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Manchester United are now in a new era and the new generation is alive. But the world class club is a world-class club, and still has the desire for the champion. This shirt keeps the United's DNA and has an innovative design. The design template traced back to the 90/92 season's uniforms, and the new season incorporated more modern elements, replacing some of the previous elements as the next generation of shirts. light version of the Jersey in 90s of that year is early shirt style, New Jersey and Manchester United away series, the Jersey has not only historical elements, is the oldest club history of respect. In short, the classical works of history. The black and gray uniforms are historic, and you deserve it. this jersey as background to black, with white color, classic three stripes logo design, Adidas and logo on both sides of the breakdown, but not simple. The design of the round collar gives the modern sense of the ball shirt. In 2016, the cooperation between the two big brands made great gains.Th cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e official website of NFL | Bill consider re signed Percy HARVIN | Rugby last week with Buffalo Bill wide receiver Percy HARVIN (Percy Harvin) completed a 3 year contract. Although last season because of injuries HARVIN completed only 5 games and because on the sidelines and did not get the contract should pay in the injury during HARVIN who broke the news about retirement, but Bill clearly wants his 2016 season return. The general manager of Bill, Doug Whaley (Doug Whaley) - on Monday expressed the team for HARVIN's plan, as far as I know, health is the key to ensure your body well, HARVIN weekly training efforts, but has not reached a certain level, which makes him very puzzled, he question your ability, with the injury he into the injury list, he may learn more, at least for now he wants to come back to play, rather than retire. 27 year old HARVIN in the past 4 years, completed only 28 Games from the Minnesota Vikings to the Seattle Seahawks and the New York jets until now to stay at Bill, he was one of the league's most dangerous player, the 2015 season he finished 19 catches for 218 yards and 1 touchdowns, after being injuries, but should pay attention to 16 times the ball which is in the first three games finished.tigers July 16th news NFL history only 6 players career pass code number of 50000 yards. And before the end of the 2017 season, there may be 9 players at the 50000 Yard Club. The 3 people are all from the same NFL draft. Eli Manning (Eli Manning), Ben Rothlisberger (Ben Roethlisberger) and Philip Rivers (Philip Rivers) are only a steady season can reach 50000 yards off, they should be able to become the seventh, eighth and ninth reached the milepost of players. This achievement has been completed the player is Payton - Manning (Peyton Manning), Bret faffe (Brett Favre), Drew Bracey (Drew Brees), Tom Brady (Tom Brady), Dan Marino (Dan Marino) and John elvy (John Elway). Manning now gains 48218 yards, which means that he may need 6 more matches from 50000 yards. The Big Ben gets 46814 yards, which means that he may need 11 games, and Rivers gets 45833 yards, which means that he may need 16 games. the 3 quarterback is selected in the 2004 draft, Manning is the champion, San Diego was selected by the New York lightning, and then the giants in the fourth overall pick in the Rivers exchange. The cis position is selected in the Eleventh Pittsburgh steelers. can play a career and play well for the 3 quarterback players. It is not common for them to play well. Draft teams usually have teams to blow up, for example, buffalo Bill. They picked the quarterback J.P. Rosman (J.P. Losman) in the first round of the year's draft, but he passed only 6211 yards for Bill.Dallas Cowboys against Detroit lions in the wild card race, but today the two teams is a worry a happy. Defensive tackle Damm hole - Lion en Su (Ndamukong Suh) was canceled on appeal suspended, will do so in the wild card race appearance. The cowboy defensive cut-off Henry Melton (Henry Melton) was not so lucky. The cowboy officially announced that Melton would be included in the injured reserve list, which means that the defensive players playoff trip has ended. cowboy in the local time on Tuesday announced that Maier Dunyin right knee injury in the season. Melton, 28, has done a good job after joining a cowboy. So far, the season has completed 5 shots and a team of second. Cowboy this season rushed pass performance worrying, after losing maierdu after they need to find a replacement as soon as possible. At the same time, , the lover revealed that Milton's cowboy career would end. Before the season, the cowboy signed a contract with him for a period of 1 years, with a 3 - year extension. At present, the team will not choose to continue to work with him after the season. Taking into account the DeMarco - Murray (DeMarco Murray) and Mendez Bryant (Dez Bryant) of the contract will be at the end of the season, the team will be on the two people who invest a lot of money. So it would be hard for the cowboy to meet Melton's follow-up contract.

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