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|2013 World College Winter Games 2013 World College Winter Games ice pot competition information 2013 World University Winter Games curling competition will be held in Italy on December 12, 2013 -20, curling team a total of 20, including 10 men's teams, were from Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Chinese, Canada, Czech, the United States, Norway, South Korea, UK, 10; women's teams, from Sweden, Canada, respectively. Switzerland, Italy, UK, Chinese, Japan, Korea and the United States, russia. competition schedule competition picture score link:The official website of NFL | Chicago bears veteran linebacker | football season One day after 's defeat to the Detroit lion, the Chicago bear announced that one of the most brilliant players in the team was over. The team announced Lance Briggs Lance Briggs on Friday. He was put on the injury reserve list. He had been groin injured in the battle against Tampa Bay twelfth weeks ago. Briggs was 34 years old last month. Video of the game showed that he was in a state of decline this season, and only 35 grabs were made in 8 games. His absence should mean that the two round show Jon Bostic (Jon Bostic) had a more stable playing time in 2013. Now the twelfth season of Bri cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ggs's career is over. It's possible that his career in the bear is over. He has played 170 games for the team, ranking the fifth. The 7 - degree professional bowl player said earlier this month that it could be his last season in Chicago. as Smith Lowe (Lovie Smith) under the command to help the team into the forty-first defense backbone at the super bowl, and Briggs will be before the team meritorious linebacker Blaine Elahe (Brian - Urlacher) is remembered together.preface some people say that American football is the closest to the war. The quarterback is command, offensive and defensive striker is war front, defender and external as dogfight fighter air snatch...... As fans, are more likely to enjoy the beautiful catch with one hand, running back and quarterback Shadowstep precise guidance and the defense fierce collision. however, American football is not only the physical quality of the match, but the brainstorming is more and more ubiquitous. There are many famous military ideas in China since ancient times. One of them has been widely spread, which is the "thirty-six plan". "thirty-six" which originated in the northern and Southern Dynasties, a book in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, according to ancient Chinese Chinese military thought and experience into the military struggle. For thousands of years, human beings have upgraded from cold weapons to nuclear weapons, but the ancient military theory still has a place in the contemporary era. As the most close to war, American football is bound to exist in the core of military theory. We can even find an example of the use of tactics from the competition. Although the game's most stratagems are amidst the winds of change, fleeting, but as long as careful observation, can be found on the pitch all Bingbuyanzha wits. thirty-six "turn from a guest into a host" people who just know American football have such a similar perception that rugby is running with the ball. That is certainly not wrong, because in most cases is holding the ball. Those who run with the ball are not that easy, because many new fans who start watching American football have such a recognition. The human pagoda really looks good. The bottom of the bottom is the one with the ball. The purpose of defense is to prevent the opponent from running with the ball. The most basic defensive action is the capture, the holding object is the ball player. Wonderful NFL game holds many defensive Reggie all beyond count, the offensive players don't hit, even directly hit the end also occur occasionally. So the attacker can only be hit like this? Our party tells us, "where there is oppression, there is resistance." To play football, it is not possible to think so over? Instead of being hit, it is better to take the initiative to attack defenders! In all the offensive positions, is the most active attack guard. Zhao Ritian said: "the students first refused to accept the Patriots' talent full rolling gloon!" As a top - end front, he really takes advantage of his body, but the primary duty of the near end is to catch the ball or stop it. The running guards are different. It is their primary duty to get rid of the defense and break through the line of defense. In the active attack, the runner uses three kinds of weapons: helmets, shoulders, and arms. Because League rules tend to prevent concussion, head attack less commonly, in most cases will shoulder at each other direct collision, this action is called "truck", which we call the "rolling", generally occurs in the power and the large weight of running back against the defense after the Wei case. 〉some privileges labels players have quickly signed the privilege tag contracts, these players include Kirk Cousins (Kirk Cousins) and Codi Glen (Cordy Glenn). Don't expect Josh Norman (Josh Norman) to sign his 1 - year contract for $13 million 952 thousand in the near future. "I'm satisfied with my current state. You have to believe me, "Norman told Sherlock on Friday. "If I have been waiting for so long, I can wait a little longer. I don't mind waiting. Wait for me to get what I want at the end. Believe me, waiting is my special. " usually when a player is eager to sign his privilege tag contract, which means he (or his agent) knows that the value of the label contract is higher than his actual value. Norman had no such idea. Norman rejected a $7 million - A - year contract last season, after which he proved to be one of the best players in the league. Now he wants to get a salary at this level. Norman, who won the best lineup last season, did not give specific figures for the amount of contract he expected, but apparently the number was close to the top salary of the . Norman said that if in July 15th the deadline before signing the contract privilege label both sides cannot sign about, he does not intend to stop training. But the Carolina - born player also said he would not make a bid for his home team.

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