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Miami dolphins at the end of last month signed former Houston Dezhou star running back Arian Forster (Arian Foster), but due to Forster's hamstring injury has not healed, so the dolphins have been in slow rhythm of his return, but from the current situation, Forster seems to have been ready. Dolphin commander Adam Gass (Adam Gase) told reporters in an interview on Tuesday that Forster is expected to return to the Dallas cowboys in the second season. Forster since joining a new club have been coaching praise, Adam Gus in Forster joined shortly after Forster bluntly can directly participate in first team training, although the second grade of dolphins running back Jay agaj (Jay Ajayi) high hopes, but apparently Gus or more veteran Forster's experience and ability to trust. In the first week of the pre-season matc cheap nfl jerseys free shipping h against New York giants, Agayi scored 6 yards for two times, while the other two runner Isaiah Peder (Isaiah Pead) and Daniel Thomas (Daniel Thomas) contributed 90 yards. though Forster's new boss will not be too long for the first time, at least he can see his recovery from injury and his competitive state after injury.The official website of NFL | and Bryant reached a $70 million contract | football Cowboys at the end of the day before to fix everything really is madness. In a few weeks out of negotiations and the Dallas cowboys, star receiver Bryant Mendez (Dez Bryant) published on twitter said he will miss the team's training camp, but in the United States Wednesday deadline at 4 in the afternoon, the two sides to complete the contract. before Bryant suggested that he needed a long contract, and the cowboy wanted Bryant to finish the contract for the next year. Anyway, now they have completed a big contract. This big contract is 5 years and 70 million dollars, of which 45 million is the guarantee. In the past three seasons, Bryant has completed 4000 yards and 41 matches, all of which are in line with the value of the contract.Even if Nike can network football equipment they don't encroach on the club to launch the corresponding shirt, it's going to the scene? Although this idea is a bit unrealistic, it doesn't interfere with some design companies' creative ideas. Recently, Agron design company has opened the brain hole. From the perspective of Nike, we have designed the corresponding Club jersey for clubs in Bayern, Liverpool, Milan, Huang Ma and riverbed. Let's have a look.The official website of NFL | Heuer: to become the first team is more important than to stay at home | football last month, when Cleveland Brown quarterback Blaine Hoyer (Brian Hoyer) a network radio program, he told us his love to play in his hometown team, but if he can have a chance in the other first team he won't stay at Brown. when the quarterback season opening performance, Heuer's future at Brown in the season has become a hot topic at present, his performance seems to allow the team to consider how to face this season after he entered the free agent market and the team and Jonny - Manzel (Johnny Manziel). Some media recently said that Manzel would not have signed a long contract with Brown when he coveted the first starter, making people expect Heuer to respond to the report. Heuer began to avoid it, but finally he told us again what he said in September. I think there's no need to say more except where I come from Cleveland and here is where I want to stay. But I'm still a player, so I want to go where I can play. Heuer said to the media. Brown has said they are willing to talk about the renewal of the contract during the season, but every good performance has reduced the reason why Heuer is now negotiating with the team. He is now selling himself to the whole league. No matter whether Manzel's existence is a question for his 2015 season and his whereabouts, he has no reason not to do so. Has been successful in forcing Brown to renew his contract, give him a privilege label and let him into the free agent market to choose, and these three options will make together big bucks, you won't sit on a bench player to make such a commitment.

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