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Zhuangyuanlang Jed viand (Jadeveon Clowney) - clowney has confirmed by knee surgery 9 months truce. The week before the game, the Indianapolis Colts tackle Gesideer - Qielilusi (Gosder Cherilus) said that even if the injury clowney regression, is likely to fall into a long-term struggle. Celli Ruth has experienced the same injury, as an experienced person, his words have a certain reference value. Qielilusi said: "he is in trouble now, his game on his power is high, it will become a major issue in the future. I've had the same injuries, but it's good that I'm an attacking player, and our roles have different needs for each body. He's going to get into trouble, I'm true. " Dezhou people chose Klauni, hope he can beat Qielilusi in the next few years, Andrew (Andrew Luck) - Clark pressure. But now, the goal should be to clowney rehabilitation from injury. He has provided some experience: "he has to wait for a complete recovery and must be complete. At that time the doctor told me that I could rec cheap nfl jerseys free shipping over in 12 months, but I decided to come in 9 months later. It turned out that it was a wrong decision, and I had to rest for another 6 weeks. You have to think for the rest of your life. You have to learn to communicate with the team and think for yourself. But anyway, it's really hard. "The of the week, the media have emphasized the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (Aaron Rodgers) hamstring problem everyone thinks, ability will limit Rodgers's injury problems. However, the Seattle Seahawks quarterback Earl Thomas Tour (Earl Thomas) do not think so, he prepared to ignore Rodgers's injury. "I won't take the news seriously," said Thomas. "In the game, I saw him running out of his pocket and moving to the edge to finish the pass. So I will not be deceived, I will ignore his injuries and judge his actions in the past. " Whether it is health or injury, Thomas will express his respect for Rodgers with all his strength. "I rarely see such a white quarterback like him. He has such a strong mental strength and a competitive sense that he will never lose. I respect him very much." another security guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor) said he was very understanding of the meaning of his teammates: "as players, we must use this way of thinking to consider the opponent. I don't care about whether Rodgers is injured or not. I only care about himself. As long as he is on the court, no matter how he is, he can lead the team to score. He has the ability to kill the game. I'm very respectful of such players and we have to play twelve points in the face of him. line K.J. Wright (K.J. Wright) also said he would regard Rodgers as a healthy Rodgers: "we will not change the way of competition because of his injuries and hearsay. We will take him as a 100% Rodgers. He played very well in the last match, and finished most of the passes. Although the ability of mobile is really affected, the most important thing for the quarterback is to pass the ball, which we cannot ignore.| national handball Handball Championship preliminaries ended |9 into the second stage | hand Association the 2014 National Men's handball tournament ended in the preliminaries competition. After five days of intense competition, the final group matches were A group: Jiangsu, Shanghai, PLA, Anhui and Sichuan; group B: Shandong, Guangdong, Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong two teams. The General Assembly in November 8th 9 will continue to rest, the second stage of the competition, including Sichuan and Shandong two teams will compete for the ninth, tenth and 1/4 finals by the Jiangsu VS Tianjin, Guangdong VS, Shanghai Liberation Army VS Beijing, Shandong VS Anhui will catch on the athletic field, the winner will enter the semi-finals.Dallas Cowboys picked out Byron Jones (Byron Jones) in the first round of the first round show. As one of the most outstanding players in the physical quality of the draft, Jones broke the record in the long jump because of its test and was known as the fans. The 6 foot 1 inch, 199 pound weight corner guard jumped nearly 12 feet and 3 inches in the test, and the net jumped 44.5 inches. All players second and 40 yards sprint for 4.36 seconds. , according to the prediction of official website experts, Jones is expected to be selected in the two round of the first stage, but eventually the cowboy started early and got the young horn guard with athletic ability. According to reports, Jones can mark multiple positions, whether man or regional defense can correspond freely. The cowboy's present combo is the first round show Maurice - Clayborne (Morris Claiborn) and the veteran Brandon - Carle (Brandon Carr). The performance of the two did not satisfy the team, and Jones was expected to win the first place. had previously reported that cowboys were thinking of going their own way with Carle. Jones's arrival also further increased this possibility. The team said the team was very satisfied with the choice, and they were confident that Jones could be transferred to the top corner.

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