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remember the "tough guy" training camp in the eighth season that love is not serious in speech and manner appeared in front of the camera "black and hard" - James - Harrison (James Harrison)? As a Steelers fans you know, he in 09 years on the super bowl that hundred yards steals blockbuster return touchdown; perhaps you also know that in 2014 he had already announced his retirement, but the parent team recruited the Steelers and let him return to the stadium. The upcoming 2016 season is the fourteenth year of the old guy's campaign for NFL. What kind of surprise will he bring to us as a rare player who played the top three players in the US? Harrison Instagram knows that in the offseason this old guy will be the embodiment of the gym beast, basically every day will see him as "punch". Bench press 365 pounds for him is not what he told everyone with these photos, he has been ready for the next season to do what. besides the gym, Harrison has one thing to pay attention to. That's age. In May this year, Harrison will be 38 years old, became NFL in active players (except the kicker and punter outside) the second oldest player (the other is Tom Brady, August at the age of 39). It is not easy to maintain such high efficiency at such high age at such high age. As so far it is s cheap nfl jerseys free shipping till the first Steelers player he rushed past, one of the most terrible beasts came 10 years of the alliance, "helmet terminator" fully deserve the title. through Harrison's story, we know that as long as you have the ability, you have an opportunity to stand in the league, no matter how old you are. in the past 2015 season, Harrison has become the eighth largest outside guard of the league in the league. And more importantly, in the same position, he has seventh good punching results. , the former loser, had a total of 714 games in the last season, in the official record that was the third season of his debut since 2007. But it was a good fourth season for his career. although Harrison can still keep high efficiency on the court, in fact, in the past three seasons, his competitive level has declined significantly. Of course, he is also an important reason why he couldn't leave too soon: Pittsburgh needs him! Once proud "steel curtain defense" in the past few seasons because of the successive retired veteran who become lean, for several consecutive years online position of steel reinforcement, but the effect is just passable. Last year the first round win in the draft on Budd Dupree (Bud Dupree) are not well adapt to the occupation League last season, the league's worst result is shown by the 3-4 outside linebacker in red; pass, only the Green Bay Mike - Neal (Mike〉Dallas Cowboys starting linebacker Bruce Carter (Bruce Carter) this week revealed to the media, they will not be able to play in the local time on Sunday with the Seattle Seahawks game. The cowboy also confirmed the statement. Carter had a four - head injury, and this week he spent a lot of time on ice compress. As for the injury, Carter said, "I feel a little better, and the swelling is getting rid of it." I made a few squats, and I felt that the strength was good. In a word, the situation has progressed. " Carter was injured in the fourth week match with the New Orleans saints, when Carter said he needed to recover from 10 to 14 days. But at the moment, Carter needs more time to recover completely. The match against the New York giants at the local time in October 19th may be the right time for Carter to return. cowboy's other line guard Mclean McClain (Rolando McClain) was injured in last week's victory over Houston Dezhou, and it is not clear enough to confirm his recovery. The cowboy owner Jerry Jones (Jerry Jones) revealed, "Roland looks good, and he will surprise us." But we still need to keep watching, and we need to wait until he is really ready. His training will be limited, but he still has a chance to play on the weekend.The official website of NFL | tiger coach for his sarcastic remarks of Manzel apologized for the | football Cleveland Brown announced on Tuesday that he will start the rookie quarterback Jonny Manzel (Johnny Manziel) as the first quarterback, while Manzel's first career opponent is the same area rival Cincinnati tigers. The day before the Cincinnati tigers coach Malvin - Lewis (Marvin Lewis) received a radio program during the interview, the host asked Lewis how to treat Manzel said episode, Lewis said: we need to defend each other is the offense, but not for a single player for defense. Then Lewis paused for a few seconds, and the whisper added: it was especially like a dwarf. later Monday later Lewis apologized for his remarks later on Monday: I apologized to Manzel, Brown and Brown. My remarks were obviously inappropriate, but I didn't mean to. On Tuesday, Lewis again made an even more formal and sincere apology on the official website. no matter whether Lewis's satire is unintentional, it will add more topics to the impressive Manzel first show.Bowling | thank senior professional coach AlanChan (Chen Weilun) to answer everyone's carefully! senior professional coach Alan Chan (Chen Weilun) is very happy to set up a coach column for you to answer the problems of bowling fans in practicing Bowling: is in the log: the website added the coach column, the professional coach answers for you (click to enter) the comment, Alan has already answered several questions for you, thanks Alan, you have worked hard. CpBA's bowling enthusiasts, if you have question, please release the log, select "log - Bowling Coach column" category, you can attach pictures or video, or directly to the Alan homepage message message, Alan will be happy to answer your questions. if you want to find the answer, please also to "M-Zone - Bowling Coach - log column", read the log, you may have problems in solving When releases the teaching log, the title is best to write the subject of the question so that everyone can look up and find the answer again, thanks to Alan Chan! The computer does not support Chinese for the time being, and it is so enthusiastic and timely to solve the problem with the CpBA website on the mobile phone. thank you very much! now has two Alan websites, which brings rich and professional knowledge and information to our website. CpBA represents bowling fans to express gratitude to two Alan -- Alan Chu and Alan Chan. Thank you for your dedication.

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