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The official website of NFL | Eagle player said Cowboys offensive line not what special | football Philadelphia hawk's defensive cut-off Logan Bennie Logan is not very concerned about the attack line of Dallas cowboys. As a reply, Dallas did not point out Logan's slightly offensive remarks. At Tuesday's conference, Logan said: Yes, they are good, but I don't understand that they are great. their running guards played a good role this year, but I didn't see anything special about them. There were several offensive players that we met last year. He is a good online player. The first Logan mentioned running back this season is NFL red ball data, Demag - Murray (DeMarco Murray), he asked you not what special offensive line when he replied: nothing, then Thursday Let's wait and see. After , Logan said, "Murray is lucky. He is a patient running guard. Once he sees space, he will break through, and their offensive line is good, but I don't cheap nfl jerseys free shipping think there is anything special about that.Matt Forti - running back (Matt Forte) officially confirmed the absence of Chicago bears against the San Diego lightning Monday night game. The bear team manager, John Fawkes (John Fox), announced on Saturday that the runner was missing from his right knee. Forti left the field after a ferocious impact in the third quarter of the last game. He has not been trained all week. Forti's injuries were thought to have no long-term effects, but he had to be absent for at least a week. this is a huge loss for the bear team. Forti has 32% of the team's attack numbers this season, which is the highest of all the League running guards. new rookie runner Lang Fude (Jeremy Langford) will take the place of his first start. Lang Fude of the season 27 red ball for 80 yards and 2 touchdowns. Lang Fude showed a good view and strength in the field, but he was not as good at avoiding it as Forti and did not prove himself in the pass. can expect quarterback Jay Cutler (Jay Cutler) to attack Forti when he is out of the team, and to pass the fast pass by alshen Geoffrey (Alshon Jeffery). The absence of Eddie Royall (Eddie Royal) (left knee) will affect the pass attack. This is the second time Royall has been out of play this season.tiger news August 2nd it was this: Anthony · scaramucci (Anthony Scaramucci) in the White House time than Orlando - Franklin (Orlando Franklin) in the saints to stay a long time. Franklin signed a contract with the saints in 7.27, but in recent NFL news, the saints have disagreed with the veteran's attacking front. Franklin first started all 16 games with lightning as a shield last season, and was dissolved after a flash of lightning in the draft. He signed with the saints, who hope that he can replace the original left guard Andrews Pitt (Andrus Peat) duties, so that Peter can on top of the left shoulder surgery recovery period is Jiefeng Trondheim - Olmstead (Terron Armstead). But it doesn't seem to work. Franklin had also visited jets before, and he still had a chance to get a job.The official website of NFL | pony former big reinforcements Landry was abandoned | football was an important signings Indianapolis pony free agent market generous action in Safety - Landry (LaRon Landry) has been cut. The team announced the news on Wednesday, and the team who gave up with him was also attacked by Javier Xavier and Nixon Andrew Jackson (Andrew Jackson). Landry was banned from playing 4 games last season, because he violated the promotion of drug use regulations. He was cut off the salary cap space that could save the team about 2 million dollars. He had less than 500 games in the 2014 season. Landry pony in the coming 2013 all, including the introduction of the linebacker Eric Walden (Erik Walden), defensive tackle Ricci Jean Francois (Ricky Jean Francois) and offensive tackle Celli Lars hook Starr (Gosder Cherilus) of the free agent. The pony to generous signings in 2014, signed defensive tackle Arthur Jones (Arthur Jones) and Hakim Nicks (Hakeem over Nicks), but now they may see the consequences of the blind introduction of veteran free agent. at the beginning of next season, Landry, who is 30 years old, should be in the second line defender market. The pony may start to pick the safetys can have better performance in the draft before the sixth. Show color Landry 2012 season New York jets, which makes him in the offseason to become expensive free agent. 's 2013 test made the little horse season enter the league championship, but it also made us wonder about the trend of signing the free agent in the future. When signing the veteran free agent value diving expected, 2013 pony offseason action will be to improve the draft players value and unsuccessful rookie Taobao level test?

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