means Pierre Paul will miss the rest of the regular season, but does not rule out that he will return in the playoffs. even though it was a big blow to the giant, especially in the field, the team did have excellent players on the defensive end. As a rookie in the League defeated Cory Wayne (Kerry Wynn) and the 2015 three show Iowa mabe Audi EZ Zoua (Owamagbe Odighizuwa) base will get plenty of opportunities in the next few weeks. Pierre and Paul are not as bad as they used to be, but since 2013, almost no defensive front has been better at running than him. This may be a season's reimbursement of the injury that Pierre Paul may not be fighting for the giant. He signed a 1 - year - $10 million - year contract with the team before the start of the season. He will be a free player after the end of the season cheap nfl jerseys free shipping . Pierre Paul's time for injury can't be even worse. The giant will face the Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Elliot in the next game of Ezrin Kiel (Ezekiel Elliott). At present, the giant in the fierce competition in the National League Wild Card No. fifth seed. The best team to win the League will give them a little breath of breath. Pierre Paul is the only important member of the defense team that has blocked the cowboy attack this season. In the season opener, the giants to 20-19 victory over the cowboys, Elliot won the season at least 20 red ball number, 51 yards and 1 touchdowns. The above content of is reproduced from the Internet, which does not mean that the station agrees with its views and is responsible for its authenticity.the new England patriots in the offseason and the league's top cornerback Darryl ray Weiss (Darrelle Revis) signed a two-year contracts worth a total of $32 million, of which second years as a team option, salary of $20 million, under normal circumstances, the patriot is likely to give up the second years of the team option, due to this situation unable to get the Patriot Lives privilege label, which means that ray Weiss will become a free agent at the end of the season. , the New York jet and Buffalo Bill, all of which belong to the United States and the United States, hope to recruit ray Weiss to his arm. ESPN said the jet management has always had the idea of bringing Lives back to the team, and they are ready to fight for Lives in the free agent market. Last season offseason ray Weiss was cut by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and patriots after signing when jets coach Lex Wren (Rex Ryan) had to be furious team management incompetence, and this year he became the head coach Bill, wanted to recruit ray Weiss's attitude has not changed. It is also revealed that patriots are also ready to offer Lives a more reasonable new contract to leave the star player. jet owner Woody Johnson (Woody Johnson) said publicly last month that he hoped to welcome Weiss to Weiss. Such illegal remarks were also charged and investigated by NFL. Then Johnson said he was "accidentally", he also said that his indiscretions to the Patriots owner Robert - Kraft (Robert Kraft) call to apologize.At the NFL annual meeting in Florida, the important agenda that is discussed every year is the rule change of the next season. At present, the changes that NFL have formally agreed include: 1. all Chop Block is considered a foul. what is chop block? when a team attacks, an offensive player blocks the defensive player's thigh or thigh. Meanwhile, another offensive player blocks the same player's waist or waist. This is chop block. Before the barrier in some cases is legitimate: if two players in adjacent positions in the kick-off array, then rushed the ball when you can use chop block to block the defensive player. Another legal example of chop block is that two attackers separated from one position hit the defender with the intention of blocking after the start of the attack. since the 2016 season, all chop block, a penalty of 15 yards of the offense. When must point out a point, cut block and chop block are not the same thing. The attacking player can still block the defender's lower body, as long as the defender is not blocked by another attacking player. 2. permanently sets the additional points on the 15 - yard line of the defensive side, any missing additional points, and the defender has the opportunity to return the attack. 3. no matter the coordinator / coach is upstairs or in the box, the offensive and defensive Coordinator / coach is allowed to use the coach player call system to talk with the players. Before, only on the sidelines of the coach or coordinator and players can call through the headset. 4. fouls the previous horse collar from behind the neckline and extends to "the name card or the above position to pull the shirt from behind". 5. when the team is still called a pause without being allowed, it will be punished for the delayed competition (Delay of Game). 6. cancels the penalty of 5 yards in the case that the legal catcher is first out of bounds and back to the boundary, to "lose one file". 7. in the ball after the change for two fouls not cumulative penalty. (editors: Yao Fan)New Orleans saints' bad start to the season is now more detrimental. NFL official website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) according to the informed sources reported that four saints quarterback Drew Bracey (Drew Brees) shoulder injury, which could let him out for a few games, he will accept more tests on Tuesday and Wednesday to determine the injury. saints manager Sean Payton (Sean Payton) told reporters Monday that it is "too early" to judge whether the team will consider Bracey in the absence of the game. CBS reports that saints want to look at Bracey's shoulder to respond to treatment and make a decision. the news explained why in the long 19-26 lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers game Bracey looks so bad. His shoulder was hit in the second quarter, and after the rest of the time his arm strength seemed to be affected. His long lack of strength. has no doubt that this is a dark moment for the saints. In the game against the pirates, they were both worse on both ends of the attack and defence. The next game against the Black Panther of the Carolina was considered a very important game for the saints. Unless Luke McKoen - backup quarterback (Luke McCown) to cheer on the offensive group in decline, the saints will start losing face. Bracey has never been absent since the 2006 season signed with the saints. At the time, he just recovered from the shoulder operation. Now Bracey is 36 years old, and it is worth wondering how the shoulder injury will affect Bracey in the future.

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