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Handball | YOG International Olympic Committee released a new visual logo "YOG-DNA" | hand Co Luca from Beijing time on August 14, 2010, the first session of the opening of the Youth Olympic Games, only 200 days, then, Singapore will open the door to greet the 3600 top young athletes from around the world, to participate in the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG). To celebrate the 200 - day countdown, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) published the visual logo of the Youth Olympic Games (----YOG-DNA) today (January 26th). You can through the Youth Olympic Games on the site to see the cube YOG-DNA label, the label will be embedded in all the Youth Olympic Games, digital and social media publicity ideas, not only will be used in the preparation process of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games in the future held successive Youth Olympic Games will follow the label. At the same time, the designer made a short film to enable the audience to understand the meaning of YOG-DNA through a short film. YOG-DNA is a target for young people. It is not a symbol or brand of the Youth Olympic Games, but a label for the Youth Olympic Games. It reflects the unique taste of young people and their yearning for freedom, not as limited as traditional brands. Young people can use it as a sign of approval to judge any thing with the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games. In 2012, the Innsbruck Youth Olympic Games also first combined the YOG-DNA tag with the badg cheap nfl jerseys free shipping e of the Youth Olympic Games. The emblem will be officially released during the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver this February. The 200 day countdown is an important milestone in the history of the Olympic Games, said Jacques Roger, President of the International Olympic Committee. In a short period of time, we have done a lot of work, and now we have entered the final sprint stage. We are not only held a contest for the world's most talented young athletes, but also to build a communication platform for young people around the world, so they can through sports, culture and education activities to communicate with each other, and all this is based on YOG-DNA, which is based on the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games the. Singapore Organizing Committee (SYOGOC) has also celebrated the countdown 200 days by issuing the route of the Youth Olympic torch relay (JYOF). The torch relay aims to spread the spirit of the Youth Olympic Games to all continents. The flame of the Youth Olympic Games will be lit in Athens in July. The whole journey will pass through five major international cities, including Berlin (Germany), Dakar (Senegal), Mexico City (Mexico), Oakland (New Zealand) and Seoul (South Korea). Finally, it arrived in Singapore in August. For more details, please refer to the present Youth Olympic Games will be in 2010.Cortland Finnegan, 31, announced his retirement on Wednesday local time. Finnegan said: "I feel very grateful for 9 years of work that you can do with what you love. I have made mistakes and I have won honor. I even had a fight with others in the game. I'm very grateful to my friends, I love all of you. The passage of time, enjoy life, for people who hate me, I also appreciate your presence." In the 2006 season, Finnegan was selected by Tennessee Titan as a 7 - round rookie. He gradually stood heel in the League through his own efforts. After 6 years at Titan, Finnegan turned to Saint Louis rams. Finnegan joined the Miami dolphin 2 years later and took part in 12 games in the last season. Finnegan's experience is also an inspirational story about the growth of small talents. He is also worth the fans' interest in the mentoring of Fisher and Geoff Fisher (Jeff). Though many fans' impression of Finnegan just lies in the fight between him and Andre Johnson (Andre Johnson), but for the Titan fans, they will not forget this brave corner guard in the afternoon to defend the last line of defense for the team town.NFL official website, 2016 NFL offseason: game, football wo this story is adapted from the HBO TV play "the game of power", such as the difference between the plot and the original. It is purely the need of the plot. 1 Dragon City, a quiet night. old king Rob - Payton baratheon slumped on the iron throne, his right hand supporting his head, thoughtful. Suddenly he heard footsteps, feeble king raised his eyes, that is queen cersei Lannister von Miller walked slowly toward the throne. Miller, do you know how the Iron Throne is made? of course, the first king of each win a game, take off from the opponent's helmet mesh masks, first king veteran, he made the Iron Throne days and months multiplying. that's right, but do you know the intention of doing this first? queen Miller shook his head. welding by fusing the Iron Throne made countless mask, look be like a lion can sit on the iron throne, the feeling is cold, hard, uncomfortable, awkward, always alert each sitting on top of the king. Miller gave a look to the king as a faint smile on one's face. Miller, recently I feel unwell, even when fear is not far away, I know our marriage is marriage between the family, our children, "he, the future will be a very clever, Dai Ming Jun, to the iron throne, not everyone can sit on me, command you! You must have a good help. "! in the quiet night, the queen Miller did not respond. March, the king buried [1], Oslo, I thought - Enhui Wyler justifies become the new king, but was on the Iron Throne absolutely empty, this kid who defected to the South after the lannisters, give up to become eligible for 2] [note the new king. There are no waves without wind., rebels began to spread rumors, baratheon ancestral is black hair, small Oswald Wyler's brown! A ripple, the ruler of all that, the queen Miller and the other man. This child was born, even the liquor vendors are beginning to Queen Miller's comment on a romantic affair, until the Deacon elders elvy unbearable anger down, the queen died off into the prison, and the strip, stay naked in Dragon City paraded through the streets, the queen Miller is intolerable, behind sister constantly read with shame, shame, shame... [3]... may not be a monarch on a day, and the city may not have no one day until it is exhausted.NFL official website | Cameron Vick: Dolphins defensive not downturn | football The Miami dolphin defense team has been a bit sluggish in recent weeks, especially in the field. In the last 3 games, they lost more than 180 yards of the road, and the field was 220.3 yards. Defense end forward Cameron Wake (Cameron Wake) this week, he said that the team's defense needs to return to the previous state, this week must be strong rebound. Vic said: I know we've been doing badly in the field recently and we didn't do it earlier in the season. We seem a little lost now, we need to perform better, and I believe we can get back the feeling. In fact, it's not just about running, but the dolphin's performance in other areas is falling too. The combination of Vick and Olivier - Vernon (Olivier Vernon) is generally efficient in the near future. In the past 3 weeks, the whole team had only been captured 4 times. Vick said: we need to recognize our shortcomings, the problem may be in the missing capture, and may be the problem of communication between the teammates. We need to do well in the first place and do our best in each file.

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